Length of Blog Post

There has been a constant debate on the ideal length of a post in a blog. There are people who say that an idea can only be communicated in a blog post that is long. Small posts cannot express things effectively and so on.

What is your take on the ideal length of a post?

To a great extent it is true that what you want to express looses its effectiveness if you do not explain it in detail and in a manner that your reader understands it. In order for you to put your point across effectively, you have to write a detailed post and such posts will be about 600-700 words long. I am a firm believer of the fact that blogging is like story telling and for a story to be effective you have create a background for the story and when you create a background, the story becomes slightly longer that you would want it to be.

Just imagine, would the Hollywood movie “Avatar” be as effective, if the director tried to wrap it up in less that 90 minutes. It would not, right? Nobody bothered about the length of the movie, because the story was neatly laid out and told effectively.

So, does that mean only long stories can be effective? No, that is not the case.

Then how can will you make a long story short and yet keep it effective?

Let us discuss about the movie “Avatar” itself. If you have seen the movie, you will notice the fact that the beginning of the movie is actually a narration. The director narrates a background very effectively in very limited words and straight jumps into the actual story. The base of the story is the narration at the beginning, yet it is so effectively communicated in a short narration and while doing this the director also ensures that the viewers do not loose interest or, focus in the story.

While writing blogs posts, it is important to do the following -

  1. Identify what is the crux of your article and write about that it only so much detail that your readers can clearly understand it.
  2. Rewrite all such sentences that are creating the background for the article in such a way that it conveys a longer message in shorter sentences.
  3. Whenever you write short sentences to convey an idea, just ensure that you maintain a smooth flow of ideas into the next few sentences where you actually narrate the story.

Having said all that, I should also say something here. While we are discussing about the length of the blog post in this post, and while the world may profess that the length of the post is important, Brian Clark, who is a master copywriter himself, breaks all the myths by writing one of the shortest but most effective posts, I have ever seen. You can see this post “Actually, Blogging *is* dead” at his blog at copyblogger.com.

In an effective and short post he discusses about the debate on “blogging is dead”. He very smartly links this post to a few of his earlier posts thus ensuring that he creates some internal links and also makes his readers ask for more. And they find more information when they read the other posts that he is linking to in this particular post. I rate this as the “Post of the year”. This short post has already been tweeted 538 times, has been shared 58 times on Facebook and has about 85 comments. That can tell you the effectiveness of the post.

So, forget about the length of the post. An effective post can be short too.

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Search Engine Optimization

This is a guest post by Philip Rudy. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our write for us page.

The Internet marketing world can get very busy and very messy really fast and if you aren’t working with the proper equipment then it will be impossible for you to ever meet the potential that you want to be at. When you are first starting out in the SEO industry everything is usually ran on a small scale and all of the work usually circulates through a panel of about 4-10 people. This is great in the beginning because everyone who is involved usually knows how to get from point A to point Z in whatever the process may be, or they are at least are experts in their own little area. If you want to scale things up in the SEO world however, you will need the help of some Internet tools.

Internal Collaborating System

This is one of the first types of tools you will need to take full advantage of. An internal collaborating system allows you to eliminate all the time you spend figuring things out with other employees through phone, email, or face to face contact. This allows you to create and assign tasks, watch the progress of a project through milestones, record things in databases, create project and work-spaces, and much much more. So much time can be wasted collaborating with your work force if you do not have a system set up that can automate everything. This problem multiplies if a lot of your work force works from home. An internal collaborating system gets everything that needs to be done and the details associated with it in one place, so that every body can be on the same page at the same time from their computer desk.

File and Folder Sharing

Although an internal collaborating system can be used for this, it is probably better to get everything you need in terms of files in folders in a separate system. Something like “DropBox” is perfect. It is like a folder that everyone who is invited can share. You can put anything in there – from text documents all the way to videos and everything is instant. You can organize everything the way you want it, and something like this is great for when hundreds and hundreds of files, excel sheets, and videos start to pile up in places that you don’t want it to be. A file and folder sharing system is just another way that the collaboration part of working gets automated.

