4 Ways to Integrate Traditional and Digital Marketing


Balanced marketing campaigns see the best results; here’s how

People have been prophesying the doom of traditional marketing for at least 15 years now; and while digital marketing continues to consume a larger and larger share of the marketplace, traditional tools are far from obsolete.

Americans still watch 3 ½ hours of live television every day—using their television sets, without a DVR to skip through commercials. That’s a huge window to reach customers. And while newspaper subscriptions have fallen precipitously, so have the prices of newspaper ad space. There are still great opportunities to find new customers and clients. Here are a few ways business can cover all their bases without duplicating effort.

Use social media to publicize your traditional marketing efforts

There are two types of ads that people will actually go out of their way to watch: polished, multimillion-dollar Super Bowl ads, and viral campaigns. Your local TV spot doesn’t have to be high art, but if it’s something different and funny (whether you intended it to be or not), you might find that word gets out quickly on Youtube.

In late 2011, a tiny California taxidermist threw out a low-budget, bafflingly-crazy ad that drew 14,000,000 views on Youtube and made them an internet sensation. It would be a shame if that company had been content to leave their ad on local television, and miss out on the colossal power of viral marketing and social media. Of course, most campaigns don’t blow up that big, but it costs nothing to try.

Use QR codes to bridge your digital and traditional campaigns

One of the coolest new marketing tools came from very simple origins—QR codes were first invented to help warehouses track inventory, but now they allow you to bridge traditional and digital media with the snap of a smartphone camera. Include QR codes on all your print content—from your print ads to the paint job on your company van to the personalized wrist bands you give out at company events. One of the powerful elements of the QR code is its mystery and novelty—it’s cryptic, leaving your target customers wondering what they’ll find if they click. Just make sure to reward their curiosity, and take them somewhere fun.

Make maximum use of trade shows

Trade shows are a great tool for B2B networking and marketing, but if your business has both B2B and direct-to-consumer elements, why keep the party to yourself? By posting questions and surveys to get your online audience talking, you can involve them in your trade show experience, and let them see you with your best foot forward. Show that you’re invested in the opinions of your customers and clients, and you’ll impress everyone you meet, online and off.

Use analytics to monitor your traditional campaigns

In the past, traditional marketers had only hazy estimates of the impact of their marketing campaigns—that’s why we got things like the Nielsen ratings and the Journal of Consumer Research. Digital campaigns, on the other hand, are eminently measurable. By assigning targeted landing pages to each of your traditional marketing tools (print ads, QR codes, TV spots, etc.), you can learn exactly how many people are being influenced by each tool you use. It’s a phenomenal way to measure impact and fine-tune your overall marketing strategy.

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