Wholesale Business

This is a guest post by William on tips to succeed in a wholesale business. You can check out the guidelines for guest posting on our write for us page.

Most of the wholesale businesses fail during the first year because you fail to manage the business properly. It seems quite easy to start a wholesale business and being successful at it is harder than some of us would like to admit.

Most of us think that all we need to successfully run a business of our own is to be smart, adventurous, risk-taker and market-oriented. There is very little room for mistakes and you can absolutely not afford to repeat your errors. Not learning from your mistakes is the biggest reason why so many of us fail in our business ventures.

Tips to Success in a Wholesale Business

What I learned as a wholesale business owner myself is that by learning from our mistakes, we increase the chances of success. Most of us do not get to know about our mistakes until it’s too late. After reading the following post, you will get to know about four simple steps that can take you by the hand to your success.

A mentor is necessary in a wholesale business!

It is not impossible to be a successful wholesale business owner without a mentor. Remember, mentors play an important role in your success. A mentor can be helpful for you whenever you need advice and help you in dealing with various work related problems.

For instance, whenever you need some information about a particular business issue, you prefer leaving the query online in any wholesale business forum that brings a number of replies and you find it really difficult to trust a particular advice and apply that on your business because none of them really know about your business.

A mentor helps you in identifying relevant information and applying that according to your business needs.

Don’t focus on too many things at once!

Most of the wholesale gifts suppliers usually face this dilemma that they have numerous things in their plans and they do not understand what to finish first. There are numerous business projects that are on the go at once and the problem is that none of them get the complete attention and dedication, they require.

Therefore, we do not succeed in doing all of them together. The solution is to choose one project at one time and do it well with complete attention. Half finished projects get you nowhere – neither can you dump them nor can you proceed with them. Develop the habit of not focusing on too many things at one time and finishing the task at hand first before starting another project and you are on your way to success in your wholesale business.

Learn how to prioritize things!

Working hard or working too much on your wholesale business does not mean that you will be successful until you do not learn how to work smartly. Sometimes, you think you are working on the most important business activity by avoiding or putting another equally important task on hold. And when you will realize it, you lose your track in deciding what is more important.

To cope up with this issue, you must learn how to prioritize things. This is not just for a wholesale business but for any business that you intend to do. Before starting any activity ask as to what is the most important thing that needs to be done before anything else and work accordingly. Learn how to manage your work properly.

Believe in yourself!

Everyone longs for success but makes so many excuses for not meeting the challenges head-on. It may be because we do not consider ourselves capable enough to successfully undertake some of the most daunting tasks. And so eventually, we fail.

Always believe in your capabilities and see how much easier it becomes for you to be successful. Don’t hesitate to try again, if you fail once. Believe that you have all the energies and abilities that are needed for success.

Conclusion – Succeeding in a Wholesale Business

Just like any other business, succeeding in a wholesale business requires sticking to the basics. You do not need to re-invent the wheel. Improvise on what is already there. There are thousands of wholesale business owners who could mentor you and help you in succeeding.

About the Author:

William King is the director of B2B Wholesale Directory and Wholesale distributors. Being an entrepreneur and a passionate blogger he loves to share his knowledge and expertise with the industry people by writing for various related blogs.

Don’t forget to tell us more about how this tips on achieving success in a wholesale business has helped you.

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Privacy Policy

I received a mail from Google a couple of days back on their Privacy Policy, because I use a lot of services offered by Google. I am sure you too would have received one such email with the subject reading, “Changes to Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service” because you too would be using some or, the other service from Google.

Google has become a part of every internet users daily life, given the range of services they offer.

So what does this change in privacy policy and terms of service mean for me and you?

The email  looked very impressive, more so the beginning which said that they are now consolidating all the policies across all the various services they offer so that there is only a single policy.

But that is not where the story ends. There is a lot more to it. What was there in the overview sent as part of the email and available at their website was only the good things. There were a few other things as well that were of more importance to me and you.

