tips to market productThis is a guest post by Steven on tips for your blog to market new product. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

If you have a blog, it can be a great place to market products and services – whether they are your own or you’re praising the work of someone else. However, there are good ways and bad ways to engage in blog marketing. Dos and don’ts, if you will.

Do stick to your niche

A blog, by its very nature, is meant to “narrowcast.” You are speaking to a very specific audience when you tell poor twenty-something’s how to cook, or offer advice on writing for television. Knowing this, why would you ever think it a good idea to start pushing the maid service you just opened or posting ads about discounts on baby products? If you are going to market something, make sure that it is something your audience is likely to have an interest in.

Do continue your regular posting schedule

Unless, that is, your regular posting schedule is infrequent and haphazard. Basically, you want to be posting valuable content several times a week – content that makes your readers stick (and click) around, and that helps you to climb the search engine charts. If you suddenly increase or decrease your number of posts, you’re going to confuse your regular audience.

Don’t go ad crazy

Once you learn that you can feasibly earn money by advertising products on your blog, the temptation might be to include ads everywhere. Why not put up an ad when people click between pages? Or rollover ads? Or pop-ups? Or – You get the idea. A good rule of thumb is not to put up any ads that would annoy you if you were trying to enjoy another site. If it’s intrusive to you, chances are your visitors will feel the same.

Do make yourself an expert

If you are going to attempt to convince people that a product or service is good and they should pay money for it, they need to see you as a reliable source. The only way for you to convince them of this is to be a reliable source over time. Write well. Pick topics that your audience will find interesting. Give them information and opinions they can’t find anywhere else. Your goal may be to sell a product or service, but before you can do that, you need to be able to sell yourself.

Do offer discounts and giveaways

Want to show people that they can trust you and get them excited? Put up coupons and have giveaways for products and services. People are far more willing to try something new if they can get it for less – especially if you can let them try it for free. You may feel like you can’t afford to do this, but a happy customer espousing the virtues of a product or service is far more valuable than you trying to sell people on something. Who would you be more likely to believe – a person essentially advertising something, or your buddy who’s telling you how amazing his new whatever is?

Don’t start to sound like an advertisement

Whatever you do, be careful that you don’t cross the line into making your blog an advertisement for what you want your readers to buy. The point of a blog is to inform and entertain – not to sell. Rather than writing a post about why De-balder Hair Grow is super awesome, try one on the history of hair growing products, or on different methods that people use to prevent baldness and regrow hair, highlighting the virtues of Grow in one of your bullet points.

Just remember that everything that even seems like a potential advertisement needs to be balanced out with engaging, conversational content that has no ulterior motive.

About the Author:

Steven Payne, when not writing about Insight Promotions, LLC and their best in class on-pack promotion services, is covering all things related to marketing promotions to keep his readers informed!

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surveys and friendsIt is not uncommon for any of us to give opinion. Is it?

I have been party to numerous conversations where, you hear opinions from people who might not know a thing about what they are opining about. They still give out their opinion for free!

Just spend an hour recollecting everything that you bought in the last couple of year or, spend money on just because somebody gave you an opinion.

“Word of mouth” is strong and Organizations today have realized the value of the opinion. It is here that the survey market has grown big as a colossus.

Every market that grows gives you the small time entrepreneur an opportunity to earn big. But the sad part is that we are yet to cash in on the survey market, thanks the thousands of scams and illegitimate survey websites that popped up overnight.

Is there a way you can really get paid taking surveys?

Good question!

It is impossible that you don’t get paid for online surveys. In fact you just cannot avoid getting paid for taking surveys. Wondering how?

Let me show you how.

Choosing the Survey Company

The most important part here is selecting the survey company itself. When you have always relied on opinions and feedback, why should you not rely on the same when choosing your survey company.

Speak to your friends and relatives who have taken surveys in the past. Search the internet for survey scams (ensure you exclude affiliate sites).

Look out for companies that offer surveys on a wide range of markets. Also see if they have more than just the normal surveys that could pay you for.

Most survey companies ask you to refer people but you don’t get paid for it. Just a “Good job done, Buddy” message. This is absolutely not something that I want!

