facebookIf you have a Facebook page for your business and you are promoting your products and services through that page, you must be thinking about optimizing that page. Now, there are different techniques of optimizing your Facebook page. Optimizing your Facebook page can really help you increase your marketing power and boost the revenue of your business.

Given below are five useful techniques to optimize a Facebook page.

Technique #1 Featured photos/images

When you upload images of your products and services on your Facebook page, they are automatically displayed on the featured photo feed. This photo feed is a string of five photographs. Whenever a visitor views your page, the position of these photos is altered. This is an innovative branding concept for your product. When you feel that the purpose of a particular photo has been served, you can take it out from the string manually and it will still remain in the album. Think about how the string should look like. Photos of your products will attract and engage more visitors than photos of your employees.

Technique #2 The link panel on the left side

You must have noticed that all Facebook pages feature a link panel on the left side. If somebody clicks on it, the application is opened as tab view and takes the visitor to the fan page.

There are three default applications on each Fan page that are indigenous to the platform of the most popular social networking site in the world. These are information, wall posts, and photographs. For keeping a fan page, it is compulsory to have info and wall posts on your page. However, you can take out the photos if you feel.

If you wish, you can feature various other applications on your page. Obviously, the majority of them will be third party applications.

You have to remember that the visitors will be able to see maximum eight links and they need to click on more if there are more than eight links. Therefore, your eight links should contain the best tabs about your business. A unique and useful feature of Facebook is that you can modify the order in which these pages come within the panel. You can do it by logging in as administrator of the page.

Technique #3 Rolling feedback

Facebook exhibits useful rolling feedback of each and every post you do by logging in as an administrator. As a result, it becomes simpler to monitor the tendencies of communication on your page by the variety of content, time, as well as number of occurrences. When you go through this, you will understand how you are performing. The Edgerank Algorithm assesses the reach of your post. The more the visitors interact on your page, the more is your spotlight.

Technique #4 Featured likes       

Below the link panel on the left hand side, you will find a set of five featured likes. This will showcase five other brand pages liked by you when you are logging in “as page”.

Since the month of February 2011, Facebook is allowing brand page redesign. Other than that, new login options have been launched which enable members to surf Facebook in the form of their personal account or in the form of a page for which they function as administrators. The difference is that while posting likes and comments, these operations are linked to your brand profile or your private profile. Thus, brands have the option to post comments and like as the brand itself. You can select the five featured pages liked by your brand and fix them through your settings just to ensure they don’t revolve.

Technique #5 Make separate designs for your wall tab       

Facebook page administrators now have the option of selecting the default wall design for the guests, in the middle of the sequential “most recent” posts and older posts done by the page. This helps the visitors notice all the interactions that took place on the page. You can set the posts done by the page as default. The posts that your fans make are also accessible when visitors click on the “most recent” feed. However, you should remain on top of the feed since that gives you the opportunity to interact with your fans by making posts on that portion of the page.

Follow these above techniques and you will see that the brand value of your page is rising automatically.

About the Author:

Jonny Pean is a famous blogger and economic advisor for easyfinance.com. He is also involved in offering excellent tips on blogging and optimizing pages through SEO techniques. He also has expertise in fields such as home loans, mortgages, home equity loans, and affiliate marketing.

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One ultimate thing about WordPress for being loved by several millions is the number of plugins that comes along with it. In recent years, WordPress happens to be a successful platform for open source blogging. WordPress is currently transforming into a commercial platform for eCommerce. With the amazing WordPress plugins being offered by several developers WordPress is becoming even stronger. WordPress plugins are widely offered for free and premium rates. Not all free plugins are trust-worthy. Hence before relying on to a free plugin, ensure that it has been used by other WordPress sites.  And when it comes to premium plugins, there is nothing much to bother about, since they are trust worthy. However, it doesn’t matter more on spending few bucks for building a site that is perfect in every way.

How do plugins improve blog speed?

If ever you’ve witnessed a decrease in your blog traffic, it is just because of the more loading time of your blog. More loading times eventually results in lesser chances to get your blog displayed in Google’s search engine result pages. Javascript, heavy images and unoptimized database might be one of the reasons for more loading time. However, by using the appropriate plugins you can  overcome this occurrence. There are several WordPress plugins that are exclusively meant for improvising your blog speed.

