blogging tipsBlogging has changed over the last 18 months or, so. A considerable amount of this change has to be attributed to the changes that Google brought about over the above said timeperiod. Algorithm changes, withdrawal of helpful tools not limited to the external keyword research tool and Google reader and many such other changes including the way guest posting will now be looked at by Google, all have in some way or, the other, impacted blogging and bloggers.

In this week’s Sunday Roundup, I found some interesting articles from my favorite blogs from around the web focusing on blogging and writing.

11 Fatal Mistake Bloggers Make : Things To Avoid
Failure is wonderful. I thank failure because without mistakes I would never be the blogger I am today. I would never have traveled the world or quit my job for good. You might be worried, or anxious, or out and out terrified by failure, or what your blogging future holds. I feel your pain. Honestly. Many of my readers know my background; I struggled horribly to become a successful blogger.

Launching a New Website: Strategies for Success
This guide was created for small business owners, entrepreneurs, bloggers, authors, or anyone seeking an improved lifestyle through Internet marketing. It outlines the essentials to online marketing success and a plan to help strategize growth for new websites and concepts. Firstly, most …

Is Blogging Still Relevant in a World of Social Media? [6 Reasons Why I Think It Is]
“How relevant is blogging for today in a world of so many types of social media?” I must hear this question – or a variation of it – at least once a week. So I thought I’d open it up for some discussion to the wider ProBlogger community. What do you think? My feeling is…

Why Internet Marketers Have Been Slow to Embrace Social Media Marketing
I’ll be the first to admit it: I don’t particularly like social media. Even after setting up dozens of Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, Google+ Local and Business pages, Pinterest accounts, and various other social profiles, I don’t do much tweeting or sharing myself. With how popular social media …

How to Automate Google Plus Page using BufferApp
I have reviewed Bufferapp long time back, and with many useful features, Bufferapp is one of my favorite social media automation tool. If you have never heard of bufferapp, here is a quick recap for you: Bufferapp helps in automating your social media profiles on various networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and now Google plus. With bufferapp, you can add as many post you want to share on your social network, and it will post them…

15 Ways Pinterest Users Find Your Content
Pinterest has grown to more than 70 million global users and is now considered the 3rd largest social network in the world. With those kinds of statistics you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to be found on and off Pinterest. Early adopters had it easy because Pinterest also features them as…

Is Your Business Stalling? Facebook Marketing Is The Answer!
Facebook is ubiquitous in the world today. Thus, regardless of your business, your customers are probably using Facebook and could be reached via Facebook marketing. If you have the interest, the article below will provide you with a great deal of valuable information. See if Facebook …

Your Ultimate Guide to Creating Amazing Content that Draws Readers Into Your Blog
Does your blog lack something? Maybe you post regularly, but your posts aren’t getting many comments or shares. It feels like no-one’s reading. What you need is pillar content. (Also known as “cornerstone content” and “evergreen content”.) These posts get links, shares, and comments. They’re posts that…

The Art of Writing Great Google+ Posts
There’s no denying it: we love Google+. Sure, we’ve made hay over other social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. That’s because it’s smart to be where your audience is … to engage them there, and then direct them back to your own digital property. But Google+ is something different. It’s why we’ve gone…

Content Strategy to Increase Your Traffic and Income
In this post, I will share with you how I personally write my articles in order to be more time efficient along with briefly stating the different types of content that I write strategically. I will also share things to think about when you are deciding what order to post them in and when to…

How To Get Targeted Facebook Leads
Facebook isn’t just for connecting with friends and family, it can be used for business functions and generate Facebook leads. Do not think that FaceBook is just a venue for teenagers. Those teens have grown up and today 60% of users are over 35 years old. If you would like to market to the …

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When you are a blogger one of the most difficult challenges you face is getting people to see your worth. Anyone can be a blogger for free. Just visit wordpress and blogger, fill in a few forms and you are now a fully qualified blogger, right?

Well that all depends on how people perceive you which is based on many factors.

The About Page

The about page is the most important page on your blog for establishing yourself with your readers. Usually the second most visited page, after the homepage, this is where you really get to show off your skills and add value to your personal brand.

When writing your about page it is important to consider your niche. Some niches will require you to write in a personal way and so write in the first person but as a general rule writing in the third person is best for establishing a sense of authority. It allows you to write more freely about your skills without sounding arrogant. It also gives the impression that someone else is writing about you adding more credence to your statement.

