6 Effective Blog Promotion Techniques That Can Help You in Gaining Visibility on the Internet

promoteThe Ultimate Guide to Blog Promotions and Passive Branding

You’ve a brand new blog or an older one, but no one knows about is existence; it is like having a brick and mortar business, but people not knowing its physical address. In this case, blog promotion is essential to attract new customers; apart from building relationships with other blog owners, you can use following tactics to attract visitors to your blog, and do passive branding to promote your other businesses as well.

The Power of Branding

Branding can be done in many ways, but the ultimate aim is always to make your website distinctive and unique; for instance, a catchy logo and a punch can be very effective in terms of branding. Having a specific slogan or message helps you brand your product, site, or blog.

It is mostly used for promoting products, but can be applied to your blogs as well. First, figure out your target audience, and then decide what kind of message can be used to attract them.

Giveaways Always Work!

It would be a great technique to use, especially if you are running shopping or fashion blogs; run contests and give some freebies to the winners. Of course you will have to spend money on this, but it’s not necessary that you should give away physical goods. Blog layout themes and e-books come under the most popular giveaway items.

Promote Your Blog on the Top Directories

You can submit your blogs to directories to increase traffic; your daily visitors who read your contents are the RSS feeds. Most of the blogging platform lets you to organize content and you should use these platforms for syndicating your site’s posts. It will keep your readers informed about the new posts or articles on your sites, thus bringing many visitors for your newly created posts.

Article Marketing and Syndication

Article directories are good medium for getting targeted backlink and traffic for blogs and websites. It can help you to find other blog owners in your field and can help those to find your blog, possibly giving you a link. These are organized by category and come with different features. Create unique content and submit it to directories or article submission sites, where you get one to three links from every post that you submit.

You can also try the article syndication services for additional exposure. If your blog has interesting content, then it’ll surely attract a number of users, making your posts, and eventually your site, as a whole, popular enough.

Guest Posting

Today, many bloggers write guest posts as it is the most effective way to attract more visitors. Guest posting needs to be very useful with unique content that helps you to uplift the online presence of your blogs. It not just gives you traffic, but also a backlink to increase Alexa Rank and Google PageRank (PR).

Video Marketing

Create video reviews and make announcements on forum. Blog promotion can be done in plenty of ways, so it’s basically up to you how you’d like to promote your blog.

Using Social Media Networks

Reputation Management helps companies and individuals to manage their business online through social media sites, and engagement withother blogs.Create a strong social presence for your blog by creating Facebook fan page, tweeting regularly, and work towards getting more and more followers and likes to your profiles. Share the latest posts on these networks, because links from social media sites can help a lot when competing with millions of online promoters for targeted keywords.

You may have a great blog with top-notch content, but it does not mean that you’ll necessarily gain top ranking on Bing, Yahoo, or Google. You’ll have to promote the posts and see what works the best for your site, to be able to succeed.

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