Listed below are the major five plugins, which gives better results for your blog speed.

WordPress Photo Gallery

Apptha’s WordPress Photo Gallery is a WordPress plugin that comes with a Mac Dock effect to upload images. This plugin allows you to create multiple albums and display them in a smooth and elegant slideshow. It includes options for Facebook download, share and comment. You can import albums directly from Picasa, Facebook and Flickr. This plugin doesn’t allow your blog to take much time loading.


WP touch

WP touch allows millions of iPhone and android users to access your blog via their mobile phones. Having installed this plugin on your blog, any mobile user arriving your blog will find your site absolutely tremendous. You can utterly customize your blog for mobile users. With this, your blog appearance vary from web users to mobile users. If you are finding some way to make your blog damn good on mobiles, then this plugin can be the apt choice.

wp touchAll in one SEO pack

SEO has all to do with the success of a website or blog. It is indeed tough for any business to survive without focusing SEO. All in one SEO pack is the WordPress plugin that enfolds everything that is SEO. Having installed this plugin, you can have your blog SEO optimized, since the plugin automatically generates Meta tags, detects and avoids duplicate contents, and optimizes your blog post titles for search engines.


WP email

This plugin when installed allows your visitors to send posts to their friends by means email. For this, a link is included at the end of every post. WP Email can be said the perfect plugin for your blog to gain popularity with exceeding new visitors.

WP email

Google XML sitemap

Google XML Sitemaps comes with a special XML site map. This WordPress plugin allows your WordPress blog to get optimized with search engines like Google, Bing, Ask.com and Yahoo. Each time when you add a blog post to your site, the search engines are notified. All WordPress generated pages and custom URLs are supported by this plugin.



About the Author:

John Christev enjoys writing about technology topics for the web where he can share his knowledge and interest with others. John always encourages the use of a Magento Checkout Module to reduce unwanted checkout process on web store!

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Google-VoiceGoogle’s voice search is found on phones and devices, ranging from the Blackberry to the iPhone. If yours is an Android, use the Google Play app to speak what you’re searching for. Simply put, the voice option uses voice input to find what you need.

This is not new technology, having been around from 2009, but it seems to have caught popular imagination of late, especially with the large number of phones and tablets being sold.

With a rapid increase in handheld devices, a personal assistant like iPhone’s Siri and applications like Google’s Voice, become increasingly significant and can change the dynamics of the search operation. What they can also change is the efficacy of Search Engine Optimization or using keywords to drive interest your way.

Or can they?

On the downside for SEO, is the ease of speaking, rather than typing. This means a wider demographic of people can access search like never before. It is a welcome addition for devices meant for differently-abled people and fulfills a long-demanded need. It completely removes the worry of misspelling an important word.

The voice search tool will push businesses to do better in a bid to be on top a search thus conducted. Voice search engines are tuned to offering you results from highly rated sites and enterprises will do well to keep themselves in the top spots. This means better results and better choices for the user.

Another aspect of voice search is that it throws up local results more often than not. So if you’re looking for information in the area you are, then this is the option you should look consider.So you cannot dismiss or diminish the important of the voice search tool.

But we believe that SEO will still continue to rule the airwaves and here’s why-

Whether typed or spoken, there is a set of stock phrases that the search option will need. That means SEO will continue to be popular, but just be used in a different mode. As regards spelling, a lot of SEO terms take into consideration the possible wrong spelling that users may key in and find ways to direct traffic to the website or business, sometimes using wrong spellings to do so.

In the case of the local results that the voice result throws up, SEO will be needed here too, in either the website title or content of products and site.

While technology has advanced in the field of voice and recognition, there is a disadvantage when it comes to ambient noise, accents and languages. If you’re trying to find something in the middle of a crowded street or even in an office building, there will be distortion in terms of noise and disturbance and that will give you incorrect results. There could be a language barrier and a non-standardized accent could be hard for voice to read. While voice search operators are working to enable better understanding of dialect, SEO negates this issue completely.

It would be safe to say that voice search and SEO can exist side-by-side. Each serves its own purpose- the voice option being a more personal search tool and the SEO great for business and enterprise.