Impact of Google’s Privacy Policy Change

A change in privacy policy is certain to impact the user. If there is one thing that is negative about the internet it is about the privacy intrusion. Since you share a lot of information on the internet while you surf,your privacy is always at risk.

Though all websites follow stringent measures to keep your information private, there can still be loopholes.

Things that you should note regarding the change in Google’s privacy policy are -

  • Google will now use the information that you provide while using their services both explicit and implicit, for the purposes of understanding your tastes and choices and provide better services to you in the future.
  • In addition to the information that you explicitly provide them they will also collect information from your usage of their services. This includes device information, log information, location information etc.
  • Google will keep these information across the many servers that they have around the globe.

Is this alarming?

Though it is not alarming, it still needs attention. Storing and using your personal information could mean that your information is readily available if somebody needs it. I trust Google to keep this secure, yet there is always that element of fear; what if it falls into the wrong hands.

It is hence that this change in privacy policy has a severe impact of the users.

Is there something you can do about it?

Probably not too much, if you cannot do without using Google.

Read the complete changes to the privacy policy here.

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Wordpress SecurityMy WordPress blog was hacked a few days back. There was nothing unusual about it, because this happens to thousands of WordPress blogs around the blogosphere.

Wondering what this blog post is all about, if that was normal?

First let me explain the entire incident.

I wanted to add a code to the header section in my theme. I hence logged into the theme editor section and opened the header.php file. I observed something very strange in the file. There was some code added to every line that started with <?php. It looked like a base64 code to me, but I was puzzled as to how this code was added to the theme, when originally I had no such code.

That was enough for me to conclude that it was the act of a hacker.

About 3 weeks back, I had received an alert from Hostgator, saying they suspected a security infringement in my hosting and that they had cleaned everything. They also asked me to change my passwords, which I very smartly decided to ignore.

The consequence was evident in less than 3 weeks.

WordPress blogs are the most sought after by hackers and many a times they are successful in hacking it too, not because of a problem with WordPress. Instead because of sheer ignorance on the part of the blogger, primarily because most blogs lack a robust WordPress backup and security.

In one of my earlier post I had spoken about another attack on my WordPress blogs (that was more than a couple of years back). My hosting provider was as lazy as me and had not put enough security measures in place. They did not even have a good backup mechanism…Consequence, I lost all my content of about 19 months and had to restart from scratch.

I learnt my first lesson; Choose a good hosting provider who has

  • start of the art protection from spammers and hackers.
  • Has a scheduled backup mechanism in place.

This is how I ended up with Hostgator because they were the best in the industry when it came to hosting you websites, especially WordPress websites.

(You can get a discount on your first month at Hostgator – Use the coupon code:DKSPEAKS10)

How to Secure your WordPress Installation

If you are running a WordPress blog, it is extremely important to ensure that you keep your installation secured. WordPress is an extremely robust platform and the creators ensure that they keep upgrading their files to ensure that they are out of the reach of hackers.

You might want to look at some of the below tips to ensure that you blog is protected.

Update your WordPress Installation to the latest version

WordPress keeps releasing updates from time to time. It is extremely important that you update your blogs to latest version. These upgrades are to plug any loopholes that may exist in earlier versions. The WordPress team ensures that you are informed of these upgrades by displaying it on the dashboard of your blog.

Ensure that all plugins are also updated

Plugins too are very prone to attack. There are a lot of plugins that are outdated and are no longer support by the creators. Periodically check your blog for such plugins and uninstall them.

Also update all other plugins to the latest version.

If you are somebody like me who run multiple installations, keeping a track of updates and updating your blogs could be a tiresome task.

I found a very simple software that can do this for you. This software can update your WordPress installation and you plugins as well at a single click. I have created a video that can show you how this software does all this. Read the post here.

You can check out WP Update Robot for more information.

Protect your WordPress Database

If you have installed your blog using the Fantastico installation in your hosting account, then this is for you. All such installations create databases with simple names like xxxxxx-wrdp1, xxxxxx-wrdp2 etc. where xxxxxx is your hosting login.

