When you are a blogger one of the most difficult challenges you face is getting people to see your worth. Anyone can be a blogger for free. Just visit wordpress and blogger, fill in a few forms and you are now a fully qualified blogger, right?

Well that all depends on how people perceive you which is based on many factors.

The About Page

The about page is the most important page on your blog for establishing yourself with your readers. Usually the second most visited page, after the homepage, this is where you really get to show off your skills and add value to your personal brand.

When writing your about page it is important to consider your niche. Some niches will require you to write in a personal way and so write in the first person but as a general rule writing in the third person is best for establishing a sense of authority. It allows you to write more freely about your skills without sounding arrogant. It also gives the impression that someone else is writing about you adding more credence to your statement.

Also if you are working in a team, say so. If more than one person is working on the project then it shows the strength and depth of your blog.

Finally add in all of the skills, experience and qualifications you have that allow you to write on your topic. This shows why you are and expert and why they should be listening to you.

Buy a Self-Hosted Site

Now there’s nothing wrong with having a blog on a free platform. It gets the job done and can be easier to start.

The problem is that it’s what beginners do. People who are ‘having a go’ at blogging or trying it out. If you were a professional, you would have forked out the few pounds for a domain name and hosting.

Also every backlink, tweet, like or mention you get is going to a site owned by someone else and they can take it off you at any time. You want to build all your authority on a site that you own.

Be Confident in your Writing

In your posts it is important that you don’t give the impression that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

One way to avoid this is to stop using what I call ‘wishy washy’ statements. By this I mean phrases like ‘I think’, ‘this might be because…’, ‘kind of’, ‘maybe’, ‘perhaps’ and ‘possibly’. All of these phrases put the idea in readers’ mind that you are unsure that what you are saying is your firm conviction. Why should they believe you if you don’t truly believe yourself?

Do More Research Than the Next Guy

Being an authority on a subject is all about knowing what you’re talking about. That is why people come and read your blog and not the one on the other side of the internet because you are the one who can give them the information they need.

Problem is that they aren’t going to come back if they can’t verify what you say either by trying it out for themselves or by checking what research you have done.

Go that extra mile, if you make a statement see if you can back it up with some research or at least someone else that is also an authority and shares your opinion.

Spend a little while both before and after writing adding in appropriate links both to other articles you have written and articles on other sites that support your idea. This way you know about what you are talking about before you put the metaphorical pen to paper and after wards see if there was anything you missed.

The more effort you put into writing the more your readers will get out of it.

Voice Your Opinion

Once you have been blogging for a while you will begin to realise that not everyone is going to agree with your opinions. With over 2 billion people using the internet regularly there are simply far too many people to please.

But don’t let that put you off speaking your mind! The people who don’t agree with you will simply not come back and perhaps leave a bad comment but the people who like what you are saying will like you all the more because they will see that you both have the same opinion. You went out on a limb to say something knowing that some people wouldn’t agree and they will feel a connection with you all the more because of it.

Don’t go out to seek controversy but don’t be afraid of it either, strong opinions create a strong reaction and that is what you want from people because it will keep them coming back.

Step out of Your Comfort Zone

The internet is so large and filling up with new ways to connect every day that no one has mastered every aspect of it. This means that there will be an area that is outside of your comfort zone.

Be it Twitter, Facebook, Sending emails or answering people’s comments you have to push yourself to try the unfamiliar. This is the only way that you are going to keep up with a fast moving environment like the internet.

Start People Talking

When you are using social media outlets you don’t simply want to be tagging along with what someone else is saying, you want to be the one who is getting other people to join you in conversation.

No one is going to remember the person who makes the 5th comment out of 254 but they are going to remember the person who started the conversation off. Pose interesting questions to your readers which allow them to voice their opinions. Make your posts or tweets things that people want to talk about whether it’s good or bad.

This goes back to voicing your opinion. If you don’t make a stand then people are just going to let the comment fall into obscurity because they don’t care enough but if you do then people are going to stand up and take notice.

If you want to make it to the top of your field then you have to show people that you belong there already. Show them what you can do and the rest will follow.

Know your Guest Author :

John Burnside writes about Interesting Psychological Disorders and how the mind ticks over at his psychology blog If you want to keep up with his latest updates then please like him on Facebook.