About the Author:

This is a guest post by Ron Schiff of xfinityonline, a site that offers savings and current information on xfinity tv, as well as xfinity.com services.

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Business publicitySmall business owners can find publicity to be elusive. However, nothing else can be helpful in attaining long-term success and recognition. Any business owner who aims to make his business grow and become profitable has to spend time and effort in learning how to use publicity for promoting products and services.

Consumers’ attention can be hard to catch. Moreover, there are numerous businesses that run against each other to win customers’ focus. It is just logical that businesses now have to strive harder to create a buzz. People have to notice your company so you can more effectively sell your products and services.

Needless to say, the key to generating publicity for your business is to develop and then implement sound public relations. You have to set a publicity plan that is focused on activities that are designed to magnetize positive media attention. This way, prospective customers will finally take notice, which can be translated to buying what you are selling.Here are some ideas to do it.

Mount special events

Host a special event to generate publicity for your business. The media usually highlights occasions that are open for everyone. Newspapers and Websites usually allocate special sections for community events. You may submit information about your events to such publications.

Stage a ribbon cutting ceremony if you are putting up a new location. Announce an open house event or a special discount day for customers. News media may not possibly be present in your actual event but your pre-event publicity will surely create a buzz and bolster your business. You are just giving your current and prospective customers a good reason to visit your location.

Get involved in cause-oriented marketing

Pick a non-profit organization and launch an activity or program that will benefit that charity. Many businesses have already proved that aligning with a non-profit group establishes commitment to the community. A business that has proven itself as a good corporate citizen enjoys positive image and higher patronage.

Just be careful not to make your charitable activities look like publicity stints. Although it may really be your business goal, some people will not like the idea. You may strategically choose a reputable and popular charity for your charitable projects and generate less media attention when you do so. You will realize that even if you don’t make noise, some reporters will cover you.

Establish your authority

As a business owner, try to establish your expertise and authority in your niche or industry. Position yourself as a reliable expert. This way, reporters will always approach you for interviews about subjects and issues that affect the community and the industry.
Once you enjoy media limelight, it follows that your business will, too. People will start to get curious why you are an expert in your field. They will inevitably associate you with your business. Thus, your credibility applies to your brand.

About the Author:

Tim is a business promotion expert. Over the last 4 years, Tim has helped many businesses improve their brand exposure through the use of promotional merchandise such as promotional metal pens. Tim is also a regular bloggers in the business and enterpreneur community.

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Black hatBecause SEO revolves around making a search engine notice a site and rank it highly based on favorable factors, the quality of different optimization techniques depends on how companies like Google view them. This means that there is both a field of black hat SEO and one of white hat SEO; the former being frowned upon and the later consisting of “best practices” for favorable ranking.

While white hat SEO is a somewhat slow but excellent way to rank your site higher and gain search engine and human reader approval, black hat is the opposite; it entirely focuses on tricking search engines and their algorithms into giving your site a high ranking quickly and risking the possibility that they will catch you in the act and punish your online presence. This is what we need to discuss here, how black hat works, what its consequences are and why you should avoid it completely.

Some Key Black Hat Techniques

Most black hat SEO loosely imitates its white hat counterpart in some way and simply consists of a speeded up or disingenuous version of quality techniques. Almost all black hat tactics are geared towards convincing algorithms instead of human readers of a websites value.

Keyword Stuffing

In SEO, the keywords that web users search for are what a site owner typically uses to attract ranking and viewer attention. This is done by researching the most commonly searched for phrases and words in a particular niche with tools like Google’s Keyword Tool, and placing them in website content in a strategic manner; this is the basic white hat approach.

The black hat technique of keyword stuffing depends on finding niche keywords or phrases and filling a website’s content, Meta tags and page descriptions with them until their text becomes terribly unnatural to read for humans. The idea behind the technique is that the more often a search algorithm notes a keyword or phrase, the more likely it is to rank a website quickly. However, keyword stuffing also leads to really ugly content.

Link Farming and Link Buying

Links coming back to your website from other peoples pages are an important metric by which search engines decide whether or not your site is popular and worthy of receiving a higher search rank. Link building is the SEO tactic of generating enough interesting in your own content that people will share links to it on their own pages of related web content or through their social media pages. The process is slow and requires you to create great content within your niche, but it pays off with increased SERP (search engine ranking position) in the long run.

