10 tips to inspire your business marketing


This is a guest post by Rosie on effective business marketing campaigns. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

Steady growth, increased market share and a loyal customer base are the basic goals of any new business. An effective marketing campaign that focuses on specific business objectives helps ensure stability and financial success in a time-conscious manner. Being current, however, is a continuous process that requires regular re-evaluation of business goals.

The following 10 marketing campaign tips help create a marketing campaign that establishes a clear pattern for success.

Basic Internet Marketing Strategies:

Let us look at some basic internet marketing strategies –

Create a Unique Logo:

As the business grows, name recognition becomes a vital asset. Use colors and graphics that best reflect the personality of the products or services being offered.

Develop a Website that Reaches Customers:

Even the smallest one-man operation should have Internet presence that can be accessed by potential clients. Hiring a web designer familiar with SEO techniques could lead to new business. Be sure to carefully check the website for facts before release.

Focus on a Specific Target Audience:

The most profitable marketing campaigns are geared toward a specific age group, ethnicity, region or other demographic statistic. As the business expands, the targeted audience can follow suit.

Use a Positive Approach:

By demonstrating actual benefits of the product or service, the customer can visualize the value for their money. If the competition is used in a comparison, avoid negative comments and substitute positive benefits.

Be Quick to Respond:

Include a customer contact source and respond ASAP with an email or phone call if appropriate. If the potential for a sale is not obvious, file the information for future use but don’t continually harass the potential client with unwanted calls. A weekly or monthly electronic newsletter is an unobtrusive method for advertising that most people will tolerate.

Local Business Marketing Campaigns:

Points to look at from the perspective of a local business are as follows –

Offer Discounts and Coupons:

Everyone loves a bargain and today, many people refuse to pay full retail price for products or services. Even a 10% discount can be an incentive that will bring the customer to you instead of the competition.

Spread the Word:

Newspaper advertising is not dead yet. Consider running an ad in a local weekly or daily paper, particularly if the business is under new management or opening at a different location.

Interact in the Community:

For small businesses, the local community centers are the ideal place to begin a marketing campaign. Visit all of the nearby businesses to check for locations to place business cards, flyers or products.

Global Marketing Challenges:

Some things to do in order to counter global marketing challenges are as follows –

Be Innovative:

If international sales are a factor, check out the competition first and create a unique and memorable look. Focus on Internet sales and polish the website to include language translations.

Consider a Sponsorship:

If the budget allows, sponsoring a team or charitable organization can result in substantial gains. Make abundant use of the logo with promotional gifts and souvenirs.

Before a marketing campaign goes into full gear, it’s a good idea to review specific goals such as whether the main objective is to generate new leads or to increase sales. Targeting a specific audience will also help set the strategy in motion.

The final consideration should be cost; make sure that there is a budget for advertising in the financial business plan. For inspiration, the marketing campaigns shown at prospectmx have a proven success record.

Rosie writes for Aon Hewitt – the global leader in human capital consulting and outsourcing solutions. Their auto enrolment guide is available to download for free. They are specialist consultants in total reward and HR solutions.