How can Newbie make money online
I am not an internet marketing GURU, nor is my ambition to become one. But I receive a lot of questions from people  on how to make money online through my contact forms, most of which are basic questions and I have been responding to them since long. I received a similar question today and I felt that it would be nice if I could create a post on these, answering these questions so that numerous others could also benefit from them.

This is the first of such a Q&A.

I recently received this question from Mike -

Hi landed on your site by coincidence, I read your 16 internet topics and found them very enlightening and more informative. I am a very frustrated beginner and no one seems to give a rip. I have ordered 3 or 4 programs all promising the end all and be all. All designed to help the beginner. Once received, these programs proved to be extremely difficult to understand an implement. Not one of them included more than two of the 16 tips you outline here. I am mid 50′s and am intently looking for a way to start an internet biz of some kind to supplement our income. Is there really a program out there a beginner can find that would outline the steps a beginner like me and i assume many others can follow? Thank you in advance for your response.”

This is not a first of the kind question. Almost every newbie on the internet face a similar situation when they want to make money online. So what is the solution to this?

First things first. Internet Marketing is not something that requires a doctorate  or, a management degree. Neither will you require a flurry of tools or, a bagful of dollars as investment to make money online.

All that is required to succeed in Internet Marketing is a little bit of patience and a lot of attitude – the attitude to succeed, to remain in the race and be consistent.

My Formula for an Internet Marketing Business

Let me assume, you have no idea about how to start and run an online business, leave alone an internet marketing business. Where will you learn about all the nitty-gritties about an online business.

The answer to this question goes back to the very source of an internet marketing business – THE SEARCH ENGINE.

Use it.

Search for everything that you have a doubt about and browse through a few links that you see. Don’t hesitate to go into the depth of the search engine results. You will find some really valuable content in there.

Keep taking notes. If you can spend about 3 hours daily for about a week, I can guarantee you that you will find more than enough information to master the basics of internet marketing.

This is basically how I learnt it. It takes some effort but it is worth it.

So, you may ask, if it is so easy, then why is it that the success rate is so low?

Because, people think that there is a shortcut to everything and are not ready to take the difficult route to success. The result – FAILURE.

The 4 Steps in Internet Marketing

For the purpose of this post, I am assuming two things -

  1. You do not have any product or, service of your own to sell online.
  2. You are relatively new to the concept of making money online.

Internet Marketing has 4 very simple steps. I will explain it without using any of the GURU jargons.

If all you looking for is to make money online just like Mike, then two options you have is either Blogging or, Affiliate Marketing. The 4 steps are as follows -

Blogging -

1). Find a Topic of interest that you can blog about – This is slightly tricky, but the easiest way to find one is to write down all of your hobbies on a piece of paper and use the method of elimination. Rank them and eliminate all that falls lower in the order.

2). Start a blog – You can use one of the two free blogging platforms, Blogger and WordPress and start your blog.

3). Monetize your blog – There are numerous monetization options that you can choose from – Adsense, Text-Link-Ads, Sponsored Ads, Chitika, Kontera etc. are some of the favored and recommended ones.

4). Drive Traffic to your blog – This is considered to be the most difficult of all the above steps. But the fact is that it is not as complicated as it sounds. The only problem is that we don’t want to accept the fact that it can be this simple and hence make it even more complicated.

Generating Traffic has no shortcuts. These are the only methods you can use to generate traffic -

  1. PPC Ads – Advertise with search engines. I will not recommend this.
  2. Article Marketing – The easiest and most effective method of generating traffic. Research your keywords and write 20 articles for every keyword. Submit at least one article everyday to, and
  3. Document marketing – Convert each of these articles into simple powerpoint presentations and submit them to sites like Also create pdf files and submit them to, etc.
  4. Video Marketing – Create screen-capture videos using the presentations you made and submit them to video sites like,
  5. Blog Commenting – This is another effective way of traffic generation. Identify about 15 blogs in your niche that are high on pagerank and Alexa rank and comment on them regularly.
  6. Guest Posting – Volunteer to guest post on high traffic blogs. Forums like can help you find blogs to guest post.

The above 6 methods sum up everything. Follow all of them or, pick a combination of any three and you are sure to generate enough traffic if you do it consistently.

You will not need another software or, course to learn anything else. If you need any more information on any of these, you will find thousands of articles on the internet for free.

Affiliate Marketing -

The only difference in affiliate marketing and blogging is,

1). Find a product to sell.

2). Create a website – Here I would again recommend using Blogger or, WordPress.

3). Setup a Squeeze page – You will have to use an autoresponder for this. There are lots of self-hosted autoresponders which will be free of cost. Even wordpress has one inbuilt in the form of a plugin. Amongst the paid ones I recommend aweber.

