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People who want to get started with freelancing can find a wealth of online opportunities. Both those who are established in their fields and those who are looking to break into a new field can find freelance work to either begin or expand their portfolios. Some of the most common freelance professions are discussed below.

Freelance Writing

Writing is perhaps the most popular avenue through which freelancers get started on the web. There are numerous opportunities for freelance writers all over the web. Anyone who wants to begin freelancing this way should educate themselves about the differences between print publishing and web publishing. One of the best ways to begin freelance writing is to sign up for several freelance writing websites and begin contributing. Many of these websites have hints and tutorials for people who are just starting out that are very helpful. Some popular freelance sites are given below:


On elance, writers can create an account and bid on freelance writing projects. The site offers writers and other freelance professionals tools needed for self-promotion and marketing of their services. Potential clients can see writers’ profiles and hire them based on their experience and expertise. This site also allows for clients to provide feedback and testimonials, which help writers to develop a beneficial online reputation. The site can be accessed here.


Constant-Content is another site for freelance writers. On this site, writers can submit well-written articles to a database and set their own price for them. Clients on this site can then purchase the articles. Clients also have the ability to contact writers and request a unique and customized article from them.

Freelance Computer Programming

Computer programmers have many online opportunities available to them. This is often a lucrative career option; however, those who have the most success work very hard and continue updating their skills. Clients will want to see that their programmers can handle the most current technology, so it is imperative that freelancers in this field are always looking for opportunities to remain current. Some of the sites for freelancers in this field are below:


Guruis a general freelancing site that has freelancing jobs available in many different industries. Computer programming is one of the fields for which projects are displayed. Freelancers can set up profiles and link to their work from around the web. They can also post videos and upload skills test results and certifications to enhance their profiles.

Programming Bids is a site designed specifically for IT professionals. Individuals who have experience with programming, IT consulting, and graphic design can find work here. IT professionals can bid on the jobs of their choice here, and begin work on the projects for which they are selected. This site has a membership fee for those who want to bid on projects.

Freelance Administrative Work

It is now common for employers to contract their administrative work to freelancers or to those who telecommute. This is a particularly common practice among smaller businesses that may not be able to hire full-time staff. In order to break into this field, aspiring administrative freelancers should have a computer with access to the Internet and to e-mail, a phone line, fax line, basic word processing and spreadsheet software in addition to backup software, and file folders to keep themselves organized.


GoFreelance is a site that offers work for freelance administrative professionals, including data entry and typing. This site requires a membership fee.

Melissa Tamura is a freelance blogger who normally ranks prepaid phones for Her latest review covered the Tracphone.

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Blog Pages

People take to blogging the moment they hear about one of those thousands of success stories of ordinary people becoming millionaires on the internet just by blogging. Most of these people have very little or, no knowledge about blogging and their blogs become a disaster.

Even more disappointing is the fact that there are thousands of blogs out there on the internet which do well in terms of their search engine rankings and pageranks. But these blogs offer little or, no reader experience.

What could be the problem with these blogs?

The problem is that they are not reader-optimized.

What is Reader Optimization?

This is what I call “reader optimization” -

A blog that is optimized to provide the reader a smooth navigation through its pages giving them a systematic flow of information through the content is one that can be called “reader optimized”.

It is extremely important that your blogs maintains a systematic flow of information. You would come across a lot of blogs that has a lot of information in it, but you are left clueless as to where to go and how to go to the information that you are looking for.

I am of the opinion that if you have to click more than thrice to reach a point where you actually wanted to reach, then the blog is not reader optimized.

One of the most important aspects to consider when you are optimizing your blog for the readers is the pages that you create and the way it is displayed.