Referring Friends

Credible survey companies pay you for referring friends.

And none of your friends will be unhappy to take a survey and get paid for it – some earn income. Isn’t it?

And I am sure you being a social animal, will have some friends to refer. To add on, Facebook will ensure that you have a circle of a minimum of 150 friends.

Then refer them and you will make money for sure. I bet you cannot avoid it.

Join Multiple Survey Vendors

I once read a poster saying, “I work for money. If you are looking for loyalty, hire a dog”. I don’t agree to the philosophy completely though, but the fact of the matter is that organizations are selfish and so should you be.

Join multiple survey companies, even if they recommend that you shouldn’t. Else join a survey company that can offer you at least 3-4 surveys everyday.

You objective is to get paid and that too, everyday.

Multiple income stream Survey Companies

Most survey companies, give you an option of taking surveys. (Well, that is what it is supposed to do, right?)

That is not what I am looking for. The first survey company that I joined (that’s how I started my online journey), provided me multiple income options -

  • Get paid taking surveys
  • Get paid for referring friends
  • Get paid for referring myself
  • Get paid on sale of  affiliate products (memberships)

If you are wondering, how can you get paid for referring yourself, then you should join the company in question, Surveys and Friends.

They even set up a private, professional and viral website for me which I could use to refer friends and others to, at absolutely no cost.

The answer to it is, if you can earn money referring friends, why should you earn money referring yourselves.

Bottomline – Get Paid Taking Surveys

It is true that you cannot avoid getting paid taking online surveys. The only way you might not get paid is if you choose to not take your check.

Choose the survey company wisely. Explore all your options and join multiple company. Or, at least a company that offers multiple options.

To begin with I will recommend that you join the first company that I joined when I started making money online.

Join Surveys and Friends right now.

Download your free report right now.

surveys and friends free report

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working home

This is a guest post by David on financial benefits of working at home. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

Because many people are dealing with financial pressure, many of us are trying to save money on many things. People are clipping coupons like never before, we compare prices between supermarkets to determine which the best supermarket to go to is, but many of us do not look at what going to and from work is costing us. If you want an honest assessment of how much work is costing you, you need to look at the following aspects.

Transportation costs:

If you use public transportation, you are going to save less, but if you drive your own car to work like most, you will save a lot of money. Think of these expenses: car insurance, car maintenance, and gas. If you are not driving your car as much, these costs related to your car are going to go down.

Clothing costs :

You not only have to create a well-stocked business wardrobe, but you also have to maintain it. Think about how much money you are currently spending on clothes or dry cleaning each month. While you still need to look presentable if you were to meet clients face to face or via webcam, you can still greatly reduce your clothing budget by working from home.

Food costs:

How often do you go through the drive-through to pick up food or coffee? Now you can eat lunch in your own kitchen and drink your own coffee. Just pay attention to how much money you spend eating out every day and add it up for a week. You may very well be surprised with what you find.

Tax benefits:

You can save money on your income taxes when you work from home (something that people who go to work cannot). Not just that, but if you have expenses when it comes to creating a home office, these expenses are usually tax deductible as well. Many people never realize that these benefits are available.

Where to start looking:

So let’s say that you are convinced that working at home may have rewards, where do you start looking for work? One important thing to remember is that there are many people that want to get rich quick. They will offer to pay you money as long as you do work for them, and never deliver on their financial promise. The best place I have personally found for work is Elance. The reason that is Elance is great to work with is that it automates many tasks that you would otherwise have to worry about yourself. Elance takes care of the billing, the payment, you can upload a portfolio, and you can find clients to work with.

Jobs you could find on Elance:

You might wonder what sort of job opportunities you could find on Elance. A few examples would be to work as a freelance writer, virtual assistant, graphic designer, voice-over specialist, or programmer. Even though these are just a few simple suggestions, if you check out the site itself you will see the many different types of jobs available.

What you need to work from home:

The best thing is that you need very little in order to start for yourself. The only thing you are going to need is a computer with Internet access (if you are reading this, chances are that you have that covered), a desk to work on, and a webcam with web video conferencing software. With that simple setup, you can stay in touch with your future clients through both email and teleconferencing. As you can see, it does not take much. If you are on the fence, just remember this quote by Gail Devers, “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” You are able to be your own boss and work from home; you just have to go for it.

