You may not realize it but PDF files have far more importance than you may think. They are versatile and extremely flexible. Besides, they add a seemingly professional touch to any document and the fact that it can be edited, created and managed just the way you would like it to be makes it all the more appealing. Websites might often require the user to fill in certain forms or read certain terms and conditions or other vital documents pertaining to the website. In such situations, a PDF file can lend a clean look to your website. PDF files offer an immense amount of flexibility. You can even convert PDF to Word.

Some people, however, fear using these files simply because they find it daunting to attach these PDF files onto their website. Nonetheless, doing this is definitely not a herculean task and with the availability of a wide range of Plugins, this becomes all the more easy. Since WordPress is a very popular platform among bloggers and website owners, numerous plugins have been created for this purpose, thus making PDF attachments a breeze.

Given below are some exceptional widgets designed specifically for the WordPress platform that help not only attach PDF files but also carry out numerous other functions.


As the name suggests, this plugin is extremely versatile and not only enables your readers to print certain PDF documents on your website but also makes sure that they can share as well as save certain pages that they find resourceful. All you need to do is download this plugin and install it and everything else is taken care of by Joliprint itself. Besides, it also makes sure that the plugin is displayed for every post that is published on WordPress.


This is an excellent platform that can be used for any kind of publishing activities on WordPress. The user interface is extremely friendly and almost similar to the WordPress dashboard, thus making it easy to use this plugin effectively. It offers an unbelievable amount of flexibility in the sense that you can drag and drop posts and files that belong not only to your WordPress account but from any other external source. Besides, you are even permitted to create content from scratch using Anthologize. Once this is done, you can carry out the editing work and export your file in any eBook format of your choice, including PDF. Other formats include EPUB and TEI.

PDF24 Articles to PDF:

The name of the plugin itself is self explanatory. To put it simply, when you download and install this plugin, a button will be displayed at the end of each post, clicking on which will ask your readers if they would like to convert the post into a PDF file. You can customize this plugin based on your requirements using CSS. Therefore, changes can be made to the links, format and even the boxes based on the colour scheme that your blog or website uses.

Make PDF Newspaper:

This is an excellent way to transform your WordPress blog into a sensational newspaper tabloid. This can be printed, saved and shared. Besides, the availability of 5 different filters also makes it an interesting plugin that can add oodles of style to your website. However, one downfall with this plugin is that fact that the developers have not updated the version since a couple of years and as a result it may not work efficiently with the newest versions of WordPress, but is a great plugin nonetheless.

In this way, there is a lot more you can do with PDF and WordPress than simply publish articles. Besides, you can even convert PDF to Word if you desire. The possibilities are endless.

Author’s bio:

Camille Dalton is a freelance writer and loves to explore various plugins when working for her WordPress site. She often uses widgets and plugins to convert PDF to Word. She has a professional background in website development and is also a trained singer.

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wordpress pluginIt is such a difficult task to produce the best blog and keep readers loyal to you especially that there are over 900,000 new blogs each day- and each one of them and other existing ones compete for attention with you! Winning the attention of a handful of readers may seem like an impossible feat, but there are however a few tips to create the best blog with some new WordPress Plug-ins:

Make the blog accessible on mobile: WordPress Touch

Quite clearly, having blogs accessible from smart phones and tablets will be beneficial to you especially in the years to come since right now, over 1.08 billion people in the world own smart phones and access the Internet through it. And the number of users grows by the year. With WP touch capitalising on mobile traffic, built into the plug-in are advertising options. Once the plug-in is installed, who ever chooses to read your blog will give them a lot of customisation options  like extracts can be hidden and titles can be cut off the top.

Social Sharing Buttons

One of the most important aspects of blog posts is the social proof that it has been shared. My recommendation as to what plug-in you should use on your blog is called Digg. It is a floating tool bar that can either scroll down next to the blog, or pop up after you have finished the blog. Digg Digg offers the latest social sharing buttons from Facebook and Twitter to Buffer and Pintrest.


This plug-in allows you to have many more social bookmarking buttons. This plug-in comes with options so that you can blog on other not so well known platforms like Tumblr.

Twitter and Facebook buttons

Having twitter follow buttons and Facebook subscribe buttons should be just a standard procedure for blogs. They are the two biggest social media sites in the world. It is perfect because when the reader clicks on the button it does not send them to the Facebook or Twitter page, it just stays on the blog and will allow them to read the rest of your blog. They can also be easily added by pasting a code snippet into a text widget on your blog.

Call to Action

The hello bar is a small text box above your blog where you can add messages about the blog and links to other blogs that you think might be helpful. It can be displayed at the top or the bottom of your blog and the analytic options can follow how many times a reader clicks on your promotions.

Speed up your page – W3 total cache

Improving your site performance will in turn improve the user experience. It is one of the most complete WordPress performance frameworks. If your loading time is slow, it will affect the amount of readers who visit your blog since most people don’t have much time and patience.

Track your performance on Social networks

The Plug in social metrics is useful to track your performance and shares on social networking sites. Once the plug-in is installed, there is no other set-up at all it just starts tracking automatically. You can analyse which of your posts did better on different social media sites and you can improve your other content further.

The Ultimate SEO pack

The ‘All in one SEO Pack’ is easy to understand. The pack optimises the titles of your posts for search engine results, produces META tags and helps you become aware of duplicate content online. This is helpful if you’d like to make your blog more visible and rank better in search engines.

Having useful plug-ins in your blog is helpful especially if you are really serious about blogging. Remember that you have to compete with other thousands of blogs and of course including websites so it is better to at least have an edge. It is also important to keep up with the latest trends in the social media world. Social networking sites may be famous for quite some time but it usually doesn’t last long. So better watch out for such trends so that you’ll know which plug-in and social media shares should work best.