Pages you blog should have to be reader optimized

There are 5 pages which essentially every blog should have if it is to be optimized for the reader. These are as follows:

  1. Archives page – You do not often see an “archives” page on blogs. If you are to see the archives from the blogs, either you have to scroll through the sidebar for older posts or, keep clicking on the link at the bottom of each page saying “older posts” to reach a point where you find the content you were looking for. It is an extremely bitter experience for me as a reader. Hence it is important to have an “archives” page where you have neatly laid out your older posts year-wise, month-wise and date-wise.
  2. About Page – You wouldn’t want your reader to be a one time reader. You would want him to come back to your blog again and again. But this is possible only if you connect with him. The “about” page is what can create this connection. This page should have a detailed story about yourself and the objective of your blog. Your story is what can help your readers identify themselves with you. They will know that you are not here to joke around.
  3. Contact Page – WordPress gives you a thousand options to create contact forms on your blog. A contact form solves 2 purposes. Firstly, you don’t have to publish your email address anywhere on your blog and give away an open invitation to the spammers to spam you. Secondly, it gives your readers an option to contact you. They will have a lot of queries and questions which they would want to get answers for. It would be a wonderful experience if they can simple enter this information on a contact form and send it out to you instead of opening up their emails to write an email to you.
  4. Subscribe Page – One of your objectives with blogging is to build your list – a list of dedicated readers and customers. You want your readers to be long term associated with you. You build this long term association by asking them to subscribe to your newsletter and feeds. Will displaying a feed ICON somewhere on your blog solve this purpose. NO, it will not. You have to explain it to your readers. You have to tell them about the benefits of subscribing to your blog. This can be done on a “subscribe” page.
  5. Advertise Page – You are into blogging to make money (not at the cost of your readers, of course :) ). Advertisement is one of the primary forms of income from any blog. Though there are a lot of blogs out there that still manage to do without advertisements, I would always recommend any blogger who has established themselves, that you should invite advertisements on your blog. The way of inviting advertisements is by putting up an “advertise” page on your blog.

It is also very important that you lay down these pages clearly in your tabs so that you readers have easy access to it and they can browse thorough the different pages.

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Blogging tools

Internet Marketing is simple, if you understand how to do it. Yet only 10% of the total people getting into Internet marketing succeeds and are able to make a living out of their online businesses.

If you are wondering why, then it is because of the following -

  • People think that Internet marketing is extremely simple and we are used to excusing ourselves from doing things that are extremely simple, just because they are simple. (We all know that going for a walk can do wonders to you health. Walking is the simplest thing to do. But most of us prefer not to do it.)
  • People get drifted away at the various options of making money online and end up buying everything that is not required, thus burning a huge hole in their pocket before finally deciding that Internet marketing is not worth it.
  • People take the first decision to try out internet marketing to make money online, but later stop acting – Actions are what can get you what you want, not procrastination.
  • People pick the wrong mentors as their coaches.

There could be hundreds other reasons why people fail at Internet marketing. You too, could pick one of these reasons for failure and can decide not to try internet marketing at all or, you could do the right things at the right time and be successful at internet marketing.

16 Tools to make Internet Marketing a success

These are 16 tools that are extremely essential to succeed in Internet marketing. At the same time you will not need another tool, than the ones mentioned below.

I am grouping each of these tools under various heads, so that you get a fair idea of what purpose each of these solves.

Essentials -

These are the extremely must things for you to start an internet marketing business.

1). Domain Name – Though there are thousands of ebooks that talk about thousands of techniques to make money without a website, I would any day suggest that you have a website or, a blog if you are really serious of starting an internet marketing business. Your website is your business and a domain name is the first thing you need to build a website or, a blog of your own.

2). Hosting account – You need a reliable hosting service provider to host your website. You would not want to wake up one day to find that your website and your hard work is gone. Also if you are an absolute illiterate to HTML and other web languages, you would want a few of the free tools that most of the hosting providers offer, to setup your website. Hence it is extremely important to choose a reliable hosting service provider.

Domains – Get your domain name for only $9.99 for the first year. Click here to find more.
Hosting – For hosting we recommend Hostgator. we have got you a discount here. You can get your first month of hosting for only $0.01 by using the coupon “DKSPEAKS10″ before your checkout. Click here.

Research Tools -

These tools are primarily required to conduct research on what product to promote, how your site is performing, what are your customers’ interest etc.