Also if you are working in a team, say so. If more than one person is working on the project then it shows the strength and depth of your blog.

Finally add in all of the skills, experience and qualifications you have that allow you to write on your topic. This shows why you are and expert and why they should be listening to you.

Buy a Self-Hosted Site

Now there’s nothing wrong with having a blog on a free platform. It gets the job done and can be easier to start.

The problem is that it’s what beginners do. People who are ‘having a go’ at blogging or trying it out. If you were a professional, you would have forked out the few pounds for a domain name and hosting.

Also every backlink, tweet, like or mention you get is going to a site owned by someone else and they can take it off you at any time. You want to build all your authority on a site that you own.

Be Confident in your Writing

In your posts it is important that you don’t give the impression that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

One way to avoid this is to stop using what I call ‘wishy washy’ statements. By this I mean phrases like ‘I think’, ‘this might be because…’, ‘kind of’, ‘maybe’, ‘perhaps’ and ‘possibly’. All of these phrases put the idea in readers’ mind that you are unsure that what you are saying is your firm conviction. Why should they believe you if you don’t truly believe yourself?

Do More Research Than the Next Guy

Being an authority on a subject is all about knowing what you’re talking about. That is why people come and read your blog and not the one on the other side of the internet because you are the one who can give them the information they need.

Problem is that they aren’t going to come back if they can’t verify what you say either by trying it out for themselves or by checking what research you have done.

Go that extra mile, if you make a statement see if you can back it up with some research or at least someone else that is also an authority and shares your opinion.

Spend a little while both before and after writing adding in appropriate links both to other articles you have written and articles on other sites that support your idea. This way you know about what you are talking about before you put the metaphorical pen to paper and after wards see if there was anything you missed.

The more effort you put into writing the more your readers will get out of it.

Voice Your Opinion

Once you have been blogging for a while you will begin to realise that not everyone is going to agree with your opinions. With over 2 billion people using the internet regularly there are simply far too many people to please.

But don’t let that put you off speaking your mind! The people who don’t agree with you will simply not come back and perhaps leave a bad comment but the people who like what you are saying will like you all the more because they will see that you both have the same opinion. You went out on a limb to say something knowing that some people wouldn’t agree and they will feel a connection with you all the more because of it.

Don’t go out to seek controversy but don’t be afraid of it either, strong opinions create a strong reaction and that is what you want from people because it will keep them coming back.

Step out of Your Comfort Zone

The internet is so large and filling up with new ways to connect every day that no one has mastered every aspect of it. This means that there will be an area that is outside of your comfort zone.

Be it Twitter, Facebook, Sending emails or answering people’s comments you have to push yourself to try the unfamiliar. This is the only way that you are going to keep up with a fast moving environment like the internet.

Start People Talking

When you are using social media outlets you don’t simply want to be tagging along with what someone else is saying, you want to be the one who is getting other people to join you in conversation.

No one is going to remember the person who makes the 5th comment out of 254 but they are going to remember the person who started the conversation off. Pose interesting questions to your readers which allow them to voice their opinions. Make your posts or tweets things that people want to talk about whether it’s good or bad.

This goes back to voicing your opinion. If you don’t make a stand then people are just going to let the comment fall into obscurity because they don’t care enough but if you do then people are going to stand up and take notice.

If you want to make it to the top of your field then you have to show people that you belong there already. Show them what you can do and the rest will follow.

Know your Guest Author :

John Burnside writes about Interesting Psychological Disorders and how the mind ticks over at his psychology blog If you want to keep up with his latest updates then please like him on Facebook.





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Helpful tips create engaging content

Content is the face of website and must be interesting enough to engage visitors to the site a while long. The first impression about your business is drawn with the flow of writing. Rather make an attractive and appealing writing which can hold the interest of readers then a straight and flat information or marketing of your business.

There are some tips mentioned to make your content interesting and updated to elicit visitors and make them visit your site again and again to read the content.

Tips To Create An Interesting Content

Make your Unique Style of writing

Make the website different and special from others. A unique voice, distinguishable content attracts the mind faster than others. An eye-catching content and formatting that no other competitors in the business have. The flow of writing must go same in all the pages that impress the readers and make their habit of reading in a same pattern and will not let them go anywhere then revisiting the site again.

