Keyword Elite 2.0-SmallI am sure that by now your mailbox would have been flooded with mails trying to sell you the latest Keyword research tool in the market – Keyword Elite 2.0 from Bryxen Software by Brad Callen.

You might have dodged all of that emails by doing a shift delete because you were fed up of the sales pitches that were spamming your mailbox and because you knew that this is going to be just another keyword research tool!!

If I am to empathize with you, I would say – “I can understand how you are feeling and I appreciate your concern. If I were in your place I would have done exactly the same things”. But let me tell you I would not empathize with you because I know you have done the biggest mistake of your life.

Read on to know why…..

I bought Keyword Elite 2.0 as soon as it was launched as I was waiting for the gates to open up. I also got a decent discount on it because I was already using Keyword Elite 1.0. I used the tool today and was awed at the vastness of the tool. It was so vast yet so easy to use that I just couldn’t stop myself from writing this review.

Why should you buy Keyword Elite 2.0?

Keyword EliteThis Keyword Elite 2.0 review is intended to make you buy the software from my affiliate link below. I am being upfront on it. The reason why I want you to buy from the link below is because this link is the only one that can give you a discount on your purchase.

I guess, that is enough for blabbering. Let me get on to the Keyword Elite 2.0 review now.

Keyword Elite 2.0 has 8 projects unlike the 5 projects in its earlier version. Each of these projects have a unique name which self-explains the objective of the project. Let us look at the projects one by one -

Project # 1 – Keyword Surge:
This project allows you to create your initial keyword list. This program will allow you to create both long tail and short tail keyword lists. You will be able to filter all your results based on any and all possible criteria. The program is very fast unlike its predecessor and returns as many results as you want.

Project # 2 – Market Research Sleuth:
This project allows you to analyze your keywords in great detail showing exactly how competitive your keywords are in each of the major paid search engines including Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Bing (MSN).

Project # 3 – Adwords Time Machine:
This project allows you to quickly and easily find profitable Adwords advertisers which you can mirror your PPC strategy after. You will be able to input a keyword and instantly get a 6 month ad history for ALL websites which have advertised in at least 1 of the past 6 months.

Project # 4 – Search Engine Dominator:
This project allows you to analyze how difficult it will be to rank for a particular keyword in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). You’ll be able to see what percentage of people searching on your keyword could be potential buyers or if they are simply browsers. You’ll also be able to see all “onpage” optimization elements for each of the top 10 ranked websites for the keyword you input giving you and idea of how to setup you page content for page 1 listings.

Project # 5 – Adwords Competition Sniper:
This project allows you to monitor specific keyword/website combinations in Adwords over time. The longer an advertiser is bidding on a keyword the more likely it is that they are making money from it. Once you locate established campaigns you will be able to mirror your campaigns from them and drastically reduce testing costs and time to profit.

Project # 6 – Advanced Google Site Targeting:
This project allows you to quickly and easily find websites that are displaying Adsense ads. This data can be used to initiate optimized “site targeted” Adwords campaigns in Google which will save you money and bring targeted traffic to your website.

Project # 7 – JV Diamond Miner:
This project will simplify the process of sourcing joint venture partners on the web. The program allows you to source websites which are actively building an email list. Webmasters actively building lists are much more willing to promote your offers to their list providing you with a quick blast of traffic and revenue.

Project # 8 – CPA Magnet:
CPA is a type of affiliate offer which stands for Cost Per Acquisition. This project allows you to quickly and easily find CPA offers related to your niche. You’ll be able to search through 13,000 available CPA and affiliate offers to find that perfect money maker.


The features that Keyword Elite 2.0 offers is something that is not found in any other keyword research software – not even market samurai. Though the application is feature rich, it is simple and easy to use and comes with a complete and detailed guide. All that you need to do is start Keyword Elite 2.0 and use it.

Go ahead and buy the tool today itself and I will get you a discount of $35.00. All you have to do is send me your order details in an email mentioning the code – DK01KESDC in the subject and I will credit your PayPal account with the discount. You have to have a Paypal account to qualify for this discount.