Such databases can be easily broken into by hackers. Hence it is important that you change the database names for your blogs to something that is not that easily de-codable.

Periodically backup your blog using a Good WordPress backup plugin

It is important to always backup your wordpress blog. This was one of the mistakes I did when my blog was first hacked and consequently I lost all my content.

Set a schedule to backup your blog. If you publish posts very frequently, then you should backup your blog at least twice every week. There are numerous plugins that can do the job for you.

WP-Backup is one the best free plugins that I found. You can also schedule these backups and get them emailed as well.

I prefer Backupbuddy in addition to the above said free plugin. Backup buddy is the best when it comes to backup and restore. It has numerous customization options and restoring your wordpress, if at all it goes down is a matter of a few minutes.

Order your copy of Backupbuddy today.

In addition to all this, it is also important that you host your wordpress blogs with a good hosting company.

Don’t forget to let us know how you keep your wordpress installation secured.

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effective seo techniquesThis is a guest post by Britney on Effective SEO techniques that you can learn from Google. You can check out the guidelines for guest posting on our write for us page.

Anyone who has taken a close look at their own Google Plus profile may have noticed something a little weird. The profile immediately ranks highly in the search engine for searches including their own name.

In other words: while you may have several other online identities (I have at least four), which you have built up naturally through months or even years of hard work – your Google identity has pipped them all to the post and taken number one ranking. That’s in sharp contra distinction to the received wisdom about social media SEO – namely that it takes time and effort to build a profile that starts to have an effect.

It is not just profiles either. Google Plus posts are also ranking highly when I search for my name.

So is Google cheating? No. It is simply using extremely savvy and effective SEO techniques to beat the competition. That’s hardly a surprise. Google ranking is the be all and end all for most SEO campaigns, so it makes sense that the company whose algorithms we all spend so much time trying to beat is head of its own league table.

Google’s Effective SEO Techniques

While we know that Googles uses very effective SEO techniques, how can I benefit from them. The secret is to crack those SEO techniques and start to use them for yourself.

Here’s the lowdown:

Make an Incentive out of Your Inbound Links

Google will let an author display a photo with a link, if that author agrees to add a Google Plus link to their page. Which of course delivers a range of extremely high quality, influential links. No wonder Google’s own engine likes its Plus One profiles so much! Very effective SEO techniques indeed.

Link Internally 

Google Plus is the paragon for adding internal links. On your Google Plus profile, you can be in as many circles as you have interests – and it is really easy to include people in your own circle too. While you can struggle, in the other social media streams, to build a notable amount of followers, Google Plus lets you do it almost instantly.

Here’s the thing: having 1,000 followers is not practical in a social sense unless you intend never to do any real work again. But in an SEO sense it is gold. The more followers you have the more linking opportunities you create. Score two for Google Plus.

Make Sure Your Content is Easy to Index

The more information you can give to a search engine, in your social media profile, the better you are indexed. It’s that simple. My Google Plus profile, which does not suffer the character limitation imposed on you by Twitter (so I can go on and on, putting in as much stuff as I deem appropriate), means I get indexed for my post text, my photos and all my links – whether those links are from people who have added me to their circles or from the things I have plus one’d online.

It’s the old story – the more content you have, the more meat and drink there is for a web bot to get its teeth into. Google Plus One allows you to structure your information cleanly too, which means the web spiders can index it with ease.

Never Forget How to Optimise Your Own Pages

On page optimization is still one of the pillars of good SEO. Descriptive title tags are better than non descriptive ones. When you use Google Plus to post, it creates a title tag for you that includes your name in first spot in the title tag description strong.

Publicize Everything

The more social media posts you make publicly, the more they will be crawled by search engine spiders. Sharing information with the web bots is what gets you noticed. Remember that when your posts are private no-one knows you are home.

Google’s Effective SEO techniques – What we learnt?