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Helpful tips create engaging content

Content is the face of website and must be interesting enough to engage visitors to the site a while long. The first impression about your business is drawn with the flow of writing. Rather make an attractive and appealing writing which can hold the interest of readers then a straight and flat information or marketing of your business.

There are some tips mentioned to make your content interesting and updated to elicit visitors and make them visit your site again and again to read the content.

Tips To Create An Interesting Content

Make your Unique Style of writing

Make the website different and special from others. A unique voice, distinguishable content attracts the mind faster than others. An eye-catching content and formatting that no other competitors in the business have. The flow of writing must go same in all the pages that impress the readers and make their habit of reading in a same pattern and will not let them go anywhere then revisiting the site again.

Active Words

The active form of writing makes the reader interesting and they get involved with the story. Rather than passive writing which may bore a reader after a certain period of time, use active words to engross reader to read more and more.  Conservative writing is much preferred by the readers but don’t go outlandish or absurd, maintain the dignity of our business.

No typographical errors

One or two typographical errors can be carried with the presentable and interesting article of writing but not more than that. Much of the spelling or grammatical error will make the site lose credibility and lower the interest of the readers. As it breaks the flow of reading and results in a flippant impression.

Content must be skimming

With so busy lives; readers have made a habit of reading the content while skimming. Especially the website contents, when the web users get number of options with a single click. The content should carry a quality of skimming and scanning, so that user can find the useful points as per preferences and get through with all the content in limited time.

Readers focused content

No one wants to read about you, if it is not related to them at all. They will look for other sites very soon. Focus on the needs and wants of readers than on your interest to engage them in your website content. Even the popular search engines check the quality and worth of content in the process of content optimization.

Showcase benefits of content

The topic may be anything, the reader must get the motto of writing and the benefits they will get after it. Feature the logical and beneficiary things of the product or service if the content is about them. You must convince your reader through showing them their benefits.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Websites present content to get the high ranks on Search engines and appeal to visitors about their product and services. But too much keyword stuffing will upset both, Google and the users as well and will no more help you in social media optimization. Penguin and Panda updates has made it clear about too much keyword stuffing and it also breaks the flow of reading and irritates the reader to read same words again and again.

Add Calls to Action

To make your content active and feasible to the readers, always add at least one call to action. Make the content supportive to the user by directing them the very next step apparently in the content.

Linking to others

To go beyond the limits for helping your readers is always an impressive act for users. Linking to a relevant site of information to the visitors is a positive point; on the other hand one irrelevant link will make you lose credibility. The linking site can be a splurging site of your content and services but should be informative to users.

Speak to visitor personality

Content is printed on the site for varied web users; try to make your content conservatory to all users. Address the specific needs and requirements of users in your content and be friendly with them by simplifying your way of writing.

These ten tips can help you make a huge difference in the presentation and make your site favorite among search engines and web users.

Know Your Guest Author:

This article has been written by Sachin Sharma .

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Content creation is an art and one needs to come up with innovative content, every time an assignment is at hand. However, one need not necessarily write new content every time. Strange as it might sound but you can always use your blog archives and save valuable time that can be creatively used for any other new assignment at hand.

Unmindful of your knowledge, a great lot of content lies buried in your archives. Use this creatively and come up with a new assignment, every time you have something new at hand.

Linking back to old posts

This is one of the viable strategy that you can use to increase the visitor presence to your blog. You might not have tried this strategy before but linking your current content to your previous posts can help you attract traffic to the old posts. You can also try writing a round up post that can help you showcase some of the best posts from your past archives.

Ensure that while you link up the current post to previous archives, link these to the related posts. For example if you are writing a blog post on travel destinations, linking up the current post to an archive link related to travel will instill much confidence in your readers. They will take you for a professional blog writer who knows the strategies well.

Most of the professional blog writers do an annual round up of their posts. Follow this technique and see the difference it makes to your work.

Republishing great reports

It might be possible that some of your worthy posts might be gathering dust in the lot of archive posts. It is high time that you pull out some worthy posts from these archives. It is quite possible that most of your new readers might not have seen or read your old posts. Even your old readers must have lost track of good posts that were written by you. Prioritize and pick up some new posts from the lot, your readers will surely appreciate it and help you increase the readership of the blog.

Promoting the old posts

You must be burning the midnight oil to promote your new posts. A worthy way of sharing posts with users is through social networking sites as Twitter and Facebook. It might not have struck your mind but the strategy you have been using for promoting the new posts can be applied for the older posts.