Download Keyword Elite 2.0 here right away!!!

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Links building

Traffic – is what drive as a blog. Irrespective of why you have started blogging, your blog can only be successful if you know how to promote it and Promotion in turn means traffic and that too, a lot of it.

How can your drive traffic to your blogs or, for that matter your websites?

Blogging is an art that you learn with experience and as you mature in blogging you will start to see new and improved ways of generating traffic to your blogs.

As you start to blog one of the easiest way to get traffic to your blog is by increasing its presence on the blogosphere. In order for your blogs to start appearing in the search engines, you will have to have a good amount of quality links pointing to your blogs. This is called as link-building.

But how will you get other blogs to point to your blog?

Why will some already established blog want to put a link to your blog on their blog?

This is quite difficult if your blog is relatively new in the blogosphere. But you can achieve this objective by commenting.

Now just don’t jump to start out with commenting on all the established blogs out there. This will not solve the purpose.

Wondering why?

This is because most of the blogs out there have a “nofollow” in any link that is placed in the comments section. They do this to prevent spams. A “nofollow” in the links mean that the spiders that crawl these blogs will not recognize your links in the comment section as a link to your blog and will not reach your blog from this link.

So what is the solution to this?

Commenthunt:- The solution is with “Commenthunt”. Commenthunt is a service that helps you find all the “dofollow” links that are there in the blogosphere. Just enter a keyword in the search box and commenthunt uses the service from Google and returns results for all the “dofollow” blogs.

Once you have this information all your need to do is pick the ones that have a very good page rank – even pagerank 3 and 4 is a good enough credibility. Then start commenting on these blogs. But ensure that you put relevant and valuable comments in them otherwise there is a possibility that the author of the blog might delete your comment considering it to be a spam.

Signature:- Create a good signature that you can use and link it to your primary blog. Take care that you link your signature to the best post in your blog, so that your readers get glued to your content in their first visit itself. We can discuss the constituents of a good siganture in another post in detail.

Read the post:- Ensure that your have read the post in detail and also a few good comments in the blog post before you start commenting. Also make sure that reference a few of these comments that you have read, in your comments so that it looks like a strong and valuable conversation.

There are other techniques as well that could help your build links to your post and in turn drive huge amounts of traffic.

What is your way of getting links to your blogs and websites?

Don’t forget to mention your opinion in the comments.

Photograph courtesy Ali Taylor

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If you are blogging to promote a business or service, or to build your reputation in your chosen career field, you already know the importance of frequent postings.

How do you get those blog postings on a regular basis without running out of content? Some bloggers have used RSS feeds to fuel their blogs.

It may seem like the perfect solution. An RSS feed is a form of syndication used online. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication,” “Rich Site Summary,” or “RDF Site Summary.” No matter what you call it, there are risks associated with RSS feeds.

One risk is that your blog will be filled with junk content. When you rely on an RSS feed for your blog, you are not offering original or meaningful content. Your readers will not benefit and might not return to your blog again.

In addition to junk content, RSS feeds also often lead to duplicate content. If you are trying to build a reputation as an expert in any particular field, you do not want to have the same content on your blog as someone else.

Meaningful content (whether you write it yourself or have a team of ghost writers blogging for you) is key to successful blogging. Duplicated content will give your readers the idea that you might not be quite the expert they once thought you were.

It may not sound like much of a risk, but if your reputation is at stake, junk content and duplicated content are huge barriers to overcome. As you build your business or promote a service, junk and duplicate content could really create trust issues between you and your readers.

When you use RSS feeds for your blog, you may also be putting your readers’ computers in danger. Hackers can insert Java script codes into RSS feeds. When your readers open your blog, it exposes their computers to the hackers.

Does it mean you have to sit for hours every day to post your own blogs if you don’t use an RSS feed?

No, of course not. Programs such as Blogomator make blogging much easier. You still retain originality. You still offer quality content. But Blogomator makes those frequent postings so much easier.

