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Links building

Traffic – is what drive as a blog. Irrespective of why you have started blogging, your blog can only be successful if you know how to promote it and Promotion in turn means traffic and that too, a lot of it.

How can your drive traffic to your blogs or, for that matter your websites?

Blogging is an art that you learn with experience and as you mature in blogging you will start to see new and improved ways of generating traffic to your blogs.

As you start to blog one of the easiest way to get traffic to your blog is by increasing its presence on the blogosphere. In order for your blogs to start appearing in the search engines, you will have to have a good amount of quality links pointing to your blogs. This is called as link-building.

But how will you get other blogs to point to your blog?

Why will some already established blog want to put a link to your blog on their blog?

This is quite difficult if your blog is relatively new in the blogosphere. But you can achieve this objective by commenting.

Now just don’t jump to start out with commenting on all the established blogs out there. This will not solve the purpose.

Wondering why?

This is because most of the blogs out there have a “nofollow” in any link that is placed in the comments section. They do this to prevent spams. A “nofollow” in the links mean that the spiders that crawl these blogs will not recognize your links in the comment section as a link to your blog and will not reach your blog from this link.

So what is the solution to this?

Commenthunt:- The solution is with “Commenthunt”. Commenthunt is a service that helps you find all the “dofollow” links that are there in the blogosphere. Just enter a keyword in the search box and commenthunt uses the service from Google and returns results for all the “dofollow” blogs.

Once you have this information all your need to do is pick the ones that have a very good page rank – even pagerank 3 and 4 is a good enough credibility. Then start commenting on these blogs. But ensure that you put relevant and valuable comments in them otherwise there is a possibility that the author of the blog might delete your comment considering it to be a spam.

Signature:- Create a good signature that you can use and link it to your primary blog. Take care that you link your signature to the best post in your blog, so that your readers get glued to your content in their first visit itself. We can discuss the constituents of a good siganture in another post in detail.

Read the post:- Ensure that your have read the post in detail and also a few good comments in the blog post before you start commenting. Also make sure that reference a few of these comments that you have read, in your comments so that it looks like a strong and valuable conversation.

There are other techniques as well that could help your build links to your post and in turn drive huge amounts of traffic.

What is your way of getting links to your blogs and websites?

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Photograph courtesy Ali Taylor

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