article-marketing-strategyEvery business needs to utilise some form of online marketing if they wish to excel in the current economic climate and technology based society. Search engine optimisation lies at the core of mostonline marketing campaigns and is widely considered to be the most important. SEO revolves around a vast range of practises which are carried out in order to increase your website’s visibility via moving up the rankings on the search engine result pages.

What is online article marketing?

One method of search engine optimisation which is widely adopted is the utilisation of SEO articles. These are articles which are written in order to drive traffic to a company’s website. Of course, they need to be informative and well-structured in order to be viewed as credible. Nevertheless, the most important part of the article is the way in which it is constructed.

For example, the articles must be constructed including carefully selected keywords or phrases. If you were looking to have a wedding ring custom made, what would you type in the search engine? ‘Custom made wedding ring’, or ‘bespoke wedding ring’, or ‘custom made ring’ etc. Thus, the article written would incorporate a certain amount of those keywords in order to hit the right density so that the article and your main site rank high on Google and alike.

Your website can make it to the top

As mentioned earlier, this is a strategy which focuses on getting your website to the top of the search engine result pages. This is the first and most obvious benefit. Nevertheless, not only does being near the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo provide you with better exposure, but it also makes your company seem more credible and trustworthy. This is because those who use search engines tend to view the top results as leading and the most reliable companies.

You can target those who could potentially be customers

The problem with a lot of advertising and marketing campaigns is that they end up being viewed by a lot of individuals who are not interested in the goods you sell or the service you provide whatsoever. Online article marketing affects your SEO positively because it can be utilised in order to provide targeted traffic. This means that those who view your website are more likely to purchase something, and thus your conversion rate is likely to receive a boost as well.

An inexpensive way to implement a top strategy

As mentioned, search engine optimisation has come to be viewed as almost an essential for the most successful businesses, and therefore its importance cannot be underestimated. Article writing provides a cost efficient way of implementing this strategy because all you need to do is pay for the labor that the copywriter provides. Moreover, there tends to be copywriters available at great rates because it is quite a competitive industry.

You can market every second of every day

Article writing has had a profound effect on marketing because it is a strategy which reaps rewards 24 hours of every day. Once the article has been written, it is then posted on the internet and thus is there to do its job basically forever. There are not many other forms of advertising which are actually effective for such a time period.

Article marketing has become an integral part of the search engine optimising strategy and is now at the very core of a lot of business’marketing campaigns.

Know Your Guest Author:

Emily Steves is a copy-writer associated with some of the best SEO communities including High Position. She believes that High Position is one of those companies that provides you best valuable services at the most affordable prices.

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Article Spinning

It’s funny how certain memories suddenly re-appear when certain words start ringing in your ear.

I had the opportunity to join SEMCON way back in 2010 and I got to meet a lot of SEO experts at that particular convention. One of those SEO experts was Benj Arriola. He was actually one of the speakers of that said convention and I liked his speech about link building. After the convention, I asked him a few things about article marketing, link building and internet marketing as a whole.

Now two years later, I find myself recalling the things we talked about, especially when one of my friends who work as a content writer asked me a particular question about article spinning. For those who are not familiar with article spinning, it is a process of “revolving” mutiple word synonyms every time a copy of the article is published in the Internet. It became a very popular article marketing technique since it allows Internet marketers and SEO experts to produce a supposedly “high-quality”copies of an article multiple times. So if I have one good article and I want to publish 10 articles to 10 different blog networks, I simply have to “spin” the said article in order to produce 9 more copies, which will then be published in the different blog networks.

An ideal technique, right? Unfortunately, things have changed when Google Penguin erupted back in May. I suddenly remembered the conversation that I had with Mr. Arriola about article spinning and I really had no choice but to agree with him whole-heartedly! Now, the things he mentioned to me during that one fateful SEMCon can be found in his blog, but I’d like to simplify his explanation in order for newbie content writers and SEO analysts to understand.

So in a total nutshell, ARTICLE SPINNING DOES NOT WORK.

Why oh why?