If writing is a struggle for you, work with a ghost writer or freelancer who can convey the message you need to in your blog. Give the writer several topics of interest to blog readers and ask for 300-600 word articles. Once you have approved those articles, you may set them up for distribution to your blog.

Blogomator truly emancipates bloggers, freeing up time needed to concentrate on other business aspects or to enjoy some much needed leisure time.

One of the best aspects of Blogomator is that no special software is needed. You don’t download any files to your computer. Just log onto and simply upload blog entries into your online account. Don’t worry about formatting your articles for a blog. The program does it for you! You choose when to post and where, and your blogging is complete!

For professionals who have more than one blog, Blogomator is very liberating! You can use the program to post to any or all of your blogs!

With Blogomator, many writers choose to upload and schedule a year’s worth of postings at a time. If you want to make additions to those postings, it’s no problem. Just enter your additional articles and schedule them to post, too. eliminates the need to feed your blog with junk or duplicated content that you might get from an RSS feed. Plus, your readers’ computers will be safer since the content you upload into your blog will not be exposed to hackers.

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The past month has been a very successful one for my online business in terms of traffic going up, number of new affiliates going up, and money in my pocket getting heavier. This really inspires me because after admitting to being lazy about my business over the hot summer months, I am just slowly starting to get back into the swing of things. I am just slowly starting to return to my daily to-do list after having made it more manageable and motivating for me to complete on a daily basis. I am not fully back where I should be in terms of work I need to be doing, and yet, it was my most profitable month ever. I have to say this really motivates me to work even harder, and be more consistent if I really want to make money online. I’ve realized that you can do this too by building your business momentum.

Many people who want to make money online start a new program with the hope that they will make millions overnight. This just isn’t realistic no matter what some online business owners may tell you. I’ve seen the effects that building momentum can have on your business. I’ve been through some ups and downs and everyone will experience these. But if you give up on your online business even before a year has passed, you don’t even have the chance to get the momentum going, or see that next upward swing in your results, and it will come if you put the time and effort in!

Let me explain by example what I mean by building momentum so that you can make money onlineÂ…There are four ways I have done this, which are: Forum posting; Article writing; Blog posting; and Link generating.

Forum posting means that you join some discussion forums on business related topics, or topics related to whatever your website is about. It’s free to join these forums, and a great way to get yourself into a community of other people who are doing exactly what you are doing. You can share ideas, ask questions, look for information, help others, make new friends, and find out what all the top dogs are up to. At first you may think this is not at all really vital to your business and a waste of time. Well, think again! I have made sales simply from offering helpful advice in forums after someone followed my signature link to my site.

A friend of mine who frequents a fishing forum told me that people won’t even pay attention to you unless you have made over 500 posts. I thought he was full of it, until I had 500 posts, advanced in my status, and then had 1000+ posts. Believe me, people will pay attention to your posts the more you have because they can see that you have been around for a while and must know what you’re talking about. This isn’t to say you should go and spam the forums. That is a no-no! Make useful contributions to the forums and offer something of value on a consistent basis, and you will be building momentum for your business through forum posting.

Article writing is the next way I have built momentum for my business. Again, this is something you don’t do overnight – not if you write your own original articles like I do. This is one of the best ways to advertise your business these days. Provide an article with useful information, and submit it to an article distribution service that will distribute your article to thousands of publishers with your online business links at the end in the author bio-box. You’ll be amazed at how fast your links get dispersed around the net – One-way links pointing back to your site! I have also found that the more articles you write, the more of an authority you become in your niche. The more articles you have to your name, the more people will realize that you have something valuable to offer, you can be trusted, and your readers may decide you’re worth buying from.

Similar to article writing is blog posting. The more frequent your posts, the more traffic you will get to your site. I recently found a tool on the net that allows you to type in your blog address to get a monetary value of what your blog is worth. Now I have posted my own articles, as well as other people’s articles to my blog, and have added special news and reports in addition to that. According to the value I got for my blog, I need to beef up my blog even more! Obviously this takes time, and that is my point when I refer to “building momentum”. If you quit early on, you will never have the chance to make your online business work for you or make money online.