Active Words

The active form of writing makes the reader interesting and they get involved with the story. Rather than passive writing which may bore a reader after a certain period of time, use active words to engross reader to read more and more.  Conservative writing is much preferred by the readers but don’t go outlandish or absurd, maintain the dignity of our business.

No typographical errors

One or two typographical errors can be carried with the presentable and interesting article of writing but not more than that. Much of the spelling or grammatical error will make the site lose credibility and lower the interest of the readers. As it breaks the flow of reading and results in a flippant impression.

Content must be skimming

With so busy lives; readers have made a habit of reading the content while skimming. Especially the website contents, when the web users get number of options with a single click. The content should carry a quality of skimming and scanning, so that user can find the useful points as per preferences and get through with all the content in limited time.

Readers focused content

No one wants to read about you, if it is not related to them at all. They will look for other sites very soon. Focus on the needs and wants of readers than on your interest to engage them in your website content. Even the popular search engines check the quality and worth of content in the process of content optimization.

Showcase benefits of content

The topic may be anything, the reader must get the motto of writing and the benefits they will get after it. Feature the logical and beneficiary things of the product or service if the content is about them. You must convince your reader through showing them their benefits.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Websites present content to get the high ranks on Search engines and appeal to visitors about their product and services. But too much keyword stuffing will upset both, Google and the users as well and will no more help you in social media optimization. Penguin and Panda updates has made it clear about too much keyword stuffing and it also breaks the flow of reading and irritates the reader to read same words again and again.

Add Calls to Action

To make your content active and feasible to the readers, always add at least one call to action. Make the content supportive to the user by directing them the very next step apparently in the content.

Linking to others

To go beyond the limits for helping your readers is always an impressive act for users. Linking to a relevant site of information to the visitors is a positive point; on the other hand one irrelevant link will make you lose credibility. The linking site can be a splurging site of your content and services but should be informative to users.

Speak to visitor personality

Content is printed on the site for varied web users; try to make your content conservatory to all users. Address the specific needs and requirements of users in your content and be friendly with them by simplifying your way of writing.

These ten tips can help you make a huge difference in the presentation and make your site favorite among search engines and web users.

Know Your Guest Author:

This article has been written by Sachin Sharma .

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Blogging for commercial purposes has become very prominent. Alongside, optimization of commercial blogs and websites has become quite essential since the past few years. As long as you consistently update your blog to upsurge traffic and implement some strategies and tactics in enhancing your blog proficiently, you can easily make a good amount of profit online. List of 21 tactics to increase blog traffic are listed below:

Sensible content:

‘Content is king’, is what they say. If you generate a good content value, it will evidently be shared with others via social networking websites etc. with others thus grabbing interests of more and more people.

Add imageries and photographs:

A picture speaks a thousand words. Attractive images tend to generate more traffic than plain simple text. Remember to add a caption or title with keywords whenever you are adding a photo to your blog post.

Limit keyword density:

Keeping the density of keyword is imperative. You need to follow the limit density of keywords in the word matter of your blog posts. The most challenging part for an SEO expert is to incorporate keywords properly in the content.

Keep your blog up to date:

You need to keep your blog updated regularly to attract new visitors. If you do not have any major content, you may simply modify the template, create an archive of the widely read posts and broadcast them.

Upload videos:

Creating and uploading videos has become highly popular on blogs these days. You can even create a video that introduces your blog to the visitors.

Exchanging of blog links/URL’s:

If you link your blog posts with other websites or blogs, it is likely that they will return the favor. The more generous and unstinting you are with others, the more generous they will be to you.

Comment on blog posts:

Comments basically increase the interaction level between the commenter and the blogger. This will improve your relationship with the existing visitors but also attract new visitors in for discussion.

Posts by guests:

Guest posting is a very effective way of growing your market share. You may send invitations to writers in your forte to post on your blog as a guest.

Expand the ping/ alert list:

When you publish a new post on your blog, your blogging tool will ping the search engines. This will notify the search engines that the content matter on your blog has been altered and that the viewers can check it out at all times.

Make them an offer:

At the end of every blog post, place an invitation for the viewers to subscribe; something which appeals to the readers.