3). Google Webmaster Tools – Sign up to a webmaster tools account at Google. This gives you quite a few tools to evaluate your website’s performance. You can also submit a sitemap to Google from this account so that the Google Spiders can come crawling to your website. You can create an account here!

4). Google External keyword research tool – Whatever said, Internet marketing is all about finding the right keywords to market you product. This is a free tool from Google which can help you research you keywords. You can find the tool here.

5). Micro Niche Finder – There are thousands of niches out there, which are waiting for you to exploit them and make money. The million dollar question is, how will you identify them? Micro Niche Finder is one tool that helps you do all this in a few clicks. It will present you with thousands of such niches in a matter of a few hours. This unique keyword and niche research tool is what has made me thousands of dollars in affiliate income.

Micro Niche FinderI can get you a discount of $15.00 (instead of the $10.00 mentioned in the website here) for a limited period, on Micro Niche Finder. You can order Micro Niche Finder and send me your clickbank receipt # with the discount code “DKSMNF01DT” mentioned in the subject line of your email and the discount will be credited to your PayPal account.

Publishing Tools -

6). Free HTML Editor - In order to create websites or, edit your html pages you will need an HTML editor application. In case you are an HTML illiterate like me, then you will need an editor that has a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) support.This way you will not have to get into that confusing coding and languages. We recommend the FREE HTML editor from PageBreeze. You can download it here.

7). WordPress – If you prefer not to get tangled in the web of codes, you can choose WordPress. WordPress is the best Content Management Solution available today. Installation is extremely easy (Hostgator has a simple tool to install wordpress on your hosting account) and publishing is even more easier. And with the thousands of plugins available you can do pretty much anything with your blog.

In case you wish to learn more about WordPress and its installation and how to make a profitable blog that can earn you money, then we recommend the WordPress Wizard package which is a set of videos that will teach you all of this. Get a discount of $15.00 today. Send us your receipt # and we will credit the discount to your PayPal account. Check out WordPress Wizard here.

8). Tweet Adder – Social media marketing is the single biggest method to generate traffic to your blogs and websites. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube etc. can generate loads of traffic with a little effort from you. Of all this, Twitter is the biggest source of traffic, but only if you know how to use it. Tweet adder will automate all your activities and help you with your objective.

TweetadderYou can order Tweet Adder today and get a discount of $10.00. Send us your receipt # and we will credit the discount to your PayPal account. Check out Tweet Adder here.

9). Camtasia Studio -Screen recording is one of the most prominent forms of video marketing on the internet. Product reviews, tutorials, videocasts etc. are all extremely simple with Techsmith’s Camtasia Studio. Affiliate marketing and blogging are all about traffic and traffic is easiest to generate from Video marketing. You don’t need to be a video expert to create a video. All you need is the right tool and Camtasia Studio is the best. You can get it here.

In case you are looking for a free option (obviously, the features would be a bit less), you can check out CamStudio. Download it here.

Accessibility Tools -

10). Firefox – I always recommend Firefox to everyone because of the options to customize it. You can have a load of tools installed onto your browser using the thousand of add-ons and do pretty much everything from your browser. The bookmarking toolbars from Digg, Delicious and Stumble Upon, the morning Coffee plugin for websites that I access everyday, the KGen plugin to display strong keywords on any webpage and the Lastpass add-on to remember passwords are my favorite add-ons. These make my browsing experience rich and simple.

11). Tweetdeck – Social Media is the most happening thing today and nothing better than Social Media to generate traffic to your websites and blogs. Tweetdeck makes accessing the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. extremely simple. Just one application can make all of your social media activities, managed from one interface. Tweetdeck is a free application and can be downloaded from here.

WordPress Plugins -

WordPress plugins are enhancements to WordPress. I recommend using wordpress instead of anything else because it is easy to install and manage and you can do away with all those codes.

12). Shopping Cart Creator plugin for WP – This plugin helps you setup a shopping cart on your wordpress blog and you can accept payments through PayPal. This is extremely important especially if you are selling something from your blogs. For a limited period, you can get this plugin free of cost by subscribing to my newsletter.