Finally, link generating is another means I have used to build momentum for my business. The search engines don’t even like it if you gather links too quickly because they see it as a deliberate attempt to get a link back to your site. It is recommended that you gather links slowly, maybe 10-15 new links per week, and you want thousands of links pointing back to your site! This, too, will take time, and over time, you will see your link popularity grow if you continue to gather links by writing articles, posting your URL to the link directories, linking to the internal pages on your own site, commenting on blogs, posting in forums, and so on.

Building momentum means taking the time, and making the consistent effort to build your business. It means not giving up pre-maturely, thinking nothing is working for you, and that you are not making any money online. If you take consistent action over time by posting in forums, writing original articles, making frequent posts to your blog, and getting as many quality links pointing back to your site, then have what it takes to make money online!

This article is authored by Liane Bate. She owns a Plugin Profit Site web business, and is a member of Success University and the IAHBE. Visit: and

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Blogging Ideas

Are you feeling as if your ideas have drained out?

Are you finding it hard to come up with topics to blog about?

You are probably a victim of the “Power-Cut” syndrome. Don’t worry, it is not the name of a disease and you do not have to go and consult your physician about it. It is something that all bloggers at some point face.

Before finding out a cure for this syndrome, let’s first check the topic that you are blogging about.

  1. Is it a topic that has a bit of competition?
  2. Is it something that other bloggers are also writing about?
  3. Are there articles being written on the topic?

If the answer to all the above questions were “YES”, then you have a cure that is easy. But if you answered in “NO”, then I am afraid that the cure will take quite  a bit of time and is still not a guarantee.

If you answered in “No”, then let me ask you another question. Why on earth did you choose a topic that had nobody even bothering to write about? It seems you wanted to get into a market that had no competition. I can understand your point of view because that is what is preached all over the blogs of the internet marketing gurus. But I have a different opinion. A bit of competition is always good.

The Importance of competition :-

Competition shows that there are people who are interested in the market. It means that there are prospective buyers in the market which is what the core of the competition is all about. You know that there is huge scope in the market because there are buyers. Zero competition means that no one wants to enter the market, because there are no buyers.

Would you be interested in re-inventing the wheel? I am absolutely not. I would suggest you shouldn’t either. Get into a market that has some competition so that you at least know that there is scope to succeed, if you are different.

How to get an idea for your blog :-

Setting up alerts -
There is nothing as informative as Google Alerts. In one of my previous posts, I had mentioned about setting up Google Alerts on topics of your interest. I keep getting alerts on my niches everyday and many of them are worth reading. Some of these alerts become topics for my blog posts. The mails that you receive as a part of these alerts are knowledge banks and can form the basis of your posts.New idea

Reading other blogs -
I have a list of about 8 blogs that I read frequently and that are from my niche, on my favorite feed reader. I visit these blogs almost every second day and read their posts. I then jot down interesting points that I felt can form ideas for my next posts.

I write a precis on the topics that I have collected and save them as a draft in my blog, which I can later elaborate on. I add a few meaningful pictures to it and my post is ready. If you are serious about blogging, you need to respect other bloggers the way you will expect them to respect you, and that is by reading their posts.

Reading comments on other blogs -
This sounds very funny, but it indeed works. People use the commenting box on any blog just to get a link back or, to get some traffic and for this, they write stupid things like, “Nice post”, “Interesting topic” etc. But there are some wise men who ensure that they contribute to the discussion in the post by writing valuable comments. These comments at times result in a debate or, a further elaborate discussion on the topic.

Such comments form source of interesting posts for your blogs. In addition to that, if you add a permalink to the original post on the original blog, you might get some serious traffic and there is also a possibility that the owner of the original blog just link to you.