Who better to learn SEO from that the grand daddy of SEO. In fact all that SEO that we all do; isn’t it to impress the Google God. So when that is the real story why not learn from the author himself.

Having said that, there’s a problem with what Google is doing – which is that soon everything you search for will be a Google result. Unless other businesses start to use Google’s own tactics in their social media SEO.

About the Author:

Britney Danila is a Freelance and Staff writer who writes informative & creative articles on Television and Technology for various technology related companies including broadband expert. Her expertise is in writing articles related to technology, SEO and PPC articles for SEO Company , etc.

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home based business

This is a guest post by Stan Horst on starting a home based business. You can check out the guidelines for guest posting on our write for us page.

Starting a home-based business can be an exciting and profitable option for earning a living. As a person with a thriving home business, I am always interested in why people decide to strike out on their own.

Here’s what a small sampling of home-based business people told me about what motivated them.

Flexible Schedule

For several people I spoke to, a home-based business provides the flexible work schedule they need and want. Think about it. If you are a single parent raising school-aged children you need to be able to visit their schools and take them to lessons, sports practice, and doctors’ appointments. A sick child means you can’t go to work if you work outside the home.

A few people told me they wanted flexibility because they are in school. Working at home allows them to take classes whenever they are offered, not just at night or on weekends.

If you have a passion—maybe you want to ride horses, race cars, or become an opera star—a home-based business lets you follow your dream and support yourself along the way.

Other Responsibilities

In today’s multi-generational households, home-based businesses allow family members to stay home and take care of their young children or their aging parents. They can fit their work around their other important responsibilities.

Work Anywhere

If your spouse or partner is in the military, works for an international company, or moves frequently for any other reason, you don’t have to stay behind for your 9-5 job. With a computer-based business, you can take your work with you just about anywhere in the world.

Many workers cannot afford to say no to a job transfer right now. If that’s your spouse being transferred, you don’t have to worry about finding a new job in a new location, because your business is portable.

Best Option

Home-based businesses are among the better options for earning a living in times of high unemployment. A number of people told me they make more money with their own businesses than at the low-wage jobs available to them.


A person with a temporary or permanent disability that prevents him or her from leaving the house regularly can make a living and participate in the community through a home-based business.  A teacher who lost her hearing now has an online tutoring business, for example. You can start back at work way more quickly after an illness if you work from your house.


Think of what you can save—what you don’t have to spend money on—when you work at home. No commuting costs, no work clothes, no lunches out. No pitching in for parties, birthdays, and coworkers’ kids’ fundraisers. Believe me, it can add up!


Tired of having someone looking over shoulder? When you are your own boss you can decide how and how much to work. You are not under anyone’s thumb. For some, freedom means you can take a break whenever you want and go sit outside on your favorite teak furniture by Kingsley Bates.


If you have an idea you want to pursue, you can do it on your own. You don’t have to be constrained by a corporate vision and company values that you do not share. The sky’s the limit when you make your own decisions.

What’s Your Reason?

Before you decide to start a home-based business, think about your reasons. Keeping in mind why you started your new venture will help get you through the tough times.

About the Author

Stan Horst runs a cabin rental business in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. His home-based business gives him time to enjoy the great outdoors with his wife and two children. Stan used to be a furniture maker; now he likes to share his knowledge through a website to help people find the perfect storage benches made for outside  (www.betterbenches.com).

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mobile marketingIn the past couple of months you might have noticed quite a few product launches focusing on the mobile marketing. What could be the reason for this?

Before we get into discussions on what these products were, let us look at some mobile phone user statistics:

  • Total number of mobile phone subscribers – 6 billion worldwide.
  • Countries with most subscribers – China (963 million subscribers), India (900 million subscribers), USA (325 million subscribers).
  • Mobile broadband subscriptions of ~1.2 billion worldwide.
  • Leaders in mobile broadband usage – South Korea and Japan.
  • ~$6.3 billion venture capital investments in the year 2011. This was about 42.4% of the total budgets.
  • Google, Millennial Media, Apple, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Jumptags lead the mobile ads networks in revenue.
  • In 2011, Google made ~$2.5 billion in mobile ads revenue.
  • eBay forecasts customer transaction (including purchases and sales) of $8 billion of merchandise for 2010.
  • PayPal forecasts $7 billion mobile payment volumes in 2012.
(stats courtesy: mobithinking)

That was too much of stats. Isn’t it?

