keyword research

3 Keyword Tips to Keep Your Website Strong

There is little merit in designing and producing an informative, well-structured website if no-one can find it. Unfortunately, far too many businesses fail to fully research the most effective keywords for their website, and it quickly ends up in the lower-reaches of the search engine results pages. Of course, researching keywords which are germane to…

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Youtube Marketing

Youtube Tips – How to Schedule an upload

If you are not into video marketing, then you are likely to be left out in the internet marketing race. This is not my statement, this is something that most GURUs today are professing. With the most recent changes that Google has brought about in its algorithms and the kind of enhancements they are doing…

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Blog Optimization for Search Engines

Foolproof SEO Tips for Business Bloggers

Business blogging is different from normal blogging. When you blog for your business, you do it deliberately to promote your business rather than just share your ideas or experiences. You will have to exercise caution so as not to over optimize your blog or under optimize where you could do better. Creating a good blog…

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blogging tips

8 Tips to Becoming A Better Blogger

We all strive to improve ourselves. In our personal lives and in our business lives it is always a goal to get on to bigger and better things. However when you are a blogger it can really seem like an uphill battle. Everything you do, every update you create, can seem like the same old…

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Youtube Marketing

4 Significant Advantages of Using Youtube Marketing

Vlogging and promoting your products and services though an interactive social media platform is really catching up these days. Why will it not be when the visitors can form conscious opinion about your brand and the products and services it is offering? Things like live demo of the product, live interview of users and your…

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Specific to Generic TLD shift

The Shift From Regular TLDs to Generic TLDs – Infographic

With generic TLDs becoming more popular for web developers, regular TLDs (mostly .com sites) are starting to have less influence on the internet.  As a result, digital brand teams are going to have to factor in generic TLD sites (.ca, .biz, .info, etc) into their new marketing strategies.  The infographic below, compliments of Wolfe Domain,…

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Preparing for Algorithm Updates

5 Tips to Being Prepared for Future Algorithm Updates

The world of SEO is constantly evolving with new rules to follow and changes to keep track of. Many search engines have carried out algorithm updates in the last few days, notable among them, Google and Bing. Google itself has gone through over 500 changes in the last few years. In light of the fact…

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Business Relationship Building

5 Relationship-Building Rules for Business Growth

Starting and running a small business involves so many different tasks that people often get lost in the shuffle. But without the people involved in your business, such as employees, customers and vendors, you probably wouldn’t have a business to run. As you focus on business growth, be sure to relegate some of your attention…

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Addictive Blog

5 Tips to Creating an Addictive Blog That Attracts Readers

There are literally millions of blogs on the great wide web with more being started every day, but for every blog that is started only a few are able to successfully gain a substantial foothold in the competitive field. There is no guaranteed method for making an addictive blog that will attract a lot of…

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Email marketing Conversion

4 Important Metrics for High Email Conversion Rates

Starting an email marketing campaign can help you with your leads and your business, as well as increasing your sales. Here are four of the most important metrics in email marketing, and how you can use each to your advantage to create the most successful email marketing campaigns you can. Bounce Rate – Bounce rate…

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