5 Elements of a Successful Fanpage on Facebook

Successful facebook fanpage

In one of my earlier posts we discussed about the importance of creating a Fanpage on Facebook. Facebook is the hottest thing in the world of Internet Marketing right now. The GURUS are cashing in on this phenomenon by releasing courses and ebooks on how to create a successful marketing campaign on Facebook.

Creating a Fanpage on Facebook is not a difficult task. All that you need to do is browse over to this page at Facebook and follow the simple instructions there. In less than 5 minutes you can create a Fan page. But, does it guarantee you success? Will this be the best Fan page to build your business?

Of course, not.

Had it been the case, all of the thousands of Fanpages on Facebook would been successful!!

In this article we will discuss about 5 such elements of a successful Facebook Fan page.

5 Elements of a successful Facebook Fan page –

Facebook offers a lot of customization options through the thousands of applications that are available online. You can create numerous different custom tabs and landing pages with the help of these applications. These are the key to a successful Fan page.

  1. Custom Welcome Page – It is very important to create a relationship with your visitors and fans. The default welcome page for any visitor to your Facebook Fan page is your Wall. You might want to create a custom landing page for your visitors. You an design in using a simple HTML editor and paste it into your fan page using an application called as FBML.
  2. Build a list – Your Welcome page should have a way of gathering names and email addresses. Facebook can be a good resource to build your lists. You can use Aweber to do this and integrate one of their scripts into your Welcome page by using FBML. The key to getting leads here is offer something of value to your visitors.
  3. Upload your logo – Success at an Internet Marketing business is about creating a brand for yourself and a LOGO is one of the first things that an help you build a brand for your business. Once you have created a LOGO, use the same in your Facebook Fan page to brand your page. This helps you maintain uniformity in branding and also gives your fanpage a professional touch.
  4. Links in your sidebar – Your sidebar is another important area that you should try to utilize to the maximum. One of the features of your sidebar is the option to display a few links. You can utilize this option to display links to your website, your blog and any other relevant pages about your business. This can help your readers navigate to your business pages including your blogs. Connecting with you fans is extremely important for the success of your fan pages. These links will help you connect with them.
  5. Promote your Fan page – Most Internet Marketers shy away from talking about their fanpages and their online business to their friends and relatives just because of the fact that they might make fun of them. Promote your fan pages to everybody, even your friends. Your objective is not to prospect your friend, instead it is to make use of the viral feature in Facebook to connect to their friends. You should promote your fan pages on your websites and blogs as well. Link from anywhere and everywhere. Create as much visibility as possible for your pages. Another form of promoting your page is by sending updates to your fans. Being in constant touch is also a form of promotion.

These are certain basic things that you should do to ensure that you fan page is a success. There are a lot of application on Facebook which can further help you in your objectives. If you have a blog, you should use an application called as “Networked blogs” which can help you display your blog articles on your fan page.

The best way to find which application suits you is to browse through the various applications available and choose the one that best fits your business and its needs.

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