It’s because Google has gotten smarter and has picked up this tactic. Sure, in 2010 it may have worked, but ever since then, Google’s already sensed that there was something funny going on everytime people would introduce a funny-looking article within blogs or websites.

Oh, and one more thing. Google doesn’t have to read your articles in order to know that it’s a spinned article or not. Basically, all Google has to do is TO CHECK YOUR LINKS. Unbelievably, I did not believe in this logic when Mr. Arriola discussed this with me, but right now, this is pretty much true and accurate. Once Google checks the links on an article, any link that does not look natural is immediately regarded as a very weak link. Weak links do not give out traffic to your site.


To be honest, I’ve done article spinning a few times and it’s a very difficult process, especially if you use article spinning programs. The content produced by these programs are horrible. You can barely understand what you are reading because the words are all jumbled up. All the more reason to conclude that article spinning should be literally forgotten.

To all my content writer friends out there, let’s bring back quality writing and non keyword-stuffed

Know Your Guest Author:

Jessica Greenberg is an avid blogger/internet marketing expert from San Diego, California. When she is not busy working on a new internet marketing strategy for her clients, you’ll find her chatting with her friends inside Starbucks.

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article marketingWhen it comes to Internet marketing, the rules of article marketing are always introduced, explained and strictly enforced. With the recent Panda and Penguin updates hounding the Internet space, marketers nowadays are now careful when posting articles all over the Internet for promotion.

In order for new marketers to better understand the importance of a good, clean article marketing technique, one should always present the effect of doing something “illegal” with their marketing technique. Let’s say Bob wants to build enough presence with his website, so he decides to start an article marketing campaign in order to spice up his traffic. Bob starts writing a few articles and puts them into article marketing sites, like Ezinearticles, Squidoo and others. However, Bob found out that he’s wasting a good amount of time researching the articles.

And here, he commits a fatal error; he takes one article and spins it with the use of an  automated spinning software and sends it off to the article marketing websites. Bob is extremely satisfied, since he no longer has to spend hours writing; all he needs is to write one article, spin into several versions and send this to the article marketing sites.

You can already guess what happens when Google finds out his dirty schemes.

So okay, internet marketers already get the idea that you can’t publish spinned articles in the Internet. In a sense, article marketing is still a viable technique for getting good traffic into your website, correct?

I am not so sure about that now.

Article Marketing Sites are now STRICT!

And I meant it when I wrote this. Apparently, article marketing sites are now so strict that most people who try publishing articles end up getting frustrated while trying their best to have their article published. I actually didn’t believe this until I found out myself while trying to publish articles in Squidoo and Hubpages. As a reminder to my fellow article marketers out there, here are some of the noticeable changes within Squidoo and Hubpages. I intended to talk about these two, since they’re still very popular when it comes to article marketing.

Squidoo has become very strict when it comes to article marketing. Evidently, there are some article topics that they no longer support. Articles that talk about gambling, pharmaceutical companies, making money online, and other topics that denote business or talks about business online are now placed under scrutiny by Squidoo admins. If you do try to publish an article that has one of these topics, then good luck; Squidoo will not allow you to publish your article. However, there is an option for writers to ask Squidoo web admins to check the article themselves. If there are no problems, the article gets published. But it’s likely going to take months before your article gets published!

The same thing with Hubpages; they’re very strict with the size and the topic of the content you are submitting. I even got banned in Hubpages when I tried publishing an article that I wrote myself! Hubpages did not send an email at all regarding the ban, so I’m left to guess that there must be something in my article that ticked them off!

In any case, article marketing sites are now very careful, all thanks to the recent Google updates. If you still want to try your luck, make sure that the articles you write are unique and not copy pasted from the Internet. Try going for longer articles too, if you want to be extra sure!

About the Author:

Jessica Greenberg is an Internet marketer and blogger from San Diego, California. She is an expert in Internet marketing and wants to help new businesses grow, despite of the problems caused by the Google updates.

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Article Marketing

Whoever has been in Internet Marketing for at least about 6 months will know that the best and cost-effective way to get traffic to your website is Article Marketing.