Share your older posts through Facebook pages, Twitter and You Tube links. It only takes a second to share older posts through Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. Use social networking to your advantage and link up with potential new users, who might not be having any hint on your blog posts.

Publishing an Ebook

You might be into writing an ebook for your newsletter. Short on time though, you can pull out some of the post from the archive list. Most of the work will be done in no time and using the content with innovation, you can even write a new ebook with over 90 percent of the content being old.

This strategy can be of imminent use to publishers who are into the work of ebook publishing but have a range of posts to handle at any given point of time. Follow this strategy and you will have a list of potential new customers who would be wanting to see your books and scrape through the content.

Recording audio versions

In these busy times everyone including your readers are hard pressed for time. This hardly leaves any time for the readers to devout exclusively to reading. Moreover, not everyone likes to have content in written form. Most of the young readers too want content in audio or podcast version. This might seem to be a long drawn process for you that takes your worthy time. However, you can use things creatively in your favour.

Instead of coming up with all new material, every time you have a new assignment at hand, you can go in for making of audio recordings. Choose some of your best posts and make audio recordings from them.

This will make things easy for you and professionally you will come up among the top league of bloggers who try innovation at work. Working on these strategies will help you rise to the pinnacle of success. Your old readers will love to connect with you and simultaneously you will generate inquisitiveness amongst new readers too.

Follow the above listed measures and reap the benefits.

Know Your Guest Author:

Margaret is a writer/blogger. She loves writing travelling and reading books. She contributes to World Financial Group


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wordpressWhen you have a blog and love blog content writing, you always think of new ways to attract readers. I have a WordPress blog and I constantly change its design to make things more attractive and user friendly. While each and every part of a blog is important since even the smallest of mistakes can mar user experience, sidebar has always remained my primary focus. Every now and then, I add and remove tools and widgets from the sidebar to experiment and discover the best possible combination.

Every blogger will possibly understand my feeling. Blog is a like a pet and you always feel that there is something missing. Besides, it’s always good to know what works and what doesn’t. Sidebar of a blog is very important because a well designed sidebar not only offers a pleasant user experience but also lets users navigate various parts of the site. Moreover, the tools and resources help visitors achieve their goal faster.

However, the greatest benefit of a well crafted sidebar is that it’s the perfect place for capturing leads and generating sales for your products. So, what are the most important widgets and links that you must have on the blog’s sidebar?

Emails opt-in + incentive

One of the best ways to get some loyal readers is sending them timely newsletters about your new article and products. However, the question is how can you influence people to sign up for your newsletters? Majority of bloggers offer some incentives to customers in order to attract them. For example, I ask my readers to sign up and, in return, offer them a free e-book. The top part of the right sidebar gets immediate attention from visitors and that is where you should put the newsletter sign up widget.

The more people sign up, the more chances you have to make some money by sending them your product (e-book, tutorial) details and offers. Most blog content writing professionals say that content is king and it’s the article quality that increases readership but I think it’s the relationship with readers that boost readership. Content is certainly important but if people don’t know what you are publishing, they won’t visit your site regularly irrespective of whether the content is good or bad.

Social proof

Accept it or not, your social network profile is a testament of your popularity. If you have thousands of followers, then readers immediately think that you are a knowledgeable person and subsequently hundreds of other readers visit your blog regularly. Therefore, don’t forget to put a social connection widget on your sidebar. There are several WordPress plug-ins for social network integration and you can use any one of them. Make sure that the number of Facebook “like” and Twitter “follower” is always visible. Just remember one thing.

Having 1000 fans is one thing and being active on social networking sites is another. If people click on the Facebook/Twitter profile and see that your last post was months ago, they will be very disappointed. Hence, be active and interact with fans/followers regularly.

Most popular and recent posts

If you post 3 articles every week, then, in 6 months, you will post at least 72 articles. That is a staggering number and may baffle a new visitor. Besides, all your posts can’t be of equal quality and you would never want a first-time visitor to read a poor article. Therefore, you should add a widget to highlight the most popular posts and another widget for most recent articles. This way, visitors will be able to see the most read and most recent posts directly from the sidebar.

Links to your core products

Create small banner ads of your products and place them on the right sidebar. This way, you will be able to increase sales and make some money. For example, in my blog, I have a 1 minute clip of a tutorial video and ask the viewers to buy the full version if they feel satisfied seeing the 1 minute preview.