Public Relations or Link Management Software

This is very important for web site owners especially. That is because Google looks at the number of back-links you have as one of the main reasons for determining a web sites rank in their search engine. When you are building a number of links for your web site, things can get very messy and you will end up spending more time organizing everything and keeping track of everything than you will actually building the links. Link management software allows you to record web sites and all the details that come along with the relationship with that web site. This simple fact that it allows you to automate the organization of your link building campaign is the reason that you will be able to scale it up to the level it needs to be at without wasting too much time. There are a lot of SEO advantages in having link management software – and not just link building. The simple fact that it helps keep track of your online relationships is a major plus because online relationships are what will help your business to grow.

So as you can see, there are tons of reason to get Internet tools and make them work for your business. There are all sorts of different kinds of tools out there that can probably help your business in the long run. The whole goal of advancing in the online world is the ability to be able to scale things to a larger level because what works on the small scale does not always necessarily work on the large scale. Internet tools like these will help you do that.

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Product Launch Formula

If you have been into Internet marketing or, have been trying to do something in Internet Marketing, you will surely have come across the thousands of product launches that happen everyday. It is highly unlikely that you will not have.

What is the one thing that you have noticed commonly in all of these launches?

No prizes for the right guess!!

The one of the many things that are common is the fact that most of the products discoveries happened by accident. Just go back and check on the recent launches and you will find that these products were discovered by broke internet marketers accidentally while they were struggling with all the tools that were available on the internet to make money.

Are you convinced with the theory?

Most of us are, and that is where we buy the product. But I am not too convinced. If the theory was true why wouldn’t I want to wait for a few more months and then I will also discover something if I keep on trying and be rich some day. Isn’t it?

It doesn’t work that way. Not everything happens accidentally. Columbus could have discovered America accidentally and so was the discovery of penicillin. But info-products and softwares are not discovered by accident.

Having said that, I should also says that the fact of the matter is that product launches that follow this discovery theory are  always successful. They are seen to get massive conversions. You can pick a few random products from Clickbank in the IM niche and check this out for yourself.

Why is the accidental discovery theory a successful Product Launch Formula?

Human psychology is such that we always tend to relate to stories that are similar to us. Organizations have been using this to their benefits since long. Advertisements showing a housewife appeals to housewives whereas advertisements showing working women appeal to working women. All of these strategies are based on this aspect of human psychology.

Similar is the case of relating to stories that speak about people who were ordinary, did ordinary things and suddenly became famous and rich.

Internet Marketing is not difficult. Success in Internet Marketing is determined by the length of your persistence. 95% of people jumping into Internet Marketing fail. It is here that this product launch formula strikes. When you read about an ordinary guy struggling with his business, doing all the ordinary things that you too have been doing, you start to relate to him. Further when you read that this same ordinary guy discovered something accidentally, which soon catapulted him to fame and helped him earn lots of money, you start to feel a certain truth in the entire story. You feel that there is something in the technique that he has discovered which is the difference between him and you, the difference between success and failure.

At this juncture you are pretty much convinced about the product. You stop evaluating about all the other aspects of the product. Your brain stops evaluation. The stage of the brain is the “Buyers’ Coma”. The decision is taken and you buy the product.

This theory of accidental discovery is one of the most popular product launch formula. The sheer success of the formula makes it the most preferred one also.

Is this method wrong? Is it unethical?

No it is not. Inducing a buyer to buy requires stimulating him to think about why he need the product. This formula does precisely that. So there is nothing unethical or, wrong about the method.

The next time you see a product launch using this product launch formula, don’t forget to evaluate the other aspects of the product as well.

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Wordpress Plugins

Plugins are the difference between a WordPress blog and a blog hosted on any other platform. WordPress plugins have given us so many options that you can do pretty much anything today with one of the several plugins available – most of them free and a few of them paid. Setup an autoresponder on your blog,  auto approve comments, check spam, enhance your wordpress blog design, insert advertisements, add banner ads to you blog etc. is all a click of a few buttons if you have the right plugin installed.