Article Marketing is a proven method of traffic generation and is one of the oldest. No matter what people say about short-cuts and tips that could get traffic in a matter of minutes, none of these things can take the spotlight away from Article marketing.

Take for instance, a few of the latest product launches in the recent days at Clickbank. Most of these use the simple strategy of Article Marketing as their primary weapon. These product launches talk about accidental discoveries and innovations, but the fact of the matter is that all of these products rely on Article Marketing. Most of these products are softwares that can do automatic submission of articles to various article directories.

Do these strategies work? Are these products worthy?

I do not think so. These strategies are not effective. The article directories  that these tools submit to are directories that do not see any traffic, are not managed well and are junk. Submission to these directories cannot get you a single visitor.

In order to get traffic you have to do some effective Article Marketing.

Now, What is effective article marketing is what you question is, right?

Effective Article Marketing

In order to be effective and to get the desired results out of Article Marketing, you need to be associated with article directories that have the reputation of being the best. These article directories should be ones that are well managed and get a good amount of traffic everyday.

I only rely on 3 main article directories for my Article Marketing and I recommend that you too should be associated with them. These 3 article directories should be your primary targets in Article marketing -

  1. Ezine Articles
  2. Go Articles
  3. Articles Base

Of all these ezine articles, is the best. But at the same time, the others too are loved by Google and can get you a good amount of traffic.

Article Marketing Strategy to double your Traffic is currently running a contest called as Hundred Article in Hundred days. I recommend that you join the contest and start submitting articles. The contest is about submitting hundred articles in hundred days.

We often tend to loose focus because we do not have clear cut goals and targets. If we have a target in mind the chances of achieving our goal increases. This is precisely what HAHD can do to you.

If you have been struggling with traffic to your blog or, website and you have no clue on what to do, then this is your chance. Join HAHD at

This is a good strategy. The poorest traffic to one of my articles at ezinearticles is about 25 visitors per day. Going by this logic, if I assume that all my 100 articles will get traffic similar to this poorest articles, I still get about 2500 visitors per day to my blog or, website. This is huge and this can do a great amount of good to my revenues.

Join HAHD today! Benefit from Article Marketing

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SEOLinkvine Review Are you struggling with your efforts to increase search engine ranking for your website?

You might have browsed through numerous pages in order to find a solution to boost your search engine rankings and would be all confused as to what to do next. It is not an unlikely situation to be in, because that is how internet marketing and online businesses work.

You might not be a stranger to the term, “Backlinks” by this time and you might also be aware that the easiest method to increase search engine ranking is to get as many quality backlinks as possible from authoritative sites.

Then let me first start by asking you to name the one most preferred way of getting good quality backlinks – Article Marketing?? Is that what you said? If you are one of whom said that, then full marks to you. If not, then you have learned something new here.

Yes, that is right! Article Writing and submission is one of the best ways to get high quality backlinks. You have to write numerous good and relevant articles and submit them to the top 15-20 article directories and ezine publishers and wait for these to get indexed. But, the million dollar question is – How will you write so many different articles to ensure that you don’t get banned for duplicate content?

All of these woes is addressed by one unique service that Brad Callen (the Keyword Elite Guy) has launched. This is called as SEO Link Vine.

What is SEO Link Vine?

SEO Link Vine is the same concept of getting backlinks that we were discussing a couple of paragraphs above but with a new age approach and polish applied to it.

Everything works the same way. You write an article and submit it – not to the article directories, instead to SEO Link Vine, which has an article spinner service which will help you churn out numerous unique articles from the same article. It will then submit these articles to hundreds and thousands of high quality blogs and websites which have high pageranks. This in turn will mean high quality links for your chosen keywords from authoritative websites and higher search engine rankings.

If you are wondering, this service is a legitimate one or, not, then don’t worry. It is an absolute white hat method and Brad Callen is itself the brand that stands behind this service.