Custom search bar

This is the most important tool. Being a professional blog content writing expert, you must know that the default WordPress search bar is absolutely useless. So, create a Google Ad Sense account to place a custom Google search bar on the sidebar. When users come to your site, they will type keywords inside the search tool to find the exact article they are looking for. It’s a great usability and time saving feature.

So, these are some of the widgets and tools I use. What are the tools you place inside your blog’s sidebar? Share your suggestions.

Know Your Guest Author:

Aditi Datta is a passionate blogger who loves to share interesting tips and tricks through her write-ups. Her areas of expertise mainly focus on blogging and she also shares all major topics related to blogs through her writings.

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Every month it’s important to take a few steps back and look at your blog from the outside. Sometimes you work on something for so long and it becomes a part of you. This is great, but it can also cloud your judgment because you can’t look at something objectively when you’re too close. You need to decide if everything you have been doing all this time is working as effectively as you’d like. If it’s not then this is the perfect time to make some changes before you waste anymore time on something that isn’t bringing you any results.

There’s certain areas you need to look at. These areas are some main parts of a successful blog and each one must be at least a little effective if you want to make a decent amount of money. If you’re not doing well at the moment then an exercise like this could really shake things up. You could start seeing an almost instant improvement. Here’s those areas you need to look at and what you could do to change something if that’s what needs to happen. Start doing this today and then every month so you can see how much you improve.

Look at your email opt-ins

It’s easy enough to look at our email opt-ins and take them for granted because they keep growing each month. Sometimes you need to go deeper inside everything and find out whether or not they are slowing down. If they are slowing down it could be because something has changed regarding your offer. Perhaps it’s out-of-date and no longer what people want. Doing spot checks allows you to find out before it’s too late.

Check your main keywords

I know this is maybe something you’ll check every 5 minutes when you get started, but if you’re not seeing any dramatic drop in traffic it’s unlikely you’ll check your keyword rankings every day unless it’s your main traffic source. If SEO isn’t your main traffic source you still want to check once a month to see if everything is running smoothly. If it’s not you can then maybe write a few guest posts to improve things.

Check engagement levels

Have a look through the latest posts and find out if people are commenting as much as they used to. Especially thoughtful comments, because you don’t count the ones where people are just doing some SEO. If engagement levels are dropping it’s something you must address. Maybe your content isn’t as good and you can fix this before people stop coming back.

Look at popular posts

There will be some posts on your site that get superior traffic compared to all the other ones. You should keep checking to see what ones are popular every month because they could be out-of-date. You don’t want people to keep going to your older articles that have outdated information in them. Keep updating them when you know they still get traffic. You can even make them better than before because of your improved writing style.

Check for broken links

This one is a hassle, but if you have any broken links it could be serious. What if the broken ones are to a sales page? That’s money you could be losing. Then you have all the other ones that won’t necessarily lose you money, but everyone will be annoyed and you won’t look professional. It’s not going to be possible to look through everything if your site is huge, so the best way to stop broken links is by not linking to anything that’s likely to disappear anytime soon.

Know the Guest Author:

Ben is the managing director of SEO Positive Limited, an innovative search engine optimization company based in UK.

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Society has come a long way in communicating one’s thoughts, opinions and emotions. Whereas before it was the omnipresent diary and journal that kept little girls awake at night while reminiscing the sight of their childhood crushes and young adults harping on their current relationship statuses and angst in life, it is now the world wide web that captures the essence of the growing up years followed by the “coping up” ones on the real world.

The internet has provided such a vast avenue for children, teens and even young and mature adults alike to actively express their thoughts as honestly as possible and in real time. Their opinions on socially relevant topics convey the message that they are involved in the shaping of our nation and are deeply concerned for its future. Superficial ramifications or juvenile thoughts are also welcome as it gives them the avenue to express themselves and in the process, educate them on how to address these issues in real life.

The internet is a field teeming with useful articles that are applicable to different people according to their specified needs. Of course, as with all posts and blogs on issues available all over the internet, there is a thin line that spells the difference between two blog posts bearing the same topic or issue. One can only be so closely intertwined with another, even if those authors do not know each other.

This is where Search Engine Optimization or SEO guidelines come into the picture. These guidelines help differentiate all the articles found in the web and also in their storage and classification according to importance and compliance and in the process, makes relevant articles easier to find for the user. These same guidelines applied on each article may determine their rankings in the search pages, assisting the user to make informed searches.