I have several useful plugins installed that help me load my blog faster and also optimize it for the search engines. In addition to many free plugins that I use, there are a few paid plugins that I think every blog should have, if you are serious about building a better blog and making money out of it.

5 Essential Paid Plugins for your blog.

The 5 plugins that I am about to mention, are the most important and the minimum that any blog should have. If you think there are a few more, you can always write about them in the comments below for the benefit of our readers -

Pop-up Domination – This is one of the best plugins that I have ever used. Pop-up domination has helped me build my list. My list went up from a mere 10-15 signups a day to more than 50 signups a day after I installed Pop-up Domination.

Popup Domination is a list building plugin that helps you create attractive and handy pop-ups where you can offer your readers a useful product or, course in return for signing up to your lists. You need to offer value to your readers and popup domination will do the rest. With a simple installation and customization option, popup domination is the best list building tool you could ever get.

You can read my review of the Popup Domination plugin at Youtube.

Order Popup Domination now and let me know once you have ordered it. I can give you a discount of $10 paid to your PayPal account. Click here to order now.

Wp-Syndicator – This is another plugin that I am using on my blog. This plugin helps you syndicate you blog posts to more than 15 authority sites, thus helping you build backlinks to your posts. These sites include Posterous, Xanga, Identica, Tumblr, Friendfeed, Twitter, Brightkite, Multiply etc. Syndication is extremely easy with a few clicks and your articles get indexed in a few hours.

Wp-Syndicator is easy to install and easy to use and helps you build your blog’s presence on the internet. I was able to increase my backlinks by more than 73% after I started using this plugin. My readership increased by about 41% after using Wp-Syndicator.

Order Wp-Syndicator now and I will give you the PayPal shopping cart plugin that sells for $29.00 absolutely free. Click here to order Wp-Syndicator now


SEOPressor – If you are like me, I am sure you are tired of the SEO thing on your blog. SEO is a combination of a thousand things and I often try to ignore it because of the sheer efforts required in SEO. Here is a plugin that can take all the efforts out of SEO. I was surprised at the effect of the plugin, when I saw a few of my posts on the first page of Google, just by following the simple tips that SEOPressor told me.

SEOPressor would suggest on whatever is missing in your post and would also give your posts a score on SEO. Based on the suggestions, you can tweak your article and you will see the change in score. If the score is greater that 85%, then your article is most likely to get to the top of the search engines.

Order SEOPressor now and you can get a discount of $5.00 credited to your Paypal account. Just write to me after you purchase using the contact me form and I will credit the discount. Click here to order SEOPressor now


MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate – The objective of any blog is to earn money. Monetization can be an extremely daunting task at times. Adding links, choosing affiliate programs, selecting the products etc. can be time-consuming and difficult. That is where MBP Ninja Affiliate Plugin comes in handy.

The Ninja Affiliate plugin can add links to your posts based on pre-chosen keywords. You can decide what all keywords you want to create links to. Once you have updated all your details on the options page of the plugin, you can relax. The plugin will add relevant product links to the keywords that you have chosen and will also add your affiliate code to it, thus monetizing your blog posts.

MBP Ninja affiliate is running a 70% discount sale right now. You can order it right away to take advantage of the sale. Click here to order MBP Ninja Affiliate now


Wp-Robot – This is another plugin I am a fan of. Though I do not use this plugin in this blog of mine (because this is not an auto blog), I have about 40 different auto blogs that I use this plugin on. Wp-Robot, generates content for my blogs on auto pilot and all I have to do is sit back and count the money flowing in from my auto blogs.

For those who are not aware of auto-blogs, these are blogs that run on auto-pilot and the articles on these blogs are normally posted by a robot application. You can monetize such blogs using adsense and other ad channels and also use affiliate links on them to make money.

Wp-Robot makes posting a simple activity. Just fill out all the options and forget it. Wp-Robot will keep publishing content to your blogs and you will not have to worry about it.