Advertise your website:

If you post on any forums, mention your blog link to your signature so that whoever reads your posts will also read about your blog.

Make your blog SEO-friendly:

Search engines such as Bing, Google etc. give you an extensive opportunity to generate traffic. SEO is pretty easy to set up, mainly if you are using an SEO-friendly tool such as WordPress.

Take help from SEO Experts:

It may become strenuous trying to practice every possible thing for a blog may get out of hand. At such times, you may concern an SEO Expert India who would be able to take care of the traffic generation for your website.

Practice new traffic methods:

Everything changes from time to time. So do traffic generation methods. You need to test and find new methods to draw the attention of readers that will provide you with a continuous stream of traffic.

Create a publishers list:

If you do a good job, you may be able to create a list of even 20 or more publishers in the first month itself. These publishers will be serving new traffic to your blog at diverse rates.

Target audiences those are likely to share your blog:

When you are deciding who you would be writing for, aim at the readers that are likely to share the word.

Use social media to find new connections:

Twitter, Facebook, Myspace etc. are drawing massive amounts of time and attention from the users from all over the globe, and those who partake on these websites aptly fit into our target range. Thus there is a high probability that they will share you content with others.

Install Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a free software using which you get an overview of the traffic generation and the sources that initiate quality traffic.

Design your website beautifully:

When readers open any website, the first thing they look at is the design and the feel that they get from the design of the website. Thus you need to get your blog designed professionally and appropriately.

Create a survey for your readers:

Surveys are highly interactive and engaging. If you need to discuss a particular topic or issue, you may conduct surveys for your readers.

Take part in Social Sharing Communities:

A large amount of traffic comes from social communities such as Reddit, Pintrest, Tumblr etc.

Thus, if you follow even half of the tactics mentioned above, your website is going to be a huge success in the web world.

Know Your Guest Author:

Steven D’Souza is a well-known SEO expert India who has been helping many corporate websites excel since the past 8 years. He helps his clients’ website create enough traffic to keep their website on top of the leading search engines. Steven says that generating traffic is not rocket science; however it requires steadiness, time and persistence.

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Content creation is an art and one needs to come up with innovative content, every time an assignment is at hand. However, one need not necessarily write new content every time. Strange as it might sound but you can always use your blog archives and save valuable time that can be creatively used for any other new assignment at hand.

Unmindful of your knowledge, a great lot of content lies buried in your archives. Use this creatively and come up with a new assignment, every time you have something new at hand.

Linking back to old posts

This is one of the viable strategy that you can use to increase the visitor presence to your blog. You might not have tried this strategy before but linking your current content to your previous posts can help you attract traffic to the old posts. You can also try writing a round up post that can help you showcase some of the best posts from your past archives.

Ensure that while you link up the current post to previous archives, link these to the related posts. For example if you are writing a blog post on travel destinations, linking up the current post to an archive link related to travel will instill much confidence in your readers. They will take you for a professional blog writer who knows the strategies well.

Most of the professional blog writers do an annual round up of their posts. Follow this technique and see the difference it makes to your work.

Republishing great reports

It might be possible that some of your worthy posts might be gathering dust in the lot of archive posts. It is high time that you pull out some worthy posts from these archives. It is quite possible that most of your new readers might not have seen or read your old posts. Even your old readers must have lost track of good posts that were written by you. Prioritize and pick up some new posts from the lot, your readers will surely appreciate it and help you increase the readership of the blog.

Promoting the old posts

You must be burning the midnight oil to promote your new posts. A worthy way of sharing posts with users is through social networking sites as Twitter and Facebook. It might not have struck your mind but the strategy you have been using for promoting the new posts can be applied for the older posts.

Share your older posts through Facebook pages, Twitter and You Tube links. It only takes a second to share older posts through Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. Use social networking to your advantage and link up with potential new users, who might not be having any hint on your blog posts.

Publishing an Ebook

You might be into writing an ebook for your newsletter. Short on time though, you can pull out some of the post from the archive list. Most of the work will be done in no time and using the content with innovation, you can even write a new ebook with over 90 percent of the content being old.

This strategy can be of imminent use to publishers who are into the work of ebook publishing but have a range of posts to handle at any given point of time. Follow this strategy and you will have a list of potential new customers who would be wanting to see your books and scrape through the content.