However, these same guidelines also make things a little trickier because sites that seem to duplicate their content do not necessarily end up well in the rankings. And this has been made known once again to the SEO community by the latest algorithm made by Google called Google Penguin which targets web spammers and websites with low quality content. As a result, pages that are well established in their rankings have dropped down a notch or are not found at all.

How do you fix the problem? There are several Penguin proof blogging tips that are being tossed around, especially if you are working from home. One is to provide highly informative content with titles that are equally informative as well, and not the ones laden with all keywords that can possibly fit in that one descriptive line. Two, your site must be able to provide new and fresh content on all its pages and to avoid duplicating of content as this conveys a strong image that you have nothing new to offer. Three, you can use internal links but not overdo them – meaning that oversaturation is not the solution, but rather the end of your site.

About the Author:

Mary McIntyre from GPTreasure on How to Work from Home

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smartphoneSmartphones were first released in 2009, when they were stated to be the modern form of laptops in our palms. Most suited for businessmen who were usually on the go, smart phones were loved for everyone. They had been craving for until less expensive models came to the market which greatly effected the sale of another operating system phones.

Even today, the application and use of smartphones in every electronic device including televisions, tablets, laptops etc. indicates that these are here to stay. And today not only businessmen but a large number of private residential possessors seems to use smartphones more actively than ever imagined. Obviously, Smartphones develop a great sense of ease for the user, hence their widespread popularity explains the rest. Below is a list of the top 4 smartphones that every blogger must get their hands on and discuss openly about its facts and figures.

S3, Samsung Galaxy

A phone with so many expectations and truly the best reviewed cell phone till now, Samsung galaxy s3 have lived up to each and every expectancy that a Smartphone user could have had. Ranked among the best smartphones, with so many features, Samsung really outshone with the release of this phone. Not launched by any other cell phone company yet, the “smart Stay” is a trademark feature of this phone which uses a 720p camera to detect if the user is reading off the screen and makes sure the backlight doesn’t dim itself. With suitable battery timing, beautiful and elegant design, you can download hundreds of applications and have fun with this Smartphone.

Lumia 900, AT&T Nokia

Second to Samsung S3 is the Lumia 900 by AT&T Nokia smartphone. This might not be a big favorite for  many reviewers who are too indulged in androids and iPhones, but this is the best windows phone till now presented by Nokia. A 1 mega pixel front and an amazing 8 mega pixel back camera, it is simply gorgeous. This is exclusive for business man class for all Windows applications can easily be accessed. The 1.4 GHz processor and the updated 7.8 windows upgraded version make sit unmatchable.

Apple iPhone 4S

Today iPhone 4S stands among the well reputed but cheap Smartphones.  Yet, iPhone stands out in any situation and you can’t get any better when you have this phone with you. Its reliability lies in the standard Apple features which are greatly appreciated by many. Even with the competition getting tougher with windows and androids out in the market, iPhones have their own values. With regular upgrading, Apple’s iPhone 4S is no lesser than any new release.

Sony Ericson Xperia

Sony Ericson has always had those remarkable sets manufactured by Sony Electronics Company itself. This being the first smart phone by the company, it includes all exclusive features which make it capable to stand beside the rest of the smartphone lot. Firstly, the absolute best feature being it 12 megapixel camera, with an amazing video quality and Photoshop features. Many internet applications and many social websites can easily be accessed. Also, Sony Xperia has a remarkable media player.

About the Author:

I am John S Lam from Test4Prep; it gives 100% guaranteed success in your VMware VCI410 exam. Let’s take benefit of VMware VCP-410 Exams material efficiently and get guaranteed success. Check out free demo of all certifications Exam.


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blogger traffic

If there’s one thing a blog cannot live without it’s traffic. Whether you’re blogging for pleasure, to speak out, for financial gain or any other reason, there is no point if nobody pays your website a visit.
Wading your way through the sea of traffic generation tactics leads only to one place, information overload. The real secret to traffic generation is to concentrate all of your efforts on two to three methods until you’ve mastered them. After which you have a few choices.

• Outsource it either in whole or in part
• Streamline the process and continue using the tactic
• Move onto a different tactic if it doesn’t perform

Two of my favourite methods for free traffic generation are Guest Posting and Blogging Alliances. With just these two traffic tactics you can generate thousands of unique visitors per month.