13). Popup Domination plugin for WP – The success in Internet marketing is primarily decided by how you manage your visitors. You can choose to let them go from your website without any action and loose them completely or, capture them and maintain a relationship with them in such a way that they become a customer of yours sometime later. This is where squeeze pages and optins come into the picture. You can improve your signups by almost 400% with this easily customizable plugin.

You can order the plugin today and I can get you a cashback of $10.00. Place your order for Popup Domination plugin by clicking the link here and send me your purchase receipt # and I will credit your PayPal account with the cashback.

14). WP Syndicator plugin – The WP Syndicator plugin helps you syndicate your blog posts to the most common web 2.0 websites like Typepad, Tumblr, Twitter, Blogger etc. thus getting you valuable links to your blogs. This helps you improve your Google rankings and also helps you get valuable organic search engine traffic.

The WP-Syndicator plugin is available with free lifetime updated. You can read more about the WP Syndicator plugin and order it here.

Other Essentials -

These are tools that will help in building a long lasting online business. These tools will help you create depth and sustainability in your business and also provide automation.

15). Aweber – You need an autoresponder which can help you capture the leads coming to your website and also help you send out communications to this list of people so that you can build a relationship. There are quite a few autoresponders out there, but the most reliable one of them is Aweber. They have been in business for long and have credibility. Most of all, these rates are affordable and reasonable.

Aweber is currently offering their service for just $1.00 for a full 30 days. You can try out their service today for only $1.00. Click here to visit Aweber.

16). Traffic Anarchy Submission software – You need traffic and loads of it. In order for your business to be successful, you need people to visit your websites and buy products and services from you. But, the question is – how will you get this traffic? Earlier on in this post I had mentioned about social media as the primary traffic source. In addition to social media, you need to harness the power of web 2.0 sites and organic search results. Traffic Anarchy software helps you do just that. Your article submission and submission to web 2.0 sites like Digg and Delicious are all automated and can be done at the click of a button at Traffic Anarchy.

Traffic Anarchy is available to be downloaded right now. Click here to read more and download your copy of Traffic Anarchy.

Make the most of these tools and you could very well be on your path to success. This doesn’t mean that you cannot get success without all this. These tools can make that journey much easier for you and you will be able to re-coup the investment in these tools in less that 3 months.

In case you need any help, you can get in touch with me. Just use my contact form.

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List Building SecretOne aspect that I have seen most of the Internet Marketers ignore is list building. We, internet marketers are so much engrossed into money-making that that we often forget simple things like building a list.

When I started with Internet Marketing, I too had not idea of list building. My way was simple. I would create an ad for the product I was promoting and I would send all the traffic from these ads to the vendors’ website, the product that I was promoting. I was spending a good amount of money in these ads. My earnings were not enough to meet my expenses. All the while as I did this, I was building the list for the vendor.

After a while when I slowly learnt what list building was, I was shocked at the amount of money that I wasted in the traffic I sent to the vendor’s website. Had I sent the traffic to a squeeze page and captured the lead there, I could have built a relationship with them and they would have been on my customer list.

When I look back at how I learnt Internet Marketing, I feel that though all those so-called courses and ebooks out there are mostly crap and nothing but money-makers for the GURUS, at times you come across some products that are actually very good and worthy of the money that you pay for it and these products do teach you things that you would otherwise have learnt by spending much more than what you would be paying for such products.

It is here that I think I should tell you about this course that is a no-hype product. It is a very informative product on list building. Very few courses out there explain a process in such details as this course by Frank Lee.

This course is called the “Huge List Building Secret”.

Such detailed is this course that Frank Lee offers the following in this -

  1. A Complete ebook on List Building
  2. A Step-by-step instruction guide
  3. A Flow-Chart
  4. A how to view videos Guide
  5. A set of 4 videos clearly explaining the steps that he has detailed in his guide.

The best part is the fact that he is not charging you an exorbitant amount like the other gurus do. You get all of this only for a mere $10.00.