Order Wp-Robot now to set your Auto-Blog business on full throttle. Set it up and forget it and let the money flow. Click here to order Wp-Robot today!

These are the best 5 paid plugins that I have been using and have found benefits with. I have been able to make a considerable change in the way my business was run using these plugins. In case you know about any other plugin, let us know about it.

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Website Designing Elements

The first thing that attracts any visitor to your blog and keeps him engaged in your website is its design. There is no doubt to the fact that “Content is the King”. But at the same time, in order for your readers to stay at your blog, your blog’s design has to be reader friendly.

What is the definition of “reader friendly”? How can you make it reader friendly? I am sure these are normal questions, if you are new to blogging. Read on as I talk about essential elements in any design. At the same time, I would also recommend that you keep noting down things that you found attractive and user-friendly while you were browsing other websites.

Essentials of a website design

Almost all successful websites have these elements in them. This is one of the main reasons why these websites have so many readers. They are successful in keeping their visitors glued to their sites, thus pushing them to become permanent readers to their blogs.

  1. Appropriate Navigation – The biggest flaw that I find in quite a lot of website is inappropriate navigation options. Website do not have a “Home” navigation button and if you want to return to the homepage, you will have to keep clicking on the back button or, if the option exists, click on the LOGO to go back to the home page. The lack of appropriate navigation buttons on a website breaks the flow of a visitor, normally called as visitor journey. So one of the most essential aspects of any website design is to have a proper page navigation in the form of buttons.
  2. Faster Page Loading – This needs no explanation. I have browsed through to numerous websites which has a loading problem. These sites have almost everything in place yet the reader experience is destroyed because the pages take too much of time to load. I do not have the patience to wait until the page loads and would normally choose browse away. There are numerous ways to resolve slow page load problems especially if you are on WordPress. One such way is to cache old pages by using a plugin like hypercache.
  3. Search Option – Your site should have a search option which is an integral part of any website design. I might not want to browse through the hundreds of pages on your website to find that one thing that I am looking for. I would instead prefer to search for it and move away in case I do not find it. If the search option is unavailable, I might just choose to browse away. It is here that a search option comes in handy. Place it somewhere it is clearly visible.
  4. A Contact Form – Your visitors might need to contact you. There could be numerous reasons for it. Feedback, suggestions, ad requests etc. are just a few such reasons. You would not want your visitors to be searching all over your website to find an email address to contact you. The easiest way to facilitate this is by using a contact form on you blog. There are a lot of plugins that can do the job for you in WordPress. Since there are loads of customization features available, you can create any kind of form. What ever you create, just ensure that you have a “contact” tab in your navigation menu which could lead your visitors to the contact form.
  5. Bookmarking  buttons – Social media is the order of the day. There are thousands of social media and bookmarking websites which help you get more exposure to your blog or, website. When networking is what is in vogue, why shouldn’t your website have bookmarking buttons. Every visitor coming to your blog will be associated with some or, the other social media service and would want to share what he saw and read on you blog, with his friends. Bookmarking buttons help them do this. Hence it is essential that you have bookmarking buttons prominently showing up in each and every posts in your blog.
  6. Link Management – There are a lot of websites out there where you find a link on some useful aspect and when you click on it, you find that it is either broken or, leads to some irrelevant site. It is important to manage your links properly. I recommend installing something like a “Broken Link Checker” which can find broken links and help you fix it. It is also important that you link to correct webpages. While linking is extremely important, ensuring that these are relevant links are also essential.

In addition to the above, there are quite a few other aspects, like categorization of pages, ensuring that there are no obstructing ads, proper color combination for your website etc. that are to be kept in mind while designing your website.

What are your views? Do you think there is anything else that you might have noticed on some website or, blogs that leads to a poor visitor experience? Then, let us know of these by adding your comments below.

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iPad Users

If you’re thinking of ways to take your web site to the next level and attract more business, adding lots of Flash may seem like a no-brainer. But incorporating large doses of this technology into your site could get in the way of reaching mobile device users – especially those who have touch screen products like the iPad.