Blogging Alliances

Blogging alliances involve starting relationships with other bloggers in your niche. The idea behind them is to help each other out by promoting each others products, blog posts, lists etc. The combined power of multiple blogs will help everybody within the alliance to grow their blog faster.

To get the ball rolling you should always make the first move. Here are a few things you should do to get the attention of the blogger you’d like to make an alliance with and you should do this without expecting any type of reciprocation.

Comment on their blog
Write a guest post
Promote their product
Link to their blog
Mention them in your social media outlet

Once you’ve done this a few times the blogger will most likely recognize you when you contact them. Keeping in mind the relationship comes first, don’t ask them to do something for you the first time you contact them.

Offer to help them, ask them if they’d like to post on your blog to drive traffic to their site. Offer to send a link their blog out to your list or social following without any expectations in return. Once you’ve established a good relationship you can suggest making a blogging alliance.

After you’ve made a few alliances you’ll have an entire network of contacts who will send post regularly to your blog.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is another excellent traffic generation tactic. The idea behind this tactic is to leverage other peoples traffic. Bloggers are crying out for content and many accept guest posts from other people to place on their blogs.

It’s a win/win situation, the blog owner doesn’t have to write anything and the guest poster gets a link on a high traffic website that will drive traffic back to their own website.

To start with you’ll need to locate the website you wish to make a guest post on. There are a couple of ways in which this can be accomplished. Unfortunately there aren’t many guest post directories so you can go and find a list of them.

The only good place I know of that does have a list is . If you don’t find a suitable website there the best thing to do is a search on Google, go here for instructions on the best way to go about this.

Once you’ve got a good list of potential places to submit your guest post to it’s time to vet them. Don’t just post to any website, here are a few things to look for before submitting you guest post.

Good social media presence on the blog
Outgoing text links are clearly identifiable
Has a Google page rank of 4 or higher
Makes regular posts and has posted in the last few days
Has an optin box for email subscription

The reason for this is the primary reason behind doing a guest post is to drive traffic to your own website. If the website has all of the mentioned above items then the website owner can contact his large following informing them of your guest post which should, depending on the site send you a reasonable amount of traffic.

In return you can send your readers to read the guest post and drive traffic their way, this will help strengthen your relation further.

When writing the guest post always check the terms and conditions for submitting your guest post and always, ALWAYS abide by them. Ensure that the content you write is of the highest quality, don’t write the standard article directory fodder or your guest post will not get accepted.

The bloggers you are dealing with want the best quality post so they can keep their readership. If you write a poor quality post it won’t get tread and the website owner will lose some of its credibility if it’s published.

After you’ve written your guest post you need to submit it using the instructions given to you on their website. If it says it needs to be proof read, make sure it is or you risk not having your guest post accepted.

In summary

Traffic generation is one of the hardest things to do when running a blog. Don’t get caught in information overload, pick two or three methods to focus on and give them your full attention.Two of my best traffic tactics are Guest blogging and blogging alliances, I’d recommend you start with these two. If you like these blog traffic strategies and want to know more there’s plently more on my blog, click the previous link now to go see.

About the Author:

This article has been written by Darren Hodgson

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vbloggingThe interactive and catchy medium of Vblogging has become quite a sensation. One can either upload videos straight after recording them or work on them a bit to enhance their graphic appeal. Working on your recorded videos and developing them further has become really easy. The reason is the myriad of apps catering to this genre have come up lately.

Editing software and applications enhance the visual appeal of your videos and draw in greater number of online users that you have ever apprehended. Apart from recording and editing, you can add in many cool effects and animations in your videos. Check out some tools and software that will come handy when you are vblogging:

Software for movie making and editing

Firstly, video blogs can be created on numerous sites like wordpress, typepad, blogger and many others. Popular video hosting sites are YouTube and Flickr. Moviemaker is a really good video application for Windows, while iMovie is a popular choice for Mac. Other popular video creation and editing programs are Vimeo, Flip mino, Adobe Premier Pro, Kaltura, VideoEgg,  Vivia, Podesk, Editor One, Freeware, Video Spin and Stash Space.   Also, if you don’t mind shelling out a few bucks then give a shot to Camtasia or ScreenFlow. You will appreciate the fact that it is compatible with Mac too. Sony Vegas Studio HD that supports Windows is also a first rated app that you can try out.