About the Author:

David Crawford has a Masters Degree in communication and started plying his craft online years ago. David knows what it takes to create a successful online business. In his free time, David loves watching movies and enjoys reading historical biographies. David also recognizes that online learning is never complete because there are constantly new products and services on the market, that is the reason he often visits websites such as to stay relevant.

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internet marketingThis is a guest post by Anna on effective internet marketing.You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

Are you eager to make money through internet? Well, it is becoming popular these days and the reason for its popularity is that you can start it without spending any money on it. This is absolutely right that there is no upfront fee to start your own business.

But later on, if you want to grow in your business then you need to spend the required amount of money. The internet marketing is the only way to increase your earnings online and most importantly it must be effective.

Let us study how it needs to be effective

First of all you must be willing to study and there is not any other way beyond becoming successful, because one needs to undergo training part first. The beginning would be from learning about search engine optimization, also recognized as SEO. Unless you outsource it, it is not possible to become successful without learning basics of SEO.

It’s must be in your best interest to know the basics while you are outsourcing SEO. For that you can join the 30 days challenge training program to get expert in this field. Moreover, there are so many websites which could teach you about the internet marketing to train you, but it requires is your time and effort to execute the possible results.

Domain & Niche

You can move on to choosing a niche and a domain name once you have gone through basic SEO down. These two seemingly small conclusions can create or break away your first effort at making money online. Do not make any mistake about it. Your domain name and niche are keystones in effective internet marketing. Take time to explore and pick out shrewdly.

It demands focus and wide search to determine money making niches and pick out the most effective domain name for your website. There are megabucks for making niches that are apparent like insurance or credit cards, but take a look at the competition in the market. It’s more beneficial to find something which is not at the cutthroat, yet still greatly desired or in demand.

You need to be able to write fairly well for effective internet marketing and thus start free writing articles and stuff for the website is a must. To begin with, the best article directory is ezine articles and for other you need to Google for most of the article posting websites.

Well, these will give you enormous ideas that how you can promote your product and website. Learn to search the article from the most popular niche for your website to make it more competitive. Give the originality to the article you write and thus study it carefully before posting it.


Next, you can come to the position of your website. Do blogging from and if you don’t know how to add then take the help of to understand the step by step procedure. Go for and many other websites that are easy to use but always keep in mind that the copied content could worsen the condition of your website. All the procedures are although easy but it needs a careful and attentive effort to make you successful.

About the Author:

Anna Cleanthous freelance writer. This website provides the SEO technique. SEO is the best part to gain the money through internet marketing and thus you can easily make money with little effort.

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benefits micro niche finder

I am an ardent fan of Micro Niche Finder since its launch and the earlier versions. My first copy was one of the earliest creations of James Jones, which was very crude in comparison to what we are at today. Yet I always loved the tool. There were many reasons to it, why I preferred it to Keyword Elite or, Market Samurai.

The benefits, Micro Niche Finder offers were no comparison to any other software and that is primarily one of the reasons I have always preferred it.

What are the aspects you will consider before you set out to buy a keyword research tool?

Desirables of a Keyword Tool

I probably am not using the right term, when I say “desirables”, but I think blogging is all about expressing things in the way you like it to be expressed.

So, continuing our discussion, what are the things you will look for in a keyword tool -

Simplicity – You will not want to spend hours understanding how the tool works and on setting it up. A thousand fields to fill in and another thousand choices and checklists to follow and I am already done with my keyword research. If I had to do all of this, then why will I need a software or, a tool.

Micro Niche Finder is just what the doctor advised.

The only thing in terms of “settings” in micro niche finder is entering your Google Adwords login details. That is it. It is extremely simple to understand because there is no filters to set and no options to choose. Just enter your primary keyword, hit the search button and you are done.

Feature-rich – I love the “Brainstorm” and the “Hot Trends” option in Micro Niche Finder. Just hit one of these and you have a list of topics that you can build your mini-sites on. I would normally buy an exact phrase domain name on one of these terms and set up a one page website and a CPA offer on it. That is a total cost of about $20 and over the next year or, so these sites generate about $1000 – $ 1500.