Black hatters try to simulate this often slow and time consuming practice by farming out links to dozens or hundreds of low quality websites with dubious relevance to their own pages’ niche. Sites like low quality content mills, link pages, web forums and even porno web pages are commonly used to create hundreds of quick backlinks. Link buying is essentially the same thing but revolves around purchasing backlinks from websites that offer them.

Irrelevant Keywords

This black hat technique is similar to keyword stuffing but takes things to an even worse level by not only adding too many repetitive keywords and phrases into content, meta tags and site meta descriptions but also by throwing them in randomly in an effort to have as many relevant words on the site content as possible, even if they make no grammatical sense at all. Keyword stuffing makes text boring and unnatural, using irrelevant keywords makes content completely illegible.

The focus of both this and its cousin keyword stuffing completely exaggerates the white hat concept of quality content that naturally uses the right words because it’s informative.

Link Spamming

Link spamming is another black hat link building technique that tries to imitate white hat link building. The difference between this technique and Link Farming/buying is that it outright forces links onto other websites. Link spammers either create bot programs or manually place repeating links back to their own websites on the comment threads or forum sections of other web pages. They create unwanted backlinks through spam.

Content Spinning and Scraping

Quality relevant content that is frequently being updated is key to successful white hat SEO. It means crafting large amounts of reliable and useful information that is strategically peppered with keywords in its text blocks and headlines while still sounding natural to human readers.

Content spinning/scraping, on the other hand, Is a black hat method of simulating keyword rich content quickly. It’s an old and commonly used technique of generating reams of cheap, badly created but keyword rich site content for the search algorithms to index and rank highly.

Content scrapers and spinners basically troll the internet for large quantities of content that are relative to their niche and have it rewritten and garbled up by programs that randomize replace and shift words around. The key is to keep the content and content headlines full of keywords that get noticed despite the terrible quality of what’s written.

Why You Should Avoid Black Hat SEO

Black hat optimization can create elevated search rank more quickly than white hat SEO but it is more complicated and much more stressful as a process. If you are planning on resorting to black hat optimization tactics on your own website, understand that you will need more technical and programming know-how to pull them off. Also understand that you’ll have to constantly shift gears, learn new techniques and spend money on new domains in order to deal with your websites being de-listed by the search engines.

Black hat SEO is a short term and labor intensive system of techniques that will almost certainly get your website removed from search listings or at least badly de-ranked.

Furthermore, the art of black hat tactics is steadily getting more and more difficult as search engines improve their algorithms. On the other hand, white hat optimization is always approved of by companies like Google and will lead to worry free long term results.

About the Author:

Pat Walton is a revered freelance writer who has covered the technology industry for over two decades. When he isn’t writing you can find Pat reviewing Internet marketing companies like Digital Third Coast in Chicago, Illinois.

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followerThere are tons of tricks and pieces of advice for the best way to get more followers on Twitter. Probably the biggest social network since Facebook, Twitter is steadily becoming one of the most prominent vehicles for public conversation and business promotion. But, with all these forms of advice streaming in about what to do on Twitter, not many people take the time to think about what not to do.

Just as there are tried and true methods to getting more followers, there are also many things that will hold you back from growing a true and beneficial presence on Twitter. Read on for the top four things you should never, ever do on Twitter. If you want to keep your followers, that is:

1. Only talk about yourself.

This is absolutely one of the worst things to do on Twitter. People may follow you initially, but will soon become bored with tweets that are constantly one-note. Never, ever, make the mistake of talking only about yourself on your Twitter profile. Besides, there is much more going on in your life, and in the world, than just yourself. Even if the sole purpose behind a Twitter account is self-promotion, the best way to do that is by offering the web something of substance, or something with entertainment value.

The only people who can really get away with only tweeting about, and for, their selves are celebrities and others who are already famous. People trying to become popular on Twitter will not likely do so by being completely self-minded.

