social bookmarkingSocial Bookmarking has always been one of the biggest source of backlinks and traffic for internet marketers. Yet it is one area that has been underutilized to a great extent by newbie internet marketers. Very few people know how to use it effectively to get traffic.

It is because of this lack of knowledge that such newbies struggle in getting traffic to their blogs and websites.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Rather than defining social bookmarking, let me quote a few names -

  • Digg
  • Diigo
  • Stumble upon
  • Reddit
  • Myspace
  • Delicious
  • Bibsonomy

That should be enough. You should, by now have understood what social bookmarking is all about. Primarily, social bookmarking intends to bookmark valuable sites and links and then circulate it amongst it millions of users, thus creating a viral effect to each of these links.

Why is Social Bookmarking Important?

Most of these social bookmarking sites are high PR sites. They are all credible and a link from them carries a lot of value in the eyes of the big search engine gods like Google.

With the latest updates to Google algorithms and their future plans, social bookmarking is becoming even more important. Google has plans of implementing a ranking algorithm which will give weightage to sites and links that have a high social presence. This in a way means that if your site has a better presence at these social bookmarking sites, then it is highly likely that your site will get a much higher valuation by Google.

These social bookmarking sites are the easiest to get high PR one way backlinks from and carries value like no other backlinks.

Why does IM newbies fail at this?

Social Bookmarking requires you to create accounts with each of these services. There are more than 200 high value social bookmarking sites out there on the internet. Creating accounts with each of these services is something that will take months. More so because you will have to create multiple accounts with them to get value.

IM gurus have enough money to outsource all of these activities. Newbies do not outsource. If at all they do, they do it to cheap outsourcers, which in turn results in a cheaper and valueless service.

After having burnt their fingers a couple of time, they just decide to let go of it because of the efforts and time required to do it and turn to other modes of getting traffic and backlinks.

The alternative – A reliable Social Bookmarking Service.

The alternative, in case you are looking for one is a reliable social bookmarking service which can do the job for you.

So, the next obvious question is where to find one?

You might want to look at the following service which has been very reliable and which is something that I have been using for some time now.

FREE Social Bookmarking Services -

Social Monkee:- This is a free service and they also have a premium version to which you can upgrade. The difference in the two is the limit to the number of links you can submit and also the number of sites you can submit them to. Join their FREE service here.

IM Automator:- This is another free service which you might want to check out. They submit a very limited number of links and to a very few but credible social bookmarking sites. They too have a PRO feature which provides you with a lot many other features. You can visit IMAutomator here.

Paid Social Bookmarking -

If you are ready to shell out a few dollars to get some good backlinks, then there are quite a few services that can do the job for you. I am listing a few of them here.

Bookmarking Demon:-

This is a software that can automate a lot of the activities and build thousands of high quality backlinks from social bookmarking sites.

The best part about Bookmarking demon is that it also creates all your accounts on automation, so you don’t have to spend hours creating them. Add to it the fact that it also submits to a lot of scuttle sites and you have a winner at hand.

Priced at $147 for a limited time, this could prove to be slightly heavy on your pocket. But considering that it is a one time investment, it is worth it.

Check out bookmarking demon here.


Fiverr is a service where you can find a lot of services being offered for only $5.00. You will also find a lot of people offering social bookmarking services at $5.00. They usually provide you with a detailed report on the submissions they have done, so you can rely on them.

Moreover, since Fiverr is a feedback based service, you will be able to read a lot of feedback about the services provided by an individual before you decide to order it.

You can check out Fiverr here.

SocialBoxed – A unique Social bookmarking Service

SocialBoxed is in a pre-launch stage. I am launching this service in Summers (April/May in India). I had always been looking for a social bookmarking service which I could customize according to my needs. SocialBoxed is a result of this.

I am a full time blogger and I wanted something that could help me in my blogging. Hence I customized this social bookmarking service according to my needs.

There are two different service on offer -

Single Submission Service-

This service will submit one post to the various social bookmarking services. As of now the submissions are to 24 of the top bookmarking services. All you have to do is give us the the following details -

  • URL to Submit
  • Tags
  • A short post

Once the submission is done we will send you a complete report of the submissions.

Price = $20.00 per submission.

Buy Now



Unlimited Submissions Service -

This service is suitable for bloggers who keep adding new posts to their blogs.

In this service we install a plugin and configure it for you. This will keep submitting your posts to all the social bookmarking services as and when you publish a post.

Note:- This will not submit historical posts.

Price – $30.00 per month




Order one of these and take advantage of the social bookmarking revolution.

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wp update robot reviewFor those of you who thought that my blog is changed to a salespage, my apologies. My objective was only to grab your attention to the wonderful product that I am reviewing today – WP Update Robot.

Not too many of your might have heard of this software. WP Update Robot is a very handy software for people who manage multiple blog installations.

You would know the amount of work you have to do when WordPress releases a new update and you have to update all of your blogs. Add to it the updations that you have to do for all your plugins and you have almost a complete day’s work lined up before you when an update is released.

This software can help you reduce the amount of work you will have to do. Watch this review to know how.

The price of this handy software is only @27.00 now. This price may go up anytime. Why to wait and see the price going up.

Buy your copy of WP Update Robot now. Check it out here.

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SocialFoldersThis is a guest post by Megan on a new service called as SocialFolders. You can check out the guidelines for guest posting on our write for us page. 