These 2 options are something that you will not find anywhere else.

Saving your results – Every other keyword research tool requires that you save your search results in a folder and then find the folder to open it at a later date. Also the limitation with these tools are that, at a later date when you want to work on these results, your options will be limited.

Micro Niche Finder provides with an auto save feature. Your search results are automatically saved and is available anytime for you to proceed with your research.

Domain Finder – This is another unique aspect in Micro Niche Finder. Other keyword research tools have modules for these but that are all extras. Micro Niche Finder has this inbuilt domain finder which will tell you what domains are available for the keywords you researched.

Just click the available ones and you are taken to a page where you can buy the domain name.

Price – One of the most important aspects when you are not making a lot of money on the internet. The price of Micro Niche Finder is one of the most appealing. You can buy the tool for less than $ 100 and at that price it was a steal.

The benefits, Micro Niche Finder offers is incomparable to any other similar software. My entire internet marketing business was built on the ideas that Micro Niche Finder gave me.

If you are still struggling to make money online, I recommend the first thing you should have in your arsenal is Micro Niche Finder.

Micro Niche Finder is now available at a discounted price.

Buy your Copy Today itself.

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affliate marketing scamThis is a guest post by Kyle on Affiliate Marketing Scams and Frauds. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best yet efficient ways to earn money online. And it is partially due to its popularity, easy accessibility and anchor to the Internet, it has become a new breeding ground for scammers and crooks.

Affiliate Marketing defined

A lot of people are familiar with the term “affiliate marketing” but don’t really know what it is. It is a performance-based online marketing strategy, where affiliates get rewarded depending on actual marketing results such as acquired clicks, registrations, downloads or sales, among others. The amount is usually agreed upon by the merchant and the affiliate.

Affiliate marketing scams have become widespread because of the number of people who engage in the trade without proper knowledge and research. It will not stop as more and more people get involved.

Segregating legitimate from fake affiliate marketing programs

There are several ways to spot the real from the fakes. Here are some points to consider when engaging in affiliate marketing schemes.

Money down requirements

Affiliate marketing is free and should always be free. If the company requires you to pay to promote their product then you probably stumbled upon a multi-level-marketing scheme and not an affiliate program. MLMs are referral-marketing strategies where you get compensated not only by your sales but also with the sales of people you recruit.

Though some may have been successful in MLMs, it does not work for everyone. You have to check if the program actually has a product or service that needs promoting as some of these schemes are actually scams.

No affiliate assistance contact:

Affiliate programs usually have a contact number and e-mail address. If a website that offers one doesn’t have an e-mail address or any other contact information then it is most likely a scam.

This is one the first things you should check out when looking for affiliate programs. If you do locate an email address or contact form, ask a few questions about the program. A good affiliate program will surely respond to your question within a few days or less.

Offers that are too good to be true:

Affiliate marketing has the potential to earn a lot of cash but it will take time and patience to generate good income. Affiliate programs that promise rewards that are too good to be true are scams. Your expectations should be realistic. If you can actually earn $100,000 a week just by promoting a single product, then anyone can be rich. Never fall for this kind of trickery.

Bad reviews and testimonials:

Before engaging in an affiliate program, check the website’s reviews on forums or ask people who actually experienced the program. Never rely on the reviews found on the actual website as they can be falsified and can provide inaccurate information. Do research on the company that you’re going to work with. You may find a few skeletons in their closet that might save you from getting scammed.

No background or track records:

For new affiliate programs, it would be best to check its authenticity after the period of 6 months. Good ones are most likely to stay strong, and fake or bad ones will crumble away after a few months. Check the company’s track records for affiliate programs that usually show how frequently they pay their affiliates and how they fare in the rankings. Doing so makes sure you get the best affiliate program that would be beneficial to you.

Probably the best way to avoid getting scammed is to not get over excited with all the hype over the seemingly realistic results that some affiliate programs present. Stop and think. Investigate and confirm. Be well-informed in the trade and don’t hesitate do some dirt digging.