2. Never reply to your followers

It’s great to have an active twitter stream. Most followers will appreciate having something new and interesting constantly popping up on their home page, especially if your tweets are entertaining or informative. However, if your followers are constantly responding to your messages and never get a response in return, you may start to lose that following. If you have a large amount of Twitter followers, no one will expect you to respond to every single interaction you receive. But, if you simply never respond to anyone, you could come off as disrespectful toward the people who follow you.

3. Secretly un-follow people to inflate your numbers

This is one of the most under-handed moves made on Twitter, and it happens much more than it should. There are many users who follow a large amount of people, receive a follow back, and quickly un-follow those users. The reasons people do this is because most Twitter profile managers have a goal of maintaining more followers than people they follow. So, this is used as a sly trick to rope people into following. Then, then un-follow to reduce their own “following” number and hope that no one notices.

This is pretty shady and just not a good business standard. The rules are simple, follow the people you want to follow, and produce content good enough to get follows back in return.

4. Blatantly market products

There are tons of people and companies who use Twitter for marketing. It could be argued that Twitter is complete promotion: if it’s not business, it’s personal branding. But, this can always be taken too far. In relation to the first rule for what not to do, if users are made to feel like all you care about is yourself, they will be much less likely to continue following you. Product promotion on twitter takes more than a single focus. The only way to successfully market a product is by including others in the conversation. After all, that’s what Twitter is all about.

About the Author:

Aniya Wells is a freelance blogger whose primary focus is writing about online degree programs. She also enjoys investigating trends in other niches, notably technology, traditional higher education, health, and small business. Aniya welcomes reader questions and comments at [email protected].




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affiliate-successEarn Through Affiliate Program

From the prehistoric times when a man bartered food with each other to this era where electronic money and e-commerce has taken over, he finds himself dependent on his fellow beings to prosper. However, the terms and products may have changed but the concept is still the same on which the trade works, to give what you have in order to get what you need to make your business work.

In this regard, Affiliate marketing is a new technique introduced in 1997 to help you not only make more money by joining with other sites but also progress in terms of exposure to more clientele which would not have found their way to your site on their own.

Earning and Expanding:

Whether you have a blog, run a professional web page, or have products for sale, you need clients to visit your page in order for you to make money. This is where affiliate programs comes in; it provides you, the merchant website an opportunity to succeed in this competitive world. The affiliate web page carries links to the merchant website, which directs the client directly to the merchant website. Of course, affiliate program gets a commission for every click, sale or lead as per the agreement of payment you choose.

The payment method is to be determined by the type of merchant site requirement, as per click may not suit a merchandise seller and per sale option would not be suitable for a blog.

Understanding Affiliate Program:

The affiliate program is very popular business these days as it makes quick money without too much an effort on your part. You only need to understand a few basic things about this business and how it works and you can start working and making money on your webpage or blog. It involves three parties:

-          The client

-          The merchant site

-          The affiliate site

The client is the user, which may come across your page, the affiliate site on which there will be a link to the merchant site. He will click on the link and it will take the client to the page on the merchant site. In order to keep the track of the traffic, you have to install the program, which will help you with the count. There are also some sites, which helps you and provide you with the service to calculate the commission that you will get from the traffic you generated for the merchant site. Of course, this site charges you from that commission as well for their service.

Make It Work:

To make your affiliate program successful you must select your merchant site suitably. For example, if you have a blog and you write a book review than linking it with online books site. Similarly if your web page is about technical information, affiliating it with some mechanical equipment provider would most likely prompt the client to visit the merchant site, of which you are providing the link. Another important factor in making your affiliate program work is to ensure that you get your due commission.

As there are many programs that could hide the actual number of clients visiting the page, which will affect your income. For that, you need to install the firewalls to protect your program or ire professional services to get it checked from time to time.

About the Author:

I am John S Lam from Test4Prep; it gives 100% guaranteed success in your Test4Prep exam. Let’s take benefit of Oracle 1z0-146 Exams material efficiently and get guaranteed success. Check out free demo of all certifications Exam.

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bloggingDraw more traffic by making your blog tablet-friendly

Tablet sales are skyrocketing, with over 50 million tablet users in the US alone (that’s 25% of all American internet users). Men and women are equally represented among tablet users, and the average user is young, rich, and well-educated—just over half earning more than $75,000 per year.