Recording audio versions

In these busy times everyone including your readers are hard pressed for time. This hardly leaves any time for the readers to devout exclusively to reading. Moreover, not everyone likes to have content in written form. Most of the young readers too want content in audio or podcast version. This might seem to be a long drawn process for you that takes your worthy time. However, you can use things creatively in your favour.

Instead of coming up with all new material, every time you have a new assignment at hand, you can go in for making of audio recordings. Choose some of your best posts and make audio recordings from them.

This will make things easy for you and professionally you will come up among the top league of bloggers who try innovation at work. Working on these strategies will help you rise to the pinnacle of success. Your old readers will love to connect with you and simultaneously you will generate inquisitiveness amongst new readers too.

Follow the above listed measures and reap the benefits.

Know Your Guest Author:

Margaret is a writer/blogger. She loves writing travelling and reading books. She contributes to World Financial Group


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wordpressWhen you have a blog and love blog content writing, you always think of new ways to attract readers. I have a WordPress blog and I constantly change its design to make things more attractive and user friendly. While each and every part of a blog is important since even the smallest of mistakes can mar user experience, sidebar has always remained my primary focus. Every now and then, I add and remove tools and widgets from the sidebar to experiment and discover the best possible combination.

Every blogger will possibly understand my feeling. Blog is a like a pet and you always feel that there is something missing. Besides, it’s always good to know what works and what doesn’t. Sidebar of a blog is very important because a well designed sidebar not only offers a pleasant user experience but also lets users navigate various parts of the site. Moreover, the tools and resources help visitors achieve their goal faster.

However, the greatest benefit of a well crafted sidebar is that it’s the perfect place for capturing leads and generating sales for your products. So, what are the most important widgets and links that you must have on the blog’s sidebar?

Emails opt-in + incentive

One of the best ways to get some loyal readers is sending them timely newsletters about your new article and products. However, the question is how can you influence people to sign up for your newsletters? Majority of bloggers offer some incentives to customers in order to attract them. For example, I ask my readers to sign up and, in return, offer them a free e-book. The top part of the right sidebar gets immediate attention from visitors and that is where you should put the newsletter sign up widget.

The more people sign up, the more chances you have to make some money by sending them your product (e-book, tutorial) details and offers. Most blog content writing professionals say that content is king and it’s the article quality that increases readership but I think it’s the relationship with readers that boost readership. Content is certainly important but if people don’t know what you are publishing, they won’t visit your site regularly irrespective of whether the content is good or bad.

Social proof

Accept it or not, your social network profile is a testament of your popularity. If you have thousands of followers, then readers immediately think that you are a knowledgeable person and subsequently hundreds of other readers visit your blog regularly. Therefore, don’t forget to put a social connection widget on your sidebar. There are several WordPress plug-ins for social network integration and you can use any one of them. Make sure that the number of Facebook “like” and Twitter “follower” is always visible. Just remember one thing.

Having 1000 fans is one thing and being active on social networking sites is another. If people click on the Facebook/Twitter profile and see that your last post was months ago, they will be very disappointed. Hence, be active and interact with fans/followers regularly.

Most popular and recent posts

If you post 3 articles every week, then, in 6 months, you will post at least 72 articles. That is a staggering number and may baffle a new visitor. Besides, all your posts can’t be of equal quality and you would never want a first-time visitor to read a poor article. Therefore, you should add a widget to highlight the most popular posts and another widget for most recent articles. This way, visitors will be able to see the most read and most recent posts directly from the sidebar.

Links to your core products

Create small banner ads of your products and place them on the right sidebar. This way, you will be able to increase sales and make some money. For example, in my blog, I have a 1 minute clip of a tutorial video and ask the viewers to buy the full version if they feel satisfied seeing the 1 minute preview.

Custom search bar

This is the most important tool. Being a professional blog content writing expert, you must know that the default WordPress search bar is absolutely useless. So, create a Google Ad Sense account to place a custom Google search bar on the sidebar. When users come to your site, they will type keywords inside the search tool to find the exact article they are looking for. It’s a great usability and time saving feature.

So, these are some of the widgets and tools I use. What are the tools you place inside your blog’s sidebar? Share your suggestions.