Affiliate marketing is still one of the best ways to earn money online and still will be in a few years to come. It can get you as much as five digits a month with enough knowledge, cleverness and dedication, as long as you don’t get ripped off your money first by Internet frauds.

About the Author:

Kyle Kam is a marketing consultant for Affilorama, an affiliate   marketing portal. You can also check their affiliate marketing blog and affiliate marketing forum for more tips and information about affiliate marketing. They also offer, free affiliate marketing lessons for beginning and advance affiliates.

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social media app

 This is a guest post by Amelia on social media apps for iPhone and iPad. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

So you have got yourself and iPhone or an iPad – great, aren’t they? Apple’s two premier devices are excellent for just about everything: playing games, watching movies, listening to music, browsing the web, the list is endless. However, do you know what the best thing about owning an iPhone or an iPad is? Social Networking! I love it; you love it; we all love it.

Keeping abreast of the latest happenings in the world of your friends and favorite celebrates is a major part of everyday life and with all of the apps that are available for using, and improving, our social media experience, never will there be another minute that passes us by in the world of the social network – so long as we have our iPhones and iPads handy that is!

Here are the top 10 social media apps that you need to download on your Apple device – they can be useful for both internet marketing and just having fun in the social networks:


Hootsuite is a great app for getting all of your social networking profiles into one place. You can manage as many different accounts as you like and micro-post to as many of them as you like at the same time. There is also the ability to take photos using your iPhone/iPad camera for instant upload and receive analytic data on how many people have read your tweets and status updates. A must for those with more than one social network account (which is pretty much all of us!).


For holders of multiple Twitter accounts, TweetDeck is a great little app, and the great news is – it’s free! With an innovative column interface, this app makes it easy to swipe between friend lists, mentions and direct messages. It also makes it very easy to post tweets and upload photos. Facebook integration is also included to ensure you are never far from a friends status update while browsing Twitter.


The Facebook app is a definite improvement over the mobile site and offers improved browsing and navigation. The iPad app in particular is great for swiping through and viewing photos using pinch-to-zoom. Games and videos can also be watched in full screen which is a great feature.

IM Pro +

If you have a few social networking sites, the chances are you have a chat account on one, or more, of them. What IM Pro + does is provide you with the platform to combine of all your chat accounts into one user-friendly place making them easy to view and even easier to use.


Flipboard is like Hootsuite in the fact that it allows you to merge different social network accounts into one easy to view place, however, it does it in a slightly different way. Flipboard transforms timelines into stylish ‘magazine’ like pages making them more visually appealing and fun to read.


For social networkers with a keen interest in watching TV shows and movies or reading books, or listening music, or pretty much anything to do with entertainment really, GetGlue is a great app. This app allows you to rate and share with others what you watching; reading, etc. giving contacts a heads-up on anything worthwhile.


An iPhone (especially the new iPhone 4S) or an iPad is not only great fun to use; it can also be an important device for professional use. LinkedIn is a social network for professionals allow users to connect with other like-minded individuals. The app is clear and easy-to-use, allowing you to see any updates, messages and other happenings in your profession.


Gowalla is probably the best location-based social media app on the market and uses the devices in-built GPS to determine your location and suggest fun things to do. If you travel a lot this app is great and has a ‘trip’ feature where users create lists of must-visit locations and attractions.


Sociable is an app that can bring all of your social network accounts together and allow you to manage as many as you like a simple user-interface. If you are a bit of a social media addict, this is the app for you.

Google Apps Browser

Switching between the numerous services that Google offers can be pretty tiresome on the iPhone or iPad. Google Apps Browser provides you with access to 18 different Google services from one clever app. It is also integrated with both Facebook and Twitter, making sharing simple.

About an Author:

Amelia has a degree in journalism, and has worked as a journalist for more than three years and writes about news and comparison articles about mobile phones, usually out of her own experience.

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memeThis is a guest post by Anita on what is meme? You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

Richard Dawkins may have claim to coining the name for memes, but this viral form of communication has been around practically since man first discovered how to make tools. A meme, as defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary, is “an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.”

Think of the red-and-white-striped pole spinning outside of a barber shop, or the use of the colors green for go and red for stop. These are all examples of memes, but if you tried to point this out to someone under the age of 35, they’d probably look at you a little odd. That’s because memes have taken on a whole new image in the past few years.