Remixing and working on videos

Photobucket allows you to remix photos with videos and edit clips using Flash. The timeline editor of Movie Masher is mind boggling. You can rearrange clip or even trim them and insert effects like transitions, titles and music. Change the format of your videos or alter their size with the free online video editor called Cellsea. In fact, many other applications like One True Media, VideoThang, ZS4 Video Editor allow you to mix photos with videos. Countless audio processing tools are available on VirtualDub for your consideration.

A few screen recording software applications that allow you to record videos when you are connected to the internet. These are Screencast, Screenr, Camstudio, FastStone and Windows Live Movie Maker. It is a good idea to go for apps that have storyboards, timeline layouts and video stabilizers to make your video production look impressive.

Creating special effects in vblogs

Many services for editing and spawning special effects are available for vloggers on the web. Quite some of them are free, while you might be required to pay for using a couple of others. Eyespot is a free editing and video sharing app with which you can knock out several special effects and even dub your videos. Loads of effects, such as titles, transitions and slideshows can be generated with Jumpcut. Add graphics, overlays, text snippets and transitions to your videos with YouTube Remixer. Jaycut is a flash based video editor with which you can append effects, clips and music to your videos.

Cool add-ons for grabbing attention

You can try out a series of cool things with your vlog nowadays. Check out some fabulous applications, and believe me, you will definitely create a splash online. Knock out comments on your vblogs with Viddler.  To link up specific points or segments within a clip, you can use MotionBox.  Throw in artsy graphics and text with Vidavee graffiti. Get instant screen shots with Jing or Screencast-O-Matic. Software which can hatch together Claymation, 3D effects and Stop Motion Animation can also be used.

You can also create onscreen paints and designs with Jahshaka. So many applications make it possible to change the light settings of your videos and tune colors too. If you wish to be nostalgic, you can easily make your videos have a black and white too with these apps.

Hence, vlogging has really evolved and you can do a lot with your videos before uploading them for online viewers. You can create animations, graphics and special effects to make them stand out. Rearranging clips, adding voice overs and mixing in photos is easily possible now.  Hence, you can conveniently create top quality fun videos which will create a lasting impression on the online audience!

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I am Francis Boyle, a research analyst at a video production firm in London. As a part of my job, I often have to do a lot of research about various products and services. I write blog posts related to ereader reviews.




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google talkDo you  have an online profile, a blog or anything such as a personal website? Would you prefer to communicate with users visiting your pages? This is no more an issue as now you can easily communicate with your readers live with the Google Talk feature. This feature is commonly called as the ‘chatback’ feature, as instead of you doing all the talking on your online profile, your visitors can get back to you.

They can certainly leave comments,  but they are pretty much public and tough to utilize for a real-time conversation. With this feature of ‘chatback’ it is more of a real-time instant messaging session.

Just like the Meebo Me app, Google Talk now enables users to chat with all those visitors who may not have signed up for a Google Account or even for Google Talk. You must be wondering about how you can make use of this app? It is very much possible to talk to your readers live on your blog, and all you have to do here to add in the Google Talk chat button on your blog which will enable you to chat right away with the online visitors and blog readers.

By having this application badge embedded in web pages, it really does not matter if your readers or visitors have a Google account, signed into Google Chat or not, they can easily communicate with you via your web pages or blog provided that you are logged into your Google Talk account.

To make use of this Google Talk chat badge, you are only required to copy and paste the HTML code that you will find at the Google Talk help center. The code can be easily embedded into your site’s backend script. In case the site that actually hosts your site does not directly supports the HTML embedded frames or editing, then you need to click on the “edit” option to select the particular badge style that does not make use of frames. If you prefer to include the chatback feature in an email message, you can opt for the ‘Url only’ or ‘Hyperlink only’ options.

On the other hand, if you are running a support portal where you can offer your users with live support through IM, then Google Talk can actually be an incredible opportunity for you as it is very much reliable and also free to utilize.

You will be able to see this Google Talk chat button on your site enabled and disabled automatically as you sign-in your Google account. Moreover, with this feature, you will be able to chat with simply more than one reader on your blog simultaneously. Every session is going to open up in a different tab.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to communicate with your readers live with Google’s chatback feature!

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Learn the Tricks of Successful Affiliate Marketing by joining our 5 day crash course.
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