The Flash Dilemma

In case you haven’t heard already, there is a so-called “Flash war” going on between two technology giants: Apple Inc., maker of the popular iPad, iPhone and iPod, and Adobe Systems Inc., which owns Flash, a technology used to add video, animation and other fancy elements to web pages. The disagreement revolves around whether Flash is a suitable technology for mobile devices like the ones Apple sells.

Flash is well known for making your site look really pretty, and there are many companies out there that have invested a huge chunk of money in some very slick web sites replete with movie-like animations, in a bid to impress and influence current and potential clients while showcasing their products or brands. Many web site owners see these sites and immediately start thinking about how a Flash-based redesign could make their own sites look more dynamic and cutting-edge, and how products advertised in a “flashy” way could help drum up more business.

But as it stands, Apple – which, by the way, is notorious for its very cool-looking and functioning products – doesn’t allow Flash on its iPads, iPhones or iPod touches. In fact, in an open letter, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has listed a number of reasons the company considers Flash irrelevant for its devices. One of them is that Flash is “designed for PCs using mice, not for touch screens using fingers.”

Flash and Touch Screens

Unfortunately, this is true. Flash, by its very nature, is meant for a computer that has a mouse attached to it, which enables you to hover over something and then click when you find what you’re looking for. Touch screens, such as the one found on the iPad, don’t work that way. There is no “hover” function on a touch screen; it only recognizes touch.

Therefore, some fundamental Flash-based functions that require hovering just cannot work on a touch screen. For example, a drop-down menu that requires you to hover over one item on the menu so you can reveal another sub-menu item won’t function properly. Neither will a video player that requires you to hover over the video in order to see and use the controls (Play/Pause/Stop).

Business Case for Moving Away from Flash

Various recent media reports have suggested that since some Flash-driven web sites do not work well on Apple’s mobile devices, some companies may have to construct new – or alternate – sites that run on other iPad-friendly multimedia technology.

That can get really expensive. But those companies may not have any other choice, considering how Apple’s iPad and other products have been performing in the market lately.

For its fiscal fourth quarter 2010, Apple reported the highest quarterly earnings and revenue in the company’s history – and according to the company’s chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer, that growth was fueled in good part by “record iPhone sales (and) the tremendous popularity of iPad.” Research firm Gartner Inc. also recently predicted that the iPad would be the primary driver behind the growth of worldwide media tablet sales to end users from 2010 through 2014, and that as prices drop, tablet devices would increasingly be pushed into the mainstream and would eventually become a popular item in the home.

Other Multimedia Options

So, as an Internet business owner, if you don’t want to alienate this important and growing base of mobile touch-screen device users, resist the temptation to demand that your web site company create a purely Flash-driven site for you.

That’s not to say you can’t incorporate bits and pieces of Flash into your site. There’s nothing wrong with adding a little Flash here and there to spice things up. It’s just not recommended that you base your whole web site, or any crucial functions (like your menu) on the technology. If you do, your site may look absolutely beautiful, but you’ll frustrate a whole lot of people who can’t see what you’re trying to show them – which could cost you business in the long run.

If you really want a web site that is rich in animation, there are other, more iPad-friendly technologies like HTML5, CSS and jQuery that can do the trick. Just ask your web site company; the experts there will be able to give you the scoop on what will work best for your site.

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Make money with fiverrOne of the most common questions that I hear from people, is  – How to make money online without investment?

We all want to start an online business but do not have the investment required to start one. Though most of the GURUS profess that you can start an online business without any investment, this often does not prove to be true. Any and all of the courses that promise you to teach how to make money online without investment asks you to pay for it. Isn’t that called as investment?

It is true that starting any business requires some investment. An online business requires investment in the form of time and some money. This monetary investment is to get your own domain name, hosting plan and some other basic logistics.

But the big question is, how will a newbie fund his new ventures even if this investment is this small. My personal recommendation to anyone starting an alternative source of income is to fund his newly started ventures from “Business Financiers“. You should never divert cash from your existing source of income to your online business.