A rapidly growing part of the online social media scene, static memes can basically be found in two formats: the four-panel comic strip and the single image, with the single image rapidly becoming more and more popular.

The popular website, is probably the most well-known for their infamous LOL cat memes. Typically portraying a picture of a cat in a funny or unusual position, the picture is framed with a humorous, phonetically spelled caption. For example, the image of a soaking wet cat might be tagged with the line “You left the lid up. Again. I’ll be sleeping next to your pillow tonight.”

Beside meme-based websites, memes also spring up seemingly out of nowhere, such as what happened with the now infamous Ridiculously Photogenic Guy. Snapped on March 31, 2012, the picture of the 25-year-old runner was snapped just as he inadvertently turned toward the camera during a marathon in Charleston, South Carolina. His model-quality looks quickly captured the attention of the online population and within a few days of being posted, millions were viewing his image and thousands of tag lines were being generated.

Ranging from “Promotes Heart Health – Makes Mine Skip a Beat” to “Goes for Run – Entire City Follows Him,” the memes for Ridiculously Photogenic Guy were so popular that 11 days after the picture was taken, he appeared with the photographer on Good Morning America.

So with such a successfully viral form of communication rocket-firing around the internet, how can you use memes to benefit your business?

Creating a popular meme

There is no magical formula for creating a popular meme. Just like there’s no way to predict what will become a popular viral video, short of using someone’s celebrity status to spread the word, one pretty much has to rely on the will of the people to boost a fledgling meme’s popularity. What we do know, however, is that memes work like a virus. One person picks it up, passes it on to a few more, then a few more and so on. And a common factor for popular memes is that they practically bridge language barriers.

Relying on bright colors and off-the-wall images, the more popular memes almost don’t need a caption to make their viewers react. Whether funny, cute, relatable or shocking, once a meme catches on, there’s little that can stand in the way of its 15 minutes of fame.

Using memes for Emarketing

Instead of trying to create your own meme from scratch, consider using an established meme to spread the word about your business. It may be a little tricky at first, but try to think of it as a way to make someone laugh without putting a whole lot of thought into it. The picture should speak more or less for itself, and it only needs to tie in loosely with the message.

More and more peripheral, almost subliminal messaging is being used for advertising. Think about the last popular ad you saw on television. What do guinea pigs have to do with insurance? Or exploding houses have to do with cable television? Even online shows have their advertising tucked into the video frame as opposed to popping up in the middle of the program.

This same approach works with memes. Instead of broadcasting images of your company, try to work it in subtlety. For example, if you own a construction company that specializes in paving, try using an image of a street disappearing into a road mural painted on a brick wall á la Roadrunner-style with the caption, “One Smart Asphalt” and your company logo at the very bottom. Or if you own a flower shop, try using an image of a cat destroying a beautiful bouquet with the tag line, “I arranged theez 4 you.”

If you need inspiration or want to check out what’s popular in the meme world, try visiting social media sites such as,,,, the “meme” section of, and of course, Facebook.

No matter what, memes are a fun way to approach emarketing and regardless of how much they catch on internationally, you’re sure to generate some laughs – and some customers – in your own area with some creative company memes.

About the Author:

Senior executive Anita Brady is the President of, a leading provider of high quality customizable items like business cards, letterhead and other materials for small businesses and solo practitioners.

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Websites for SaleCreating Product Review sites is one of the best mode of affiliate marketing. But most affiliate marketers are driven away by the thought of creating these websites.

I have done this hard work for you here. On offer today is 12 Product Review Websites complete with all pages and a review post. These are review sites for highly in demand products in the internet marketing niche.

Check out these websites below -








Contents of the package

Each of these websites come with the following -

  • Domain Name paid up
  • Website files.
  • Pop up Domination Plugin installed and licensed for the domain.
  • The content in the website except the bonus page and the products in this bonus page.

Once again please note that the bonus page and the products included in it will not be included in the package. You will have to create a bonus page if you wish to include one.

Price of the Package

Each of these products except the last one which includes only the domain name is priced at $39.00 only.