Why am I so confident about this service? Because I was amongst the first ones to sign up for it and this has boosted one of my websites’ search engine rankings to the first page of Google thus increasing the traffic and in turn – the DOLLARS from the sale of the product advertised on the website.

I recommend that you check out SEOLinkVine today itself and sign up for it before they close the doors for any new signups.


In case you are looking for an article rewriting software, then the Rapid Rewriter Article Spinning Software is amongst the best choices. Based on your requirement Magic Article Rewriter could also serve the purpose extremely well.

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If you own or, operate a website then you already know the worth of getting ranked well in search engines like that of Google. Being on the prime of natural search results will provide you with enormous, focused traffic that is completely free of cost and when you rank high enough you may even think about skipping paid advertising such as PPC.The unbalanced discovery boosts the unseen blast.

The question, nevertheless, is how do you receive prime rankings.

There are lots of aspects to be considered in order to get ranked well with the major search engines, in addition to on-web page website positioning and other websites linking to yours. You’ll be able to optimize your web page the way you need, but if you have no incoming links then you’ll probably not get very good rankings. So, how will you go about getting incoming links from different websites? There are lots of ways to go about doing this, however this article will focus on the aspect of article submission.

Article submission is a confirmed way to enhance incoming links to your website. It’s a simple idea that works out very well for many website owners.

The very first thing to do is sign up for an article submission service. These services vary in value from free services to a few others pricing about $150/month, typically the costlier the service the better quality links you get. These websites basically have access to tons of thousands of different blogs and may distribute your article to them. The blog house owners get free content material and you get one way backlinks.

The next step is to start writing an article, you need the article to be relevant to your matter, together with the keywords that your website is about, and this will offer you the perfect results.

Once you write your article it’s good to spin it, since your article shall be distributed to plenty of different websites you need your article to be different for each one, this helps remove the duplicate content material issues that you’d run into when you simply distribute the same copy to everybody. Spinning is a fairly simple step, though it may be rather tedious. To spin your article it’s good to rewrite every paragraph, sentence and/or phrase a minimum of three times. When you have completed all of these steps properly, your article will appear on a wide variety of blogs throughout the web, each one being different from all of the others.

And that’s all you must do to get one way links to your website from web pages with comparable content. The more article submission services you sign up for the more links you will get again to your site. The most effective place to start out, in my view, is FTS, these guys are free, though you may pay for more links, and are an effective way to get web traffic. SEOLinkVine is another great resource to submit articles and get quality backlinks.

Running an article marketing affiliate promotion from your website can also help you earn good money from your business. All website house owners need their website to be ranked well and article submission is an effective way to go about it and this makes article marketing affiliate packages a great choice with great conversion rates.

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Article Marketing Benefits

Traffic is what can get your revenue and sales. And driving traffic to websites is the most challenging task that any internet marketer faces. If you are cash-rich when you start your internet marketing business, you will be ready to spend some money on PPC and other paid ads to get targetted traffic. But what if you do not have that much money to spend?

Article Marketing has always been one of the most preferred form of getting free targetted traffic to your websites.  But there is more than only this reason to it. Article Marketing has a lot of other benefits that just driving traffic. These benefits can be called as the by-products of Article Marketing. What are these benefits? Why would you want to do Article Marketing?

Reasons to do Article Marketing

The 6 top reasons why you should do Article Marketing are as follows:

Backlinks – There is no better whitehat method to obtaining backlinks than Article Marketing. You should use a free article directory to post your content. After approval your article will be on the internet, sending traffic your way. Avoid using automatic spinners, these simply do not work. Always take the extra time to ensure your article is readable and won’t be rejected by the Article Directory.

Traffic – Always make sure you put a link to your site with the proper anchor text in every article you submit. Even if it is something as simple as “Click here for more information”. The person reading has interest in your content and will certainly want more information about the topic. If your article is bad, you will never get anyone to click your link. Write good articles!