You can order this course by going to the official page of Huge List Building Secrets here.

Happy List Building.

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Affiliate Marketing is one of my favorite blogs. Not because it gives me a lot of information or, that there are a lot of articles on blogging or, internet marketing, but because I am inspired by Jeremy. Everything on his blog is of inspiration to me. I get the stimuli to make it as big as Shoemoney one day when I read his blog.

But off and on, I have seen quite a few posts at shoemoney, which kind of shook me to the core. I couldn’t quite agree with what Jeremy had written in his post.

One such post that he wrote some time back was this one.

It was a response to a commentator who had challenged Shoe to start from scratch and build his wealth again. Indeed, it was a nice topic to write on and I would have loved to write about it, had I been Jeremy.

But, the response that Shoemoney had did not make sense.

Instead of taking the challenge head-on, Shoe went on to write 8 paragraphs of what all negatives success could bring with it. He spoke about his distractions like public speaking, meeting with accountants, legal issues etc.

He goes on to write about the money he needs to make to break-even because of the huge bills he had to pay his accountants etc.

Then comes a rather surprising comment -

So… you… sitting at home… much like me 7 years ago on unemployment, I envy you.

What did he mean by that?

The post finally says that there are lot of things that are going against affiliate marketing (probably pointing out the bleak future of affiliate marketing) and ends with a motivational line asking you to “go do it”.

Did this post make sense?

Not to me at least. SUCCESS has no other option.

Things like “Distractions” and “Bills” are a partner to the celebrity status. It is not a part of success. You have a choice to decide where you want to draw the line. That is a conscious decision that you have to make.

But should these things keep you away from succeeding. NO!

Spending that precious moments with you family, taking your baby in your arms and playing with her for hours and hours together, being by your wife when she is ill, going to those beaches in summer with you family…..These are things that you need and success is what can get you there.

Affiliate marketing – Is it dead? No, it will never die. Till the time people keep looking for success and till the day we remain consumers, affiliate marketing will live. Just that it will be a bit more regulated. You and I and thousands like us starting off with a dream will not have to burn their pockets on crappy tutorial videos and study materials.

I am game for it and so will thousands of affiliate marketers be.

So, You got it all wrong, Shoemoney!!

I disagree with you! What about you?

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Are you optimally monetizing your blogs or, website?

If you are not using an in-text advertising in your blog, then you are not optimally monetizing it.

Why is it that I have boldened the word “Optimally”?

Most of the blogs are monetized because that is the primary objective behind every blog. While monetization is important it is also important that you maintain the user experience and do not destroy it. This leads us to the point that obtrusion in the form of pop-ups and other banners should be kept to the minimum.

While most of the blogs manage to do this they loose out on valuable revenue that they could otherwise be earning.

There is definitely a solution to it – “in-text advertising“. While this ensures that even the text in your articles are monetized, it also ensures that it doesn’t affect the reader experience. Add to it the point of relevance and you have a winner at your disposal.

In-text advertising is one of the best monetization techniques so far as blogs are concerned. In addition to the fact that it does not encroach upon vital website real estate, it also ensures that only relevant advertising is displayed. But one vital part of this experience is the decision on which in-text advertising platform to select.

I have tried both inLinks and Kontera and would any day recommend Kontera. It is easy to get approved at Kontera whereas inLinks has a typical system of approval and not all sites will get approved. Worst, that you cannot even submit your website again.

Kontera is extremely easy to use. If you are on WordPress, you can install Kontera on your blog using the plugin. Just install the plugin and you are good to go. You will need a publisher ID though, which you can get by signing up at Kontera.

Kontera now, launched a new technology called as the Synapse Engine and this is what they had to say about it -

Kontera Synapse makes the most relevant associations for end users, by identifying their topics of interest and predicting intent. For advertisers, Kontera Synapse massively aggregates and engages the most qualified audience from across the web.

The in-text relevance has been extremely good with Kontera and with this new Synapse engine, I am sure it will only get better. You can sign up today at Kontera and start monetizing your websites immediately.

Check out Kontera today itself!!

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