4 Free Apps To Give Your Video Production Convenient Fine Tuning Options

video bloggingYou can make your video production a visual treat with a plethora of apps. Now if you are thinking that these high-end apps are going to cost you a fortune, we have good news for you.

There are a couple of free applications that can be used for video production and most importantly, they will render the same outcome as their paid counterparts! Thus, when you have such high-tech apps that can enhance the look of your video production and make editing on it convenient, giving your project an award-winning look will be in your fingertips.

Have a look at these pocket friendly toolkits.

DaVinci Resolve Version 9

Want to make a documentary but short of funds to edit and fine tune your video production? Try your hand out at DaVinci Resolve.  You won’t believe; this free app will give you the pleasure of color correction numerous times before you arrive at your preferred result. This new version of DaVinci Resolve, the DaVinci 9 Lite will give you yet more pleasures then mere color alterations.

It will give you the freedom to adjust the sharpness of images and perform advanced trekking too. This free app can be the best companion you have ever had for edition your corporate production, irrespective of the fact whether you are a Mac user or Windows or Linux.

Check it out here

Preference manager

What will happen if your edited files get corrupted just before the final presentation? I am sure you will feel like killing yourself! But now you can smile wide even when such a mishap occurs if you have Preference Manager with you. Once you download it and save in your system you can carry on with your job while the free job will actively go on keeping backups of your preferred files.

Thus, you can always retrieve these back-up fines as a great resort to meet mishaps confidently. One thing needs mention here, which can make you sad – this unique free app is only available for MAC users. Check it out here


The most tedious task that makes us irritated with a video production project is creation of folders and storing the edited videos inside each of them. What if you get an app that takes care of this mind-numbing task? Well, I assume that it will be a treat if you get one without spending single penny on it!  Thus, the free app that takes care of your folder management while you go on with your video marketing task.

The best thing about this app is that it creates a folder type of structure with every project you open for editing. Hence, it is assumable that every time you finish your job PostHaste will do the rest part of it by saving your edited video production in separate folders. Good news is that it works efficiently for Mac setup as well as a Windows PC.

Check it out here


If the audio quality of your corporate production is equally important as that the video quality, Levelator can be a great option to try out.  With this free app your audio-visual speech videos will sound the way it had never sounded before. You can regulate and edit the audio level and tone of your video production conveniently with Levelator.

The ‘Read Me’ section that comes with the app will act as your mentor in simplifying the entire process and giving you step-by-step directions on how you should proceed.  This is a great app for Mac and Windows, and you can create stunning speech podcasts and corporate videos with the help of it. But just mind it; this will fail to live up to your expectations if you are planning to use it for editing music. Check it out here

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I am Francis Boyle, a research analyst at a video production firm in London. As a part of my job, I often have to do a lot of research about various products and services. I write blog posts related video production services.