5 Things Internet Marketers Can Learn From Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone is not new to us and if you have been a fan of the Rocky series, then there is no way you can miss this star with a distorted chin and a slightly slurred speech. But the Stallone that we know is not who he is. There is a very strong and determined personality behind this calm and composed guy.

You might even have read about him online and in the print media – his struggle and his determination. While these are just some of the things that everybody should learn from him, there are some other things that I felt that we internet marketers could learn from this guy.

Sylvester Stallone’s Life Story

Stallone was born paralyzed on the lower left part of his face. This was the reason for his slurred speech as well. His dream was to become an actor. He faced a lot of hardships during his stay in New York, where he had come to become an actor. In spite of a lot of rejections in the beginning he went on to become an actor. His first movie as a lead-actor – “Rocky”, went onto become a huge box-office success and grossed more than $225 Million.

Let us look at just some of the things that we can learn from Stallone –

Never Give Up

Stallone’s story is a story about never giving up. This itself is one of the biggest learning for Internet Marketer. Internet marketing is all about never giving up.

IM is no rocket science. It is just some basic information of marketing, interpreted and implemented in such a way that you become profitable with the least investment.

One another little known fact about Internet Marketing is that, even if you don’t make it big immediately.. if you persist.. you will eventually succeed because of the fact that you are continuosly learning. All that you need to do is “NEVER GIVE UP” and “KEEP DOING THE RIGHT THINGS”.

sylvester stallone's story

Follow Your Dreams

Stallone was born with a paralysis to the left side of his face caused due to the misuse of a pair of forceps that was used during his birth, which accidentally severed a nerve on his face. This gave him the snarled look and the slurred speech. Both of which was obstacles in becoming an actor.

But he wanted to become and actor. He kept trying for a role in spite of all adversities. He lived without money for days together and even had to sleep at the New York City Port Authority Bus station for 3 weeks after he was evicted from his apartment.

It is important that you follow your dream. You might have to do stop-gap works, in order to achieve your larger objective in life. But that should not push you to take your eyes of your dreams and your ultimate goal in life.

Draw Inspiration From What You See

I often come across the term “writer’s block”. There are a lot of people who have even written to me saying they are often faced with a situation of not knowing what to write.

The advice is simple – “Draw Inspiration from What you See”.

Stallone was broke and was unable to find a role as an actor. It was at that point that he happened to see a boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner. The screenplay for Rocky was inspired by this match. Rocky went home after watching the match and didn’t sleep that weekend. After 3 straight days and 20 hours, he had written the script. And what happened to Rocky is not a secret. The movie went on to become one of the biggest successes in Hollywood.

sylvester stallone's story

Sell Low if it could Lead to Profits

When Stallone had finished the script, his wish was to act in the movie. Stallone tried to sell his script to multiple studios and also expressed his intention of acting in it. Studios offered him a lot of money. Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff also became interested in the script and offered Stallone $125,000 for the rights, but with the condition that he cannot act in it. Stallone disagreed. They then offered him $350,000, but again with the same condition. Stallone still disagreed.

Finally they agreed for Stallone to act in the movie and bought the script for $35,000.

It is not always the money. It is what you will reap tomorrow, out of what you are investing today that is important.

It makes perfect sense to sell low, if that could lead to bigger profits tomorrow. Be a visionary and look at the future.

Some Things are Worth Buying at a Premium

Stallone had a loyal companion in a dog, even when he was broke and slept at the bus station. He did not have any money. He was struggling to live. Out of desperation he had to sell his dog to a stranger for $25. Stallone calls this the lowest point in his life. He had to do it because he had no other choice.

In spite of being in such dire situations, he did not give up.

After he sold the script for Rocky.. the first thing he did was to track down the guy who had bought his dog and bought him back. He spent about $15,000 out of the $35,000 that he was paid.. to track down his companion.

The dog was also a part of the movie, Rocky.

Some things are worth buying at a premium. It is not the face value that is to be looked at, but the inherent value.

What we learnt from Sly Stallone

Often times, we forget the small teachings that life gives us from time to time. Inspiring personalities become the reason for us to revive these teachings and pull ourselves up to start off on our journey, which we were about to abandon.

Stallone’s story is inspirational and gives us more than the above 5 points to learn.

Your Internet Marketing journey was started with an objective – an objective to free yourselves from the bondages of money, time and the slavery to your job. It was to find that quality time that you could spend with your loved ones.

Will you succeed at it… will be decided by how long you are ready to persist.

Don’t forget to let us know, how Stallone’s story has inspired you by commenting below.