However you monetize your blog, you can’t afford to ignore this growing, lucrative sector of internet traffic. Here are some ways you can accommodate tablet users to drop your bounce rate and draw increased traffic.

Don’t ignore tablets!

Ignoring tablet users is just about the only way you can really mess this up. Tablet and mobile design aren’t all that different from browser design, and if you make just a few simple changes to accommodate tablets, you’ll be a cut above other blogs. As a tablet user myself, I can testify that when I’m on my tablet, I don’t waste time with sites that don’t have a decent mobile interface, and I spend a great deal more time on sites that do. Your readers will notice, your advertisers will notice, and your online reputation will improve and grow.

Keep your design with 1000px

Tablet users hate having to constantly swipe and zoom to read content because you made your page too big. Work around a 1000px limit—or better yet, instead of a one-size-fits-all design, look into Adaptive CSS to change your design to fit the user’s display, whether they’re reading from a tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

Think about creating a mobile version of your blog

If you want mobile and tablet users to see a totally different interface than browser users, consider creating a mobile version of your site. It’s a bit more work, but the versatility of having two different interfaces often pays off—you can keep your mobile version spare and clean without “dumbing down” your browser interface. This can be especially important if you want to attract the lucrative market of people who use their tablet PC as a business tool, because they can access the important sections of your blog (specifically the parts that are integral to your revenue stream) at-a-glance, rather than having to dig around for them.

4. Give your links plenty of breathing room

Another huge frustration of tablet browsing is trying to click a tiny link, packed in with half a dozen other tiny links. No matter how responsive your user’s touchscreen is, fingers are like clubs compared to the precision of a mouse. Anything you want a tablet user to click should be well spaced out. Check out Mozilla’s main page; they don’t have a dedicated tablet version, because they don’t need one. Their main page is easy to access on a tablet, because they limit the content on their front page, and provide plenty of space to make it easy to click.

5. Make sure your design works for both portrait and landscape orientation

There are two ways tablet design can fail this test—either the text will be tiny and illegible in portrait mode, or landscape mode will display a huge amount of wasted space and only a fraction of the page’s text. Again, adaptive CSS is a big help here, but simply staying within your size limitations and being mindful of tablet users is enough to create a compatible design for both orientations.

6. Consider a “mobile-first” design strategy

If you’re overhauling your site design, it helps to start from the most limited, constrained display medium—and that means smartphones. Begin with the idea that your site should look clean and function properly on a smartphone, and it will be easy to expand that design to include tablets. Even browser users will benefit from a site that is uncluttered, simple, and easy to navigate. If tablet users see a friendly interface when they click your blog’s URL, your bounce rate will drop precipitously.

About the Author:

Patricia Shuler is a BBGeeks.com staff writer from Oakland, California. She’s an admitted tech-junkie who’s quick to share her honest opinion on all things consumer electronic—including up-to-date news, user reviews, and “no holds barred” opinions on a variety of social media, tech, computer, and mobile accessories topics.

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Organic SEOWhen automation fails, going natural is the only way!

Organic SEO means the unpaid and natural search results of any particular search engine. With all the news and complaints against the Google updates, a lot of SEO experts are now looking at organic SEO as the best possible solution during these times. You’ll probably hear SEO experts advising businesses to start writing good content, manually posting articles in blog sites wherein real people moderate the content and other so-called “organic SEO techniques”. So in a nutshell, organic SEO is a very hot topic and could be the key to bringing a website within the first page of the rankings.

Organic SEO means natural and unpaid links accumulate because of good content, and knowing how and where to attract natural links. While it does sound simple enough, you’d be surprised if you dig deeper.

Organic SEO: White Hat or Black Hat?

The idea of using organic SEO for an Internet marketing campaign is effective, provided you have already an understanding with how it works. People tend to mix up organic SEO with white hat SEO while others believe it is black hat SEO. In truth, it has nothing to deal with both; the reason why people claim organic SEO is white hat is because of the “organic” term to it.

I’ve seen a lot of pro SEO companies use black hat techniques and they get a lot of traffic out of doing that stuff. And mind you, those links are natural and unpaid. So isn’t that organic SEO as well?