What are Business Financiers?

There are numerous opportunities out there on the internet which can help you create small sources of income, which can in turn fund your business. The internet is full of such opportunities. Pay-per-post is one such business financier. The income I would generate from paid posts is not too huge. It cannot help me quit my day job. It cannot be called as a full time income source. But the income generated from paid posting can help fund your affiliate marketing business.

Income opportunities like paid posting do not require you to have an established blog. If you blog is relevant and you are ready to write posts for small payments, you can get a lot of paid posting orders.

One other such business financier is Fiverr.

What is Fiverr?

You can visit Fiverr at http://www.fiverr.com. Fiverr is a place where people volunteer to do a variety of activities only for $5.00. You will be surprised at the different things that people are willing to do for $5.00. Some are extremely funny whereas some are very interesting. Some can get you traffic whereas some can get you exposure.

Each such activity that people are willing to do is called a “Gig” in Fiverr’s terminology. When you browse Fiverr you will find a variety of such gigs which could also give you some idea as to what is it that you can do for $5.00.

How can Fiverr help you fund your business? I am sure this is what you are thinking.

All that you need to do is think on what all can you do for $5.00. You would want to write and article or, a pack of articles, or you might want to help design something or, anything on these lines. There are thousands of people out there looking to get things done for as little as possible. People are looking to outsource complicated tasks for the least possible payments. What can be lower than $5.00?

If you volunteer to do something that people are looking out for, you might end up getting quite a few orders. It’s been about 4 months that I joined Fiverr and I have about 10 different gigs that generate about $2500 per month. If you wondering, how is it that I get time to do all this, then that can be the topic of a later post. But the fact of the matter is that Fiverr can help you generate quite a good amount of money. This income can be used to fund you online business.

But even while you do this, I have an advice. Ensure you have a concrete business plan in place before you jump into any business venture.

I have recorded a short video to show you how to join Fiverr and earn money from your Gigs.

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What is KajabiWhat is Kajabi? Kajabi has been one of the most hyped about launches in the recent days. But there are quite a few people who are still wondering, what is Kajabi?

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is a push-button marketing software that can make creating launch pages, membership sites, squeeze pages etc. a matter of a few button clicks. Almost all of the latest launches by the Internet marketing GURUS were done on Kajabi.

The launch of Kajabi was much hyped and it was supposed to be the next best thing in Internet marketing after affiliate Marketing. How justified was this hype?

A smart and quick review of the software showed that it was not something that any internet marketer could afford. You can see that in the video below.

Optimizepress reviewThen what is the solution and why should one be so desperate to buy something like Kajabi? Is it the “Powered by Kajabi” factor?

What is Kajabi alternative?

I wanted something like Kajabi to smoothen the process of creating squeeze pages and launch pages and also to run my membership sites. What is Kajabi alternative? As I searched the internet for an alternative I stumbled upon what is called the “Optimizepress” wordpress theme.

Optimizepress is the alternative to Kajabi. Optimizepress can do everything that Kajabi does and has an added advantage to Kajabi.

  1. While Kajabi requires a monthly subscription, Optimizepress is a one-time payment.
  2. Kajabi hosts everything on their servers and has a bandwidth limitation whereas Optimizepress is a wordpress theme and is hosted on your own servers. Your server bandwidth is all available for you.
  3. You get limited accounts with Kajabi whereas you can use Optimizepress on unlimited accounts.
  4. Kajabi is not affordable whereas Optimizepress is affordable.

You can know more about this in the below video where I review both of these.

Just go for Optimizepress. You can order it here.

So, now that you are aware of the comparison, don’t wonder what is kajabi?

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Website on Sale at Flippa

My blog on Twitter tips is on sale at Flippa.

Tweeting Tips was started in June ’09. I had started the blog with an intention of writing about Twitter and tips on getting the most out of the micro blogging platform. I wrote more than 40 posts on the blog in the past year or, so. It’s now been quite some time that I had written anything there. Not because I have lost interest, but because I am unable to find time for it.