Forum discussions -
These are by far the easiest place to get new ideas for your posts. Register at a few good forums in your niche and contribute to the discussions. You might find people asking interesting questions on “How to”, “Where to” etc. and these can form excellent ideas for your blog posts.

Blogging is not difficult. All that is required is a bit of innovation and you can do well in any market.

Don’t forget to add your comments below.

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Instant Payment

How many such affiliate programs do you that can pay cash instantly into your PayPal account?

You need not answer me. Just try to count them on your fingers and you won’t even be able to reach your fifth finger.

Most affiliate programs have a definite pattern of payment. They do not pay you instantly as and when the sale happens. Many of these like Clickbank and CJ make you wait until you have reached about $500.00. Though this is not a huge limit for somebody who has been into affiliate marketing for a few years and is making a fortune out of it, this is a challenge for the new affiliate marketers.

What are the 3 things you are struggling with when you start off in affiliate marketing?

  • Finance to fund your business.
  • Knowledge of good affiliate programs.
  • Marketing and promotional skills.

The posts in the days to come will touch upon each of these areas and would help you overcome the problems that you are facing in all these areas.

Finance:- Finance is what struck me in the second day of getting onto the internet. I had no formal knowledge and had no mentor to guide me. My first affiliate business started with promotions of Google Adwords. I setup a few campaigns and chose a few keywords and started off. The next day morning when I woke up I found that I was poorer by about $1293.00. I had the shock of my life. I had no sale from the $1300 that I had spent. I couldn’t gather the courage to start off again until the next 4 months.

The smartest business idea is something that funds for itself.

Smart businessmen do not spend from their pockets to fund their business. Hence I do not advice anyone starting off on Internet Marketing, to go straight off to Google Adwords. However well you plan, you might still end up with a poor ROI and you will not be able to recoup your investments until a few more months to come. By that time you will be bankrupt and dropped off the Internet.

It is said that advertisement incurs cost. Then, how would you fund your own business?

There are thousands of free forms of advertising on the internet., and article directories like,, etc. are the easiest of them. Squidoo and Hubpages are other forms of advertising and getting traffic.

You need to bear in mind that articles directories, Squidoo and Hubpages are not for advertising your products but promoting them. You should have a good plan and a few good articles to promote your websites and products on these sites.

These will not get your loads of traffic or, millions of visitors overnight. But a carefully planned strategy can help you reach your goal in about 3-4 months.

Once you have your promotional strategies in place, join a few “Instant Paying Affiliate Program”. These are affiliate programs that deposit cash straight into your bank or, PayPal account, the moment a sale happens. You don’t have to wait until you reach a threshold for the payment to be released.

Instant paying affiliate programs help you generate cash instantly. You promotional techniques will get your sales trickling in. The cash that comes into your PayPal account can then be utilized for business purposes like, joining the paid option in or, getting a good autoresponder like Aweber. You might also want to buy a domain name for your site and a hosting account. You will not find yourselves stuck for cash.

This is how I started my online business after my first setback. It took me sometime to establish myself but I was happy that I was not cutting into my hard earned money from my 9-5 job.

Instant Affiliate Commissions

Instant Affiliate Commissions

I was fortunate enough to get this book called as “Instant Affiliate Commissions”. This book had about 120 such affiliate programs that would pay instant commissions into my PayPal account and some valuable advice at starting your affiliate marketing business. All I did was join about 16 affiliate programs that I felt good enough to join and this funded my domain cost, hosting charges and other minor advertisement expenses.

You can grab a copy of this ebook here in case you wish to. You might also be able to get this information on the internet. But you will have to spend quite some time searching in order to find the best programs. This ebook has a list of such programs that you will never be able to search and find on the internet.

What is best about “Instant Affiliate Commissions” is that it has a quick birds eye view of what the affiliate program has to offer. Also you will find some exceptionally good 100% commission paying affiliate programs as well.

Download your copy of “Instant Affiliate Commissions” here.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my RSS feed by clicking on the Orange RSS ICON toward the top left corner. Please post your comments on how you felt about this post.

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