For social media users, a version of cloud computing is done everyday. With the enormous popularity of social networks, many people consider “their lives” to be online; boasting profiles with years of picture, text and video content.

As accessible as this information has become it’s not without an Achilles heel—if you can’t get online you can’t get any of it. Sure, the growing clouds storming across the Internet does a great job of reaching across multiple platforms, but find yourself in a dead zone and the information is as non-existent as your internet connection.

SocialFolders – The Answer

SocialFolders is looking to change that. Founded by Philippe Honigman, this Internet start up vies to store all the bits and pieces of your social media life. However, these folders will be accessible online as well as (hold your breath) offline. The basic service will be free, allowing users to interact with three of their favorite platforms and store 500 files.

A paid version of the service will assist users in connecting up to 5,000 files and sync to all available services. The company hopes to also collect fees by acting as a secure web delivery system for payroll, bank statements or other sensitive information such as commercial real estate records and income property documents.

Cloud computing has created a movement that allows users to hold on to vast amounts of data without occupying their own hard drives.  By putting data online people are making their information social, but also protecting that information from any malfunctions their machine may experience.

Recently, posting something online has become an end point. Content on the web is shareable, steady and safe from the daily destructive forces of lost phones and erased memory cards. Honigman, however, thinks it is just too far out of reach.

What does SocialFolders do?

SocialFolders is aptly named. The program will not only store your information, but also keep the data talking to each other. Folders used to store your content will sync to social networks automatically. Any updates made to your data while offline will immediately be reflected in the online versions once a connection is found. This allows users to work on shared documents or edit photos anywhere, instead of having to hang near a connection.

Having online media aggregate to one place will allow users to rapidly update multiple social networks. SocialFolders allows platforms to talk to each other as well. Pictures that a user puts on Facebook could be uploaded to Flickr and Instagram at the same time. This will help users keep their social presents consistent and updated.

SocialFolders is scheduled to launch on December 22nd.  Honigman has been running ftopia, a similar program, for the past three years. His experience in the industry should make for a clean opening for SocialFolders.

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online business

This is a guest post by Victor on things to remember when you start an online business from scratch. You can check out the guidelines for guest posting on our write for us page. 

Online businesses face fierce competition entering the marketplace with more and more entrepreneurs seeking riches via the Internet. Given the low start-up cost of establishing an online business versus a brick and mortar venture, it is no surprise that the Internet is the “place to be” in an economy starved for investment capital.

Factoring in the low cost barrier to entry into the Internet business world, and the public’s continuing romance with social media and the Web, embracing strategies that convert web and social media prospects to customers becomes critical for determining online business winners and losers.

Market Research – Basics of an Online Business

The foundation to starting a viable online business venture begins with knowing what your customer wants, and how they are currently finding businesses online to fill that need. Determining the keywords that are being used in an online search is critical information required for building an online business presence to attract those prospects.

The company website must be built around content that contains and addresses these common keywords to ensure that your website attracts customer traffic. Smart entrepreneurs wait to name a new company until research findings can be evaluated.

There is a Google Keywords tool that is free. It can be used to determine which keywords are the most searched. This tool is a great way to determine the words most used by customers to find companies that offer a particular product or service. There are also many consultants who will be glad to offer you help in this area.

Establishing a Web Presence for your Online Business

Building a company website is the first order of business for establishing a web presence. While many new businesses get bogged down financially at this stage of the game, there is no need to spend a fortune setting up a website. There are many free, or almost free companies like WordPress that can get you up and running for a reasonable price. Selecting a domain name should be done with care, since this is how people will find you on the web.

Entrepreneurs should opt for simple and memorable domain names. The company name with a dotcom at the end serves as the best URLs for new businesses, if the URL is available. This strategy works best, provided the company name was chosen with marketing in mind.

Blogging is a highly recommended form of attracting new customers to a company website. The reason blogging is so popular is that Google search ranks blogs higher than stagnant website information that does not change. By adding a new, customer-relevant blog to a company website three or four times a week, the website will rank higher with Google, and gain a higher page ranking in customer searches.

This free traffic generated through blogging and search engine results is called organic traffic. While it takes time and patience to get to the first or second Google page for popular keywords, after submitting interesting blogs for a few months it is possible to greatly improve a site’s page ranking.

Another option for companies to improve page ranking immediately is to use Pay-Per-Click advertising. The ads that are posted alongside Google pages are paid advertising. As the name suggests, an advertiser pays for each time a customer clicks through. This is one good way to jumpstart increased Google traffic, while the organic traffic from Google searches has time to increase.

Social Media – Engaging with your Customers

Social media is another inexpensive way to establish a web presence. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus are four social media tools that can be used to promote a company’s business. For a new business, it can seem daunting to try and tackle all of these tools at once. Utilizing one or two of them is sure to make a positive difference in business referrals. As the most frequented social media site being used, Facebook is recommended as a best bet.

Conclusion – Building a Strong Online Business

Opportunities abound for online entrepreneurs willing to commit time to develop an online business. By conducting market research to thoroughly understand the marketplace, start-up companies can jumpstart a new business online and flourish. Social media tools and blogging for increased Google rankings traffic are two important strategies for success in the contemporary online business environment.

About the author:

Victor is a writer and blogger experienced in online business development. He also often writes about finance and credit cards.

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