Blog Hatter Pro – Building a Blog Empire

BloghatterIf you are wondering what has BlogHatter got to do with a blog empire and how it can help you do it, then read on..

Auto blogs are a very simple way of making easy money online. Till about an year back, auto blogs were seen as spam blogs, which got no respect from Google or, any other search engines because of the reused content. They were seen as if they were the spoilt child of the same parent who has set out to destroy the world of blogging.

Fast forward to today and you find there are thousands of auto blogging software all over the internet, making promises galore. None of these seem to be doing a bad business. WP-Robot, Auto Blog Samurai and BlogHatter are the most prominent of these.

Let me not get into an article writing mode and straightaway get onto the review of this tool.

It is about 15 days that I bought BlogHatter. I have been using Auto Blog Samurai for almost 7-8 months now and the results have been pretty fine.

Let me get onto the results of Auto Blog Samurai first. In the past 8 months I have set up about 71 blogs using Auto Blog Samurai. 47 of these were on Blogger and the rest 24 were on WordPress. The results were as follows –

  • $2,119 from Adsense
  • $3,447 from sale of 8 blogs
  • $231 from Ad sales
  • $1,976 from Affiliate revenues

That was incredible for 70 auto blogs. It came out to about $112.00 per blog. The success of Auto Blog Samurai led me to think again on auto blogs and the kind of income it can generate.

This is what led me to take a look at BlogHatter. My first opinion about BlogHatter is that it is superb.

BlogHatter Reviewed

BlogHatter creates both Blogger and WordPress blogs. It searches a few of the best article directories and gets you blogs based on your keywords. It also has the option of uploading PLR articles and auto posting them to the blogs.

The interface is extremely user friendly and even a newbie can easily use it to create auto blogs. Uploading content and posting them to the blogs is an easy task at the interface. You can add tags and assign categories also on the primary interface itself.

BlogHatter has 3 plugins which Donato calls as the black hat plugins. These are a Yahoo tagging plugin, a Youtube plugin and an ezine plugin.

You will need the ezine plugin if you wish to extract content from ezines. The Yahoo tagging plugin can create tags automatically based on your content and the Youtube plugin inserts Youtube videos into your content.

Using the plugins were very easy and so was installing it.

I will be recording a brief video comparing both Auto Blog Samurai and BlogHatter and reviewing the softwares, in some time which should give you a better idea of what I am talking about.


BlogHatter is a very useful tool, if you are interested in auto blogging. Auto blogging can be a source of passive income and that too on auto-pilot.

I would recommend BlogHatter to anyone who has loads of PLR articles resting there in your Computer’s hard drive. You can create hundreds of blogs out of it and create an income stream.

Both Auto Blog Samurai and BlogHatter are extremely useful and serves the purpose very well. If you are interested in venturing into auto-blogging, which I recommend you should, then go for one of these and you will not regret. Don’t even think of buying WP-Robot, if you are new to the whole concept. You will be lost in their documentation.

You can check out Auto Blog Samurai here. Check out BlogHatter here.