In my study of the different types of how SEO is done, I’ve concluded that there are in fact, two types of SEO; the artificial SEO and organic SEO.

Organic SEO vs. Artificial SEO

Since organic SEO means natural, it is appropriate to say that artificial SEO means the unnatural way of getting links in the Internet. For example, take content marketing. Before the whole Google Penguin update, a lot of website owners and businesses use automated blog submissions in order to take care of their article marketing. High quality articles are chopped down into low quality ones through “spinning” in order to get a lot of keyword-stuffed articles released in the Internet. This is the basis of artificial SEO; using artificial techniques and methods in order to get the attention of the search engines for higher traffic.

Unfortunately, a lot of website owners have paid the price now because of the infamous Penguin update which penalized their websites.

Organic SEO, however, focuses on the natural way of getting links. In the example above, a company that practices organic SEO will not rely on spinning, but would rather take the time to write unique and quality articles. These will be posted in blogs with high PR, thus increasing traffic with natural links. This is how organic SEO is done, whether it’s white hat or black hat.

Organic SEO: Does it Need More Research?

Well, anyone who is still not used to working with an organic SEO promotion should be given some time to research and really understand how it all works. While information about it is free because of the Internet, only time, more research, and experience will tell if you can confidently start an organic SEO campaign on your own. It’s a new type of marketing with unlimited possibilities.

Common Organic SEO Techniques that Most SEO Experts ignore

Well, this should really be interesting. Did you know that there are no advanced techniques or secret methods when it comes to organic SEO? Link building through link wheels or blogging is still considered organic SEO, as long as you use original and unique content, you should get a good number of healthy links for your website. Don’t be fooled by so-called SEO experts who claim that organic SEO is something that an expert can do. I’m not an expert, but I managed to get a few good links for a homedecor client of mine.

Remember, healthy and natural SEO practices is the key for organic SEO!

About the Author:

Jessica Greenberg is an experienced blogger and internet marketer from San Diego, California. If she is not busy working on an internet marketing scheme for SouthwestFinance, she spends her time going out with her friends or going to the beach for a swim. She loves blogging as well as just surfing the Internet during her free time.





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SEOWith the rise in popularity of the internet many entrepreneurs have looked at the web as a potential gold mine. They build a website, perhaps spending thousands of dollars to do so; they place all of their products on the site, sometimes dozens, maybe hundreds of pages worth. Then they sit back and wait for the millions to come pouring in.

After a few weeks when the business owner realizes they are getting exactly zero visits it may occur to them that perhaps they need to get visibility. But how does a brand new website generate revenue without spending thousands of dollars per month with pay per click?

Part of the answer to moving forward may lie in looking backwards for a moment.

When the internet 1st came about there were no Yahoo’s, Bing’s or Google’s, there was just word of mouth or referrals. That is if a customer did not know your url then they were not going to be able to find you.  So how did an up and coming entrepreneur market his website back then?

Same as you do today, through reaching out to other website owners and asking them to link to you. For instance if you have a site “Joe’s Widgets” and there are no search engines it is in your best interest to find other sites, related and unrelated, to post your link to. Unless you are a true authority on widgets it is not very likely that another website owner would link to you. On the other hand, if you have a lot of relevant and useful content you just may get that link simply by asking.

What do you do in the event that you cannot get a link by asking? Simple, offer a guest post. A guest post is a straightforward, albeit time consuming, method of getting your content on the web but you offer a value to the site owner and you get more eyes on your site.

Another method of getting your site noticed prior to search engines was to locate business directories and adding your business to the appropriate category. This gave searchers the opportunity to sort by topic and find sites that contained the information they were looking for.

Commenting on related sites and forums was also a way to interact with people that have similar interest. With this type of collaboration you could cement your place as a community expert and drive additional views to your site.

Finally, if you had a news story related to your topic you could contribute to local, state and in some cases nationally known websites with a breaking story and then point a link back to your website for increase traffic.

The irony of this entire process is that by pretending the search engines do not exist and seeking out opportunities to market your products, you may inadvertently end up improving the rankings of your site, which is what you wanted in the 1st place!

About the Author:

Pete Kontakos is a contributor that discusses internet marketing, SEO, fitness and weight loss products such as HCG.




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