But one thing is evident from the above stats. Mobility is the next big thing. With social media sites like Twitter and Facebook generating a good amount of subscribers on mobile phones, the bundle becomes an exciting thing to explore and mobile marketing is what will make you money in 2012.

Mobile Marketing – Make Money using Mobile Phones

All the while Internet marketing has been evolving. What was working a couple of years ago is no longer working. Whatever the changes, the basics still remain.

But it becomes imperative for an internet marketer to evolve  as technology evolves. Mobile marketing is one such evolution.

How can you make money using mobile phone ads and mobile marketing?

You can find quite a few handy products at Clickbank which will explain you a hundred different ways to make money using mobile marketing to mobile phone consumers.

Mobile Marketing is extremely economical in comparison to marketing to conventional internet users.

A few easy forms of making money is as follows -

Affiliate ads to Mobile Phone Users

Advertising on the internet has become extremely expensive. Google Adwords and such other CPC options are now a distant dream for average affiliate marketers.

It is here that advertising to mobile phone users can come in handy.

There are numerous advertising networks that offer you an option of advertising to mobile phone users. The costs are extremely low and if you can work out some good campaigns and carefully select the niches, you can see extremely high ROI on your ads.

There are some good courses out there that can teach you how to do all this, I mean pick niches, design mobile friendly websites and create advertisements for mobile phones.

You can check out Mobile Monopoly which is a recommended resource to make money with mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing by Building Websites for Mobile Phone Users

Mobile phones have small screens in comparison to a PC or, laptop. Hence you normal website will not render well on a mobile phone. You will have to design something that is specifically meant for mobile phones.

There are a lot of things you need to keep in mind when designing these pages for mobile phones. You can outsource them or, do it yourself. There are thousands of softwares out there that can help you accomplish this as well.

Once your mobile friendly website is built, you can market all kind of products including affiliate products to your mobile phone users. You can even add Google Adsense ads to these websites and make money through that route as well.

My Mobile Money Pages is a good software that can help you built mobile friendly pages and also help you in mobile marketing by promoting these sites to mobile phone users. Though it is not a 2-minute activity as promoted by the vendor, it is still a good software that can simplify a lot of these activities.

Pay per Call marketing to mobile phone users

Pay per call is the latest addition to the mobile marketing. Pay per call basically is an option where an advertiser has to pay for every call made to the advertised phone number.

This is a very good option to affiliate marketers as well. Pay per call has extremely high payouts to affiliates and hence is a lucrative option. Since promotional activities is pretty much the same, returns could be very high from Pay per call offers.

You can signup to promote pay per call offers with any of the leading affiliate networks that provide this option. A few good affiliate networks that we found were commission junction, Google Affiliate Network and Direct call network, all of which offer this opportunity in mobile marketing.

For people who are new to this concept, it is important that you understand how this works. I would recommend that you check out a good course on making money using pay per call. You can find a lot of information on the internet, All that you have to do is search on Google.

Mobile Money Bandit is one of the best courses around that can help you tap into this market and make money from mobile marketing using pay per call.

Conclusion – How to proceed with Mobile Marketing

Evaluate if mobile marketing fits into your scheme of things. If you need to tweak your business plans, do it because mobile marketing can only better your income. It is the next generation of making money online.

Once you have done the ground work to jump into mobile marketing, take up some basic course which can give you an idea of what all this is about so that you don’t find yourself in unknown land.

Mobile marketing can give you amazing results if done correctly. Hence spend some time to work out  a plan and make money with mobile marketing.

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