6 Features that you need to look in before going with any online backup services



One can surely find a great number of companies that are offering online backup services, however before you go with any one of them it is really very important that you should test them in every possible way, so that you won’t find any trouble later on.

Going with an online backup service is surely very important, as you will never know when your data might get corrupted or your hard disk will die, as these are the incidents that can happen anytime and without any kind of warning, so it is in your best interest that one should always have an online backup storage so that he can restore from it anytime he wants.

However before going with any type of online backup services, it is really very important that you should check out the following 6 features of an online backup service in every possible way, these include:

Service up time

One of the traits of online backup services is that it gives you maximum up time that is of (24/7), as you might need to upload your files at any time of the day. Hence it is important that the service should remain online every time, so that you can conduct your backup as well as recovery at any possible time.

Backup of deleted files

This feature is only offered by only a few of the online backup service providers. This feature is known to be the least used one but it is surely very effective when it comes to its usage. Most of the time it happens that we accidentally delete an important file, photo, document etc. and once it is deleted from the online backup storage, than it is surely impossible to recover it, however some online backup service provider offers you with the service of keeping backup of even deleted files, hence allowing you to make the most out of it.

Storage Space

Another thing that you should be looking in is the total storage space offered. Some companies claim that they offer unlimited storage, but in real they are offering a targeted amount of storage space, so you have to look that whether they are offering unlimited storage space in real or not!


You can surely find an online backup service that offers automatic synchronization as well as manual synchronization. Just select the services as per your need, so that you won’t find any issue regarding to synchronization, as some people necessitates manual one while others go with automatic one.

Credibility and reliability

Besides everything else, another thing that you should be looking into is the credibility and reliability of the site. Here credibility and reliability means that the website owner will not go bankrupt or will not shutdown the website in future, as if he do so, you might have to face a  whole lot of trouble as well as losses, therefore it is highly recommended that you should go with a website that has a secure future.


If you are uploading your private data over these online backup service providers, than it is really very important that you should go with the online backup service providers that offers data encryption, so that your data will be safe and secure in their servers.

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