Prestige – Having published articles all over the Internet will add to your credibility. As users read your articles they identify you as the expert on the subject. Of course, this goes both ways if your article is bad they will associate you with bad grammar and poor content. If your article has poor grammar or, doesn’t make sense the reader will assume you don’t have a clue. If you don’t write well or, don’t have the time hire someone. There are many services that offer article writing that are very inexpensive.

Eternal – Every month your article will still be out there, still gaining backlinks for your site. People can’t help but link to quality, interesting content. If you write something that is interesting or informative, people will link to you. However, if your article is unreadable you will gain no backlinks or traffic. I know it is very difficult to rate your own writing ability, ask a friend or, family member to proof read your work and give an honest assessment. Your content can be exceptional but if your writing is poor you are doomed.

Knowledge – When you begin writing your article you’re also gaining knowledge on your subject. This knowledge is invaluable for your current and future websites. Most articles I write come with the benefit of gaining experience and knowledge about the topic.

Help People – Some of the most visited articles help someone with a problem. Whenever you solve a problem write about it and publish the article. If you had the issue, I can guarantee you that someone else did too. Help them fix it and get quality backlinks at the same time?

This list should give you a good start. Just to be clear, the most important part of the process is good content! Nothing can replace good content. Whatever article you write you need to ensure that the content is of value to the reader.

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How will it feel if you had around 30,000 PLR articles at your disposal?

I wouldn’t feel anything.


If you have been into Internet Marketing for some time now and your are not making some decent money from it, in spite of the fact that there are a few thousand PLR articles stored in your Computer’s hard drive, then you would know the reason why I said, I wouldn’t feel anything.

That’s right.

PLR articles are something that is meant to just fill up the vacant hard drive space in your computer and do nothing. It is not normal with most of us starting out on the internet. We collect thousands and thousands of PLR articles and let them be there. Only if we spent some time on modifying and rewriting these articles, we could have made that money that we haven’t made for some time now.

Article marketing is one of the best and easiest modes of getting traffic. I have written only about a 100 articles in total and have submitted it to various article directories. These articles are what is getting me the traffic and the sales. I ensure that I write at least one article everyday, which should be the target of any newbie internet marketer, especially if you are short of funds to invest.

Creative ideas to write about 100 articles????

It is worth a thought and indeed worth some time. I am sure nobody wants to spend that much time writing articles. Then what is the easier way out?

PLR articles is the answer. PLR articles or, Private Label Rights articles are articles written by people for circulation, but which gives your complete access to modifying and rewriting it in any way you like. You can even use it in any form that you wish – ebooks, blog articles, ezines etc. Such articles can be easily obtained and then re-written to submit them to article directories and ezines. You don’t have to be too creative and will not have to spend time scratching your head for content.

Since most PLR articles come for cheap or, almost free, it is a tendency with all of us to let it cool our computer’s hard drive, like we normally do with most things that are free.

If you have been lazy to even re-write your articles or, for that matter, if you have had difficulty obtaining PLR articles, then “The Ultimate PLR Article Collection” is for you. A simple tool released by James Jones from Micro Niche Finder, this is an amazing piece of work, which can solve all your problems pertaining to Article Marketing.

“The Ultimate PLR Article Collection”, has a collection of about 29,378 PLR articles, which is completely at your disposal and you can do whatever you want. In addition to this, it has an easy article spinner which can help your rewrite your articles in minutes. these re-written articles can then be submitted to ezines and article directories. The fact that these PLR articles cover almost any topic that you can think off, is one of the few bonuses of this tool.

In addition of all of the above, there is a very simple e-book creator in the tool, which can help you create an ebook in minutes. What more could you ask for from a tool, especially if it only costs you $14.99. That is less than a few cents per article.

James is releasing this tool at this low cost only for a few days. He is also providing all future updated to this tool absolutely free of cost.

As a limited period offer I can provide you with a $15.00 cashback, paid to your PayPal account, if you buy “The Ultimate PLR Article Collection” and Micro Niche Finder together from the link below. Just send me the receipts for both the purchases.

Buy “The Ultimate PLR Article Collection” here.

Buy Micro Niche Finder here.

Photograph courtesy blaise chwola

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