Know Your Guest Author:

Aditi Datta is a passionate blogger who loves to share interesting tips and tricks through her write-ups. Her areas of expertise mainly focus on blogging and she also shares all major topics related to blogs through her writings.

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If you are planning to increase blog traffic with Pinterest, it is important that you know more about the site, what it offers and how to go about using it in order to have a success story to share with others. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networking sites. The unique thing about this site is that it appeals mostly to women between the ages of 17 and 35 years. This explains why women make up almost 70% of the user-base, with men taking up the remaining 30%. What this means is that in using Pinterest, your target audience is mostly made up of young women, single and married mothers who are constantly on the look out for something to buy.

Why You Need to Pay Attention

Pinterest is now is now larger than yahoo in terms of web traffic. There are plenty of success stories of people massively increasing their website traffic.

Allow People To Pin Your Images

Step 1 is to add the pinterest arbitration to your website and allow them to pin your images.

pint it

Look for Creative Ideas for your Posts

Have you made out time to browse through the pinboards on Pinterest? It is one sure way of getting creative ideas that will help you in crafting interesting posts that is sure to give your blog more exposure. It works better if you narrow down your search to the topics related to your blog. When you find such pins, make out time to find out how much repins, comments and likes such pins are generating. This way, you will be able to create something similar but quiet unique and get people repining, commenting and liking your posts.

Include Images and Video

In order to make the most of your plan to increase blog traffic with Pinterest, it is necessary that you include images or videos in your posts. This way, apart from the fact that the posts are interesting, they also have a high level of visual appeal that will attract and interest many people, especially women and generate more leads and sales for your personal or business blogs.

Don’t Make it about yourself

This is one area where you might make a costly mistake. In order for it not to look like you are engaging in self-promotion, you should also pin content from other sources. If for example, your blog is about cooking, apart from pinning images and content on your best dishes, you can also pin about other dishes from other chefs, cooking utensils from certain stores and manufacturers or kitchen makeovers by some interior designers and decorators. This way, you build relationships with those people mentioned in your blog. Without saying it, you already know what this can do for your blog in terms of leads and traffic.


With these few tips and getting more creative, your aim to increase blog traffic with Pinterest will surely be realized. Don’t forget to maintain a mailing list where you can offer your blog visitors more valuable information to keep them coming.

Know Your Guest Author:

Tom Jones contributed this guest post for – see here for more information on their create a website tips. Tom is a freelance writer for blogs such as and

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Addictive BlogThere are literally millions of blogs on the great wide web with more being started every day, but for every blog that is started only a few are able to successfully gain a substantial foothold in the competitive field. There is no guaranteed method for making an addictive blog that will attract a lot of readers, but there are proven techniques that can increase your odds.

Graffiti Artists are Professionals Too

There are blogs about everything (maybe) from Fortune 500 companies to criminal activities. Even if your blog topic doesn’t seem professional, it should still look like it. This doesn’t equal boring, the format and scheme of the blog should match its content but still look like a real website that someone took some time to develop. A lot of blog hosting sites like Word Press, Blog Spot, and Blogger offer packages that look clean and professional, and you can still personalize them if you don’t have the know-how for designing your own site. Professional also means submitting content that is free of errors and typos. Easy mistakes can ruin your credibility in a hurry, just look at Todd Akin’s political career if you need an example.

What Makes Halloween Awesome?

Mini candy! Your blog should mimic bite size candies by hosting bite sized paragraphs. The paragraph above is even too big for my liking and walls of text will just scare the average reader off. Try funneling information into some of the following:

  • Bulleted or numbered lists! Very easy to read and can convey a lot of information quickly. Do as I say, not as I do, and use more than one bullet – three is a good minimum.

Utilize Subheads: These breaks up your post and a reader can quickly scan to see what you’ll be covering. They don’t have to be stagnant and can try to grab attention like I am attempting.

For Every Post, a Page: Rather than pushing old posts underneath new ones until users have a millimeter tall scroll bar, give each new post its own page. Then you can link between relevant posts, sort by titles and topics, and start developing a functioning website. This makes it much easier for users to navigate and older posts will have a longer life since Google ranks by pages, not by a site.

Speaking of Google: learn some basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques and keep those in mind when you’re coming up with titles and when you start networking. This will help get more traffic to your blog which will hopefully mean more dedicated readers.