I am working on my business plans on starting my own company and also on launching a few products in the next couple of months. I did not want to tax myself too much and that is where I decided on selling off the blog.

Why should you buy Tweeting Tips?

Tweeting Tips is on sale at Flippa. I have quoted a buy it now price of $750.00 for the blog. But why should you buy Tweeting Tips -

  1. Tweeting Tips has one of the best domain names that is keyword researched and is in itself worth the purchase.
  2. Thesis is the theme on which Tweeting Tips runs. The theme is not customized but you will get the licensed theme for free along with the blog. You can check out the cost of the theme at their website.
  3. You get 45 unique articles that were written for Tweeting tips. You will not find these articles anywhere else. These were hard work all the way as I have researched and then written these articles.
  4. It comes with a hosting account on Hostgator, completely paid up for an year.
  5. There is extensive link-building that has been done for the website. All traffic to the website is in the form of organic traffic.

You can use the blog to promote your affiliate products on social media and other make money online products. Since the traffic is natural, you can earn well from the blog. There is scope of earning from Google Adsense and other such PPC campaigns as well.

In case you wish to bid for the blog or, buy it, you can check out the offer at Flippa.com

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Best Hosting planIf you plan on operating a website or any online program where your content will be published on the Internet, you will have to host your files on a server in order to make it accessible online. The online hosting niche contains a variety of different types of hosting methods that include services from professional hosting experts and alternative do it yourself techniques.

Hosting is designed to provide you with access to the Internet and will allow you to deposit your website files to a server so they can be accessed online. All the files related to your website will be situated in the hosting server, which acts as the port from where Internet users can retrieve the information by essentially visiting your website online. Hosting is absolutely necessary in order for your website files and online specific content to have an actual presence on the Internet. The files for your website operating in the hosting server will be linked to your site’s domain name. Internet users will be able to take advantage of the domain name, which will direct them to your hosting service where your website files are situated.

Where to Get the Best Hosting?

Do it yourself hosting is not as popular as utilizing one of the many professional hosting services online but it will give you unrestricted access to your online content and control over the entire hosting process. DIY hosting is a valid choice primarily for those who are tech savvy with access to a computer dedicated to hosting, an ISP connection that allows web server connectivity, and the know how to configure your web server by yourself.

Hosting for dummies is made much easier thanks to the help of professional hosting services. Professional hosting businesses offer you space on their web servers in exchange for a set fee. The industry contains a lot of options, including having your site hosted on a shared web hosting platform, an unmanaged or managed dedicated server.

What is the best hosting for you – Types of Hosting:

With shared hosting, you are paying to use a web server but you must share the web server space with other clients. Shared web hosting is the most commonly used type of hosting. It is often the cheapest option as it gives you limited professionally managed web server space that is just enough to meet the demands of most clients.

Enterprise Cloud
Enterprise cloud hosting is a highly modern hosting structure that operates on multiple physical servers. Enterprise cloud hosting is not dependent on any single physical server and a whole set of virtualized servers can be created in order to integrate resources with optimal performance and content accessibility in mind.

With a dedicated server, you have the entire web server space to work with and you can administer your online content however you want. Dedicated servers can be leased from professional services for a high fee but give you dedicated hosting, which is often necessary for high-traffic websites.

Choosing the Best Hosting

Deciding on what hosting option is best for you will depend on your needs. For the majority of people, shared hosting gives you access to enough web server space and professional service support to operate a standard online website. For serious online clientele, enterprise cloud offers you the most technological and performance oriented way to host your online content without relying on any single physical server. Dedicated hosting is the more traditional route, giving you access to a high allotment of space on a single physical server to manage your website content.

If you plan on publishing online content on your own website, you will need some form of do it yourself hosting or the services of a professional hosting company. You may only need shared hosting for your small personal website or a high end solution such as enterprise cloud or dedicated hosting for a popular high traffic online storefront. Regardless of your needs, there usually are one or more hosting solutions available.

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