4). Drive traffic to your offers.

That is all it is to internet marketing. This is so simple, isn’t it. It indeed is. But you will have to follow them judiciously and consistently.

If you are still looking for some guidance in the form of courses, then you might be interested in the ones mentioned below.

Best Online Course to help make money online.

Two good courses if you want to make money online blogging are -

1). Become a Blogger – This is a course by Gideon Shalwick and Yaro Starak. Both are known names in the world of blogging. The course is extremely simple and handholds anyone wanting to make money online blogging. They have a set of 10 free videos on how to make money blogging. This in itself is very informative.

2). Blog Mastermind – This is a course from Yaro Starak. This course takes you by hand and guides you to success in blogging. There is a free report called as Blog Profit Blueprint, which is quite informative and a good way to start.

Affiliate Marketing -

If you wish to make money in affiliate marketing, then I would recommend you get the following handbook -

1). Affiliate Secrets Explained – This handbook has everything that you will need to learn and know about affiliate marketing. You will not need anything else. This book is authored by Adeel Chowdhury who is a successful affiliate marketer. You can find affiliate secrets explained here.

2). Affiliate Project X – This was a real good book on affiliate marketing but is not available now. If you can get a copy of this, it can be really helpful.

Other resources -

What I would recommend you should really invest in is -

1). Keyword Research Tool – Get a good keyword research tool that can simplify things for you. I use and recommend Micro Niche Finder which is a very simple tool to use and is very effective. Order Micro Niche Finder here.

2). Auto responder – Building a list is extremely important and this can be effective if you use a good autoresponder. I use Aweber and recommend them because they are cost-effective and simple to use. Check out aweber here.

In case you have any questions, please feel free to write to me.

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Improve Domain Authority

How to Improve domain authority?

Domain Authority is something that is not understood by everyone. When it comes to improving you page rank and getting ranked in search engines, people will blindly go about putting all their efforts into building links to their websites. This is not a bad thing to do. You will, indeed need a lot of backlinks to your websites if you are to impress the search engine gods.

But, what is a good backlink and how can backlinks help to Improve Domain Authority?

Good Backlink -

It is difficult to define a good backlink. All backlinks are good unless if it is from a Spammy website. I am sure, like me you too, would not want to be called a spammer. Even that one link from a website that is marked for spamming can be harmful for the reputation of your website.

While there are a lot of people who profess that backlinks from domains like .info and .net are worthless, I consider it otherwise. Any backlink from a website with any domain extension, that has the credibility of providing valuable content and information to its readers is a good backlink. So, if a website on a .info domain provides extremely valuable content as compared to a .com website and if Google has acknowledged this fact, then do you really think that a backlink from this website were be considered as value less by Google?

So build backlinks from all kind of websites. Links from website in your own niche is the most preferred but at the same time, I will not mind a backlink from a PR 5 website even if it is not in my niche. All that is important to improve domain authority is backlinks. If you are wondering how, then let me explain the entire phenomenon.

How can backlinks improve Domain Authority?

A link from one domain to another is seen by search engines as if it is an association between the two domains. One domain is linking to the other just because it feels that the other domain is valuable and can provide additional value to its visitors.

So a domain is considered to be an authority if search engines see that there are lots of websites linking to it and are hence eager to create an association with the domain.

In order to improve Domain Authority, a lot of aspects needs careful consideration. Good quality backlinks from quality websites is one the most important aspect. At the same time it is also important that the links be from pages which have very limited outbound links. Else the link juice gets distributed and there is no value that your domain will gain out of the backlink.

It is also important that you create these backlinks to even the innermost pages in your website. Backlinks to these inner pages will mean that there are also extremely valuable in terms of content and would hence improve the confidence of the search engines. If the backlinks you create are from diverse websites, then it adds to the fact that your domain in indeed authoritative.

One of the key aspects in improving search engine rankings is to improve domain authority.

Where to get Good backlinks and improve domain authority?

Blogs can build backlinks very easily. There are thousands of blogs that offer do-follow links. Commenting regularly on such blogs are one way to getting links. Guest posting is another way of getting backlinks. Such backlinks can hence improve the domain authority of blogs very easily.

While blogs can do this very easily, other websites have to put in some real effort to build backlinks. Because these websites are static websites unlike blogs which publish dynamic content, link building in depth is very difficult and indeed requires a lot of effort.

The “FREE backlink system” from Jonathan Teng is another simple way to build a lot of quality backlinks. This system can help you build more than 3,000 backlinks to any website.

At $10.00, it is a bargain. It has a lot of value to offer at this less a price.

You can check out the “FREE Backlink System” here.

Build a lot of quality backlinks with this system and improve domain authority for you websites and blogs.

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