Not Everyone Likes Sauerkraut

But those who do, love it! Your blog should cater to a niche rather than the masses because the cliché saying is right; you can’t please everybody. Targeting a specific group of people will actually increase your readership faster than trying to spread out. Plus, once you have a specific group following your blog you can begin to branch out.

Eat Plenty of Fiber

You want to be regular in all parts of your life, including your blog. Set a schedule, and stick to it! Your readers should know when to look for new posts, not just when you feel like it. Take the immensely popular YouTuber, Jenna Marbles, for example. Her subscribers KNOW that she’ll have a new video up every Wednesday. Even if that week’s content isn’t her best, she still gets millions of views by maintaining a strict schedule.

Stay Current

I swear, I am not trying to talk about bowel movements, but unless you are a history buff and blogging about the industrial revolution your blog should keep up with current affairs. This helps with SEO techniques as people search for breaking news items and will help to generate more traffic to your blog. Even if you are putting out creative pieces you should still try to tie them into current affairs that are relative to your niche.

There are plenty of more ways to make an addictive blog, but keeping it relevant, short, regular, and professional will set you up splendidly for success. Just remember that blogging is a labor of love and that it takes time. Many blogs out there aren’t even maintained anymore; don’t fall by the wayside like them.

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Carla Eaton has a B.A. in Mass Media and writes on the topics of business, technology, and design. She currently blogs for, who specializes in Canon printer ink.

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Monetizing RSS Feeds

RSS, often called Rich Text Summary or Really Simple Syndication allows publishers to make available their content to the audience in real time as they publish it. As for the readers this handy function lets them collect updates from their favorite sites from a single place, without having to search for bookmarks etc. RSS Feeds are vital if you are maintaining your own blog, and expecting traffic.

(Of course you do, who doesn’t?)

Since your posts reach your subscribed readers in real time as you publish them, which essentially creates a regular readership and increases the returning traffic to your blog. Using RSS Feeds is really simple, but with few simple tricks you can make even more from your feed. The following is a description about few simple ways to make most of your RSS feed and drive traffic to your blogs.

Place the RSS Button in a Visible Spot

RSS feed button should be visible to the readers, at the first glance. Chances of a fist time visitor to your blog diving into your site, cluttered with blog posts and themes and affiliate links and Adsence ads, in search of a RSS button are few and far between. Place the feed button in a place not camouflaged by ads and banners etc. Placing the RSS feed button near the regular social book marking buttons in one highly visible, recognizable place is really important, if you want to gain continuous readership to your blog posts.

Adding a recognizable catch phrase inviting the visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed, near the link too works fine. A regular readership and the number of returning visitors to your site are important aspects determining the success of your blog, and RSS Feed is one smart way to optimize your blog for that.

Use Smart, Relevant Titles for Your Blog Posts

RSS Feeds cut all the eye candy graphics and themes etc of your site, filtering the core sap of your site, i.e. the blog posts to be presented to the readers.  Therefore to grab readers’ attention, you need to produce highly relevant, interesting and luring titles for your posts. If it’s not standing out from the rest of the posts from other sites, inside the reader, you are losing a potential reader. Also remember to provide relevant titles, because misleading attractive titles would cost you more than you’d imagine.

Post High Quality Content in Your Posts

High quality content is a must, if you want to improve traffic to your blog, and with RSS Feeds it gains even more importance, because readers focus their attention directly to the content, rather than to the fancy themes, styles and advertisements on your site. Therefore make high quality original posts, with correct grammar, proper punctuation and correct sentence structure. Do not plagiarize content from other sites, or write meaningless posts when you have nothing to write about.

Posting content with some regularity, updating content notifies the readers that your blog is functioning, up-to-date and relevant, and believe me; they do love to read such blogs. Optimizing your content for the search engines is important as well. When you are writing content, remember to use properly researched keywords, with correct keyword density. Use other basic SEO techniques to make is easier for Google bots to index your site.

Monitor the Traffic

You can monitor the traffic to your blog using FeedBurner. With this handy tool you can see how many people have subscribed to your RSS Feed, how many are reading your blog posts etc. Another added advantage is that you can even get the CTC in Google Adsense, and get a clear picture of your target audience and optimize your content to match the readers. SmartFeed feature found here optimizes your feed and makes your feed compatible with any feed reader, making sure that you won’t miss any reader willing to read your blog, on grounds of an incompatible feed reader not displaying your posts properly.