MONEYREPLICATIONENGINEREVIEWS.COM is available for a price of only $19.00.

In case you are interested and wish to buy any of this package, just send a message to me using the contact form here.

Order your package now.

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Online publishing businessThis is a guest post by Halen on how to become successful  in online publishing business. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

The century we are living in is the century of the internet. Nowadays no one can even imagine of living without the internet, especially the business community where it is as important as the oxygen for the living beings. From learning, training, shopping, marketing and even publishing, it’s all done on the internet. It is now considered as the fastest way to reach the desired targeted audiences, clients or customers.

Here I will be looking thoroughly into the publishing business done online, which is rapidly gaining popularity among people around the globe. The term ‘online publishing’ refers to eBooks, online articles, digital libraries; online magazines and etc. there are certain codes and conducts that should be adapted by the publisher in order to sustain readers and their interest in the content. No one can just stand up and write without thinking what he/she has to write about.

The competition amongst the publishers these days is rapidly growing and is becoming more demanding with the passage of time. For newbies, the online publishing business is more demanding and requires more input with a lot of innovation and uniqueness to the content. Mentioned below are a few tips and techniques on ‘how to become a successful online publisher’.

Develop a passion for your work:

The first and the foremost thing one should have to become an online publisher, is a passion for work, without which the goal of becoming successful is absolutely unattainable. You must have a passion for writing, research, analysing, editing, formatting, optimising and producing innovative material for your website or blog or whatever you are working on. You must love to write and put in all that you can to make your content worth reading.

Focus on a niche:

You must not just pick anything like that and start publishing, it’s going to end up in a disaster, trust me on that. To have a strong grasp over this online publishing business, you must select a niche in which you can master yourself and polish your skills on that very niche. A niche is a particular subject, category or any specific target item in which one can start publishing and continue mastering it, which has mostly a positive outcome in online publishing business as compared to the non-niche publishing businesses.

Uniqueness and innovation:

As the competition is rapidly growing among the online publishers, the customers, clients or audiences are attracted mostly towards a unique and an innovative content. The readers are becoming educated and demanding, which is why those publishers who tend to produce and publish content which is new as well as interesting and unique, they are more likely to succeed in this business.


It’s not going to change your world in just one night. It can take days or sometimes even months to achieve what it takes to be a successful online publisher. So be patient, and never jump to conclusions without giving it appropriate time. In the beginning it can be a bit slow for a few people, and not always everyone is so lucky that they can see results in just a week. A good publisher is one who stays calm and keeps on putting in the hard work until he gets what he wants.


It’s good to add credible links and references to your content, to make it more transparent and authentic. It gives the reader or the customer a satisfaction that he can believe in what you are portraying or trying to tell.

Don’t exaggerate:

The best advice one can give to a publisher is to avoid exaggerating content just for the sake of giving the impression to the readers that ‘they will find everything in it because it is too long’. No! It is not true. As far as your content is loaded with the informative stuff, the reader is looking for; it will keep him safe, but the moment he realizes that your content is wandering about here and there, then you should consider him out of the game. So try to keep it as simple and short as you can.

Communicate directly and straightforwardly: 

You must learn the tactics of communicating directly with the customer or audience. Make you content easy enough to be understood by the reader and make sure it does not confuse him/her. Whatever you are trying to portray or tell just lay it clearly in front of the reader so he immediately gets it. Try to be as direct and straightforward as possible. Avoid creating ambiguous and complicated content because it is going to turn away your readers.

Be organized:

The last but not the least, you have to be organized in whatever you do. Especially with the amount of work you do and how you do it. Just don’t start working at any time you like, but set timings for your work, even if it is a part time or side job. By doing that you are making it easier for yourself and the people close to you.

By working on the basic tips and techniques and keeping in mind the dos and don’ts, you can start your way up towards your aim to become a successful online publisher. If you think you have the passion to write, love for your work, ability to publish unique content, patience and also that you are organized and can easily adjust with the occurring change in demands of the readers or customers, then you are in the right business and at a right time.

About the Author:

This article was written by Helen Mayers. She is associated with write my paper company as their custom essays and research papers editor and writer. She likes to write about small business development and tips for entrepreneurs.

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