Length of Blog Post

Who Says the length of a blog post is important?

There has been a constant debate on the ideal length of a post in a blog. There are people who say that an idea can only be communicated in a blog post that is long. Small posts cannot express things effectively and so on. What is your take on the ideal length of a post?…

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Search Engine Optimization

3 Different Internet Tools For SEO

This is a guest post by Philip Rudy. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our write for us page. The Internet marketing world can get very busy and very messy really fast and if you aren’t working with the proper equipment then it will be impossible for you to ever meet the…

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Product Launch Formula

The Discovery by Accident Product Launch Formula

If you have been into Internet marketing or, have been trying to do something in Internet Marketing, you will surely have come across the thousands of product launches that happen everyday. It is highly unlikely that you will not have. What is the one thing that you have noticed commonly in all of these launches?…

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Wordpress Plugins

5 Paid Plugins Almost Every Blog Should Have

Plugins are the difference between a WordPress blog and a blog hosted on any other platform. WordPress plugins have given us so many options that you can do pretty much anything today with one of the several plugins available – most of them free and a few of them paid. Setup an autoresponder on your…

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