Use RSS Feeds on social media

You can promote your RSS Feed via the social media sites like Twitter and Facebook easily, using a free online service like Twitterfeed. You can maximize exposure to your content and view real time stats about your blog posts, analyze and optimize your posts to match the target audience quiet easily with these handy tools. Another handy tool is the Yahoo Pipes. With Yahoo Pipes you can filter, categorize and even combine multiple feeds together, and distribute them using Twitterfeed on social networks. Apart from Twitterfeed, you can use NetworkedBlogs to update your Facebook page with your blog posts.

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This is a guest post by D. Blackthorn from Drm remover software team. Dmitri is fond of SEO – looking for the most appropriate SEO strategies. He’s interested in software testing and reviewing, music recommendation engines and Video on Demand services.

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Email Marketing and BloggingBlogging for increased business is a provable practice. Combined with email marketing, a small business can make blogging work even better. You may not have considered email marketing because it’s often thought of as spam, or coupons, rather than true marketing by some. But the fact is, Email marketing is for all types of businesses, not just big corporations and spammers.

It works for all types of small business and is a great way to compliment your blogging efforts. 50% of subscribers to email lists, according to Nielsen, trust the information they receive from their subscription. This means that email marketing is a viable and worthwhile endeavor for most small businesses. It gets results!

What Is Email Marketing?

Typically, email marketing encompasses readers subscribing, by providing their email address, and “double opting in” to receive regular emails, content and newsletters from you. You’ll need a service such as MailChimp, Aweber or other email marketing apps to perform email marketing most efficiently. You’ll be able to send a variety of content with links and images with such a service to your subscribers. You’ll have to pay a monthly fee based on the volume of email sent as well as how many subscribers you have.

Offering some sort of incentive to get people to sign up for your email marketing campaigns, such as a free eReport, or cents off coupon is helpful, allowing you to get happy and enthusiastic subscribers. However, some people who sign up for freebies are just doing it to get the free item, so offering a topnotch newsletter full of interesting and relevant content can suffice too. You know your market better than anyone so do what you feel will work for them.

What Can Email Marketing Do For Your Business?

Keep Readers & Customers Updated – It’s simple to keep your readers and customers updated via a regular weekly newsletter sent via email. Include the most popular or important blog posts from the previous week, include a few extras, and they’ll be happy to receive your email.

Promote New Products or Events — Send out an email to subscribers each time you have a new product, event or promotion.  If you’ve done a good job keeping in touch with your subscribers, they will respond well.

Reach a New Audience — If you make your email marketing interesting and allow your subscribers to share your mailings with others, you’ll reach people who don’t use social media to find out about your blog.

Stay In Customers & Readers Minds — Email marketing allows you to stay in your customers and readers minds in between times that they visit your blog or storefront.

Five Tips for Email Marketing Success:

Success at email marketing campaigns is easy if you know the basics. These tips below can help you with it -

  1. Use Good Subject Lines & Headlines — It’s important that you really think about your subject lines and headlines for your emails. If you don’t ensure that your subject lines and headlines are creative, yet accurate, people won’t open your email.
  2. Always Choose Relevant Topics For Your Audience — Ensure that what is inside the email is relevant to the subject line, as well as speaks to your target audience. Knowing who your audience is will go far in making email marketing a success.
  3. Pick Fabulous Images And Graphics — If you send HTML email, ensure that you use clear, high quality appropriate graphics and images. If you send old fashioned clip art, and fuzzy pictures, you’ll turn off your audience.
  4. Send Newsletters Regularly — In order to not be classified as spam, it’s important that you send your email marketing campaigns at least once a week, or at the very least, how often you told them you’d send them something at the time they signed up for your email list.
  5. Follow The Law — Read and understand the laws regarding spam. A terrific blog with links to the various laws around the country is here. Look up your country and get to know the laws so you don’t accidentally break them.

Try adding email marketing to your blogging efforts and you’ll soon see an increase in business, no matter what type of business you have.

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Christophe is the co-founder of GetApp, the #1 Cloud Business Apps Marketplace. He writes about cloud computing trends and provides tips on how businesses can benefit from cloud-based apps to improve their profit. Find Christophe on Google+

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