Know Your Guest Author:

Ces works alongside Eskimosoup Website Design Hull as part of the web team. She has been featured in different industry blogs and sites providing resource article relating to Hull Website Design. You can connect with her through Twitter @Ces_DTO.

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Wordpress Plugins

Friedrich Nietzsche once commented, “ ..At times, our strengths propel us so far forward we can no longer endure our weaknesses and perish from them…”.  Rough translation of that quote says that sometimes our greatest strengths can turn into our greatest weaknesses.

Philosophy of life aside, this often repeated quote gains a new angle in the context of wordpress and a 2011 survey conducted by WordCamp. The survey sheds light on the following observation- the simultaneously most loved and hated component of WordPress is its plugins.

In fact, it is a known truth in the blogosphere and is often reiterated at ZK’s web marketing blog, that WordPress core functionality is certainly augmented by its plugins; and if properly used, can bring success to your website. On the other hand, if you re not careful in their use, plugins can also cause your website to crash and burn in metaphorical flames. Were Nietzsche still alive today, he would have shaken his head in a sagacious gesture of ‘I told you so’.

This article discusses some tips that can help you maximize your benefits from using WordPress plugins, while arming you against the possibility of turning this great asset into a dead-weight.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Plugins

Don’t let the risks associated with using plugins stop you from using them altogether. There is a very good reason why plugins are considered to be one of the most significant strengths of WordPress. There is a ‘must use’ section in the plugin menu of WordPress, which is installed on almost every reputable blog and website that is hosted by WordPress to enhance communication, performance and security. They have been extensively tested and are featured on most major WordPress website, which ensures their continuity.

Vetting Plugin Sources

Since WordPress is an open source community, almost anybody can write a plugin and submit it to the plugin repository of WordPress. That means, the plugin repository consists of both great and not-so-great plugins. Before installing any plugin on to your website, you should always vet the source of that plugin. You need to see whether the plugin chosen by you has a good star rating from the WordPress community. Read reviews of the plugins to see if there are any mentions of reduced performance issues or holes in security. Visit the plugin author’s website and find out if the author offers support. You need to conduct proper research before choosing from the vast repository of plugins to ensure that your choice will work for you.

Being Prudent

You may have some functionality in your website that can’t be considered as common, and consequently, might find it hard to locate a plugin that you would be able to trust. In cases like that, you need to take a moment to consider whether the functionality that you are considering is truly integral to the functioning of your website. The most common and one of the biggest mistakes made by users of WordPress, is to let the desire for adding ‘fun’ and ‘intriguing’ functionalities get the better of their practical approach. Installation of plugins should be on the basis of what you need rather than what you want.

Keeping the above considerations in mind, WordPress plugins will serve as the greatest strength of your website and never turn into a fatal burden.

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memecrusher reviewIts been some time that I have been on Pinterest. My venture onto Pinterest happened after I got hold off a good course on creating viral images and posting them to Pinterest, thereby generating traffic from it. This course was called Hook Pigeon and I was thoroughly impressed with it.

Though I had been on Pinterest since about 6 months before I got this course, I was kind of a little too lazy to go about creating images that will go viral. One other reason for this was also the fact that I under-estimated the potential of a site like that of Pinterest. But things changed, after I went through the entire Hook Pigeon Course material.

I was more active and I was getting a decent amount of traffic as well, but the problem still persisted. Creating viral images required a hell lot of time and with the kind of Photoshop noob I was, I either had to wait for the image from my designers or, sit there and spend about 60-90 minutes to create one such image. That was too much time to spend on something. But the fact that this strategy was getting me a lot of traffic, did not let me drop the entire thing.

The Concept of Memes – What are they?

Memes have always been a part of the internet. It is just that, today when Pinterest has become popular and Social Media sites were virally exchanging and sharing memes, it has gained popularity.

In 2007 when I started off, my first encounter with blogging was through a site called icanhazcheeseburger.com. I was pretty impressed with the fact that this guy was generating millions from his site and his site had nothing but some funny cat images with a funny (many a times not that funny) quotes on them. I though of duplicating this method and created a blog called as liveajoke.com. But it fizzled out.

The funny lolcat pictures that icanhazcheeseburger.com was using is called a meme. So that explains the potential of memes and reason why memes are gaining popularity.

You will find hundred such funny images all over Facebook and Pinterest and people share them like crazy. When these images go viral, the traffic that they generate also increases.

Creating and Marketing Memes Simplified – MemeCrusher Review

Image marketing has not been discussed a lot as have video marketing and article marketing. But the fact that image marketing is very effective can be seen from the above discussion. Memes can play an important role in generating traffic and if you are able to channelize it effectively, you can make the most of this traffic as well.

Creating and uploading memes to social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest, had only one constraint – creating them. Photoshop was too expensive and getting a designer to do it meant shelling out a decent amount every time you get one done.

MemeCrusher has now solved this problem. I did a short demo of the software and a detailed review which you can see in the below videos.


The Final Word on MemeCrusher

MemeCrusher is very effective and easy to use. There are not too many features packed into the software, but it does what it is supposed to do, extremely well and quite easily.

If you are serious about Social Media and Image Marketing, then MemeCrusher is a must buy.

You can check out MemeCrusher here.

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wordpress pluginsThis is a guest post by Nadine.You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

These days wordpress carries great importance as a CMS or Content Management System. WordPress is considered to be one of the best content management systems available so far. Now, once you have a website and you start using wordpress as a content management system for it, what else do you require? Don’t you just have the picture perfect in the e-world? Well, not necessarily!

There are various updates that keep coming in wordpress, and there are countless plugins and/or widgets, as well, that ought to be added to enhance the website productivity and/or optimization for the search engines or your web-audience.

So, have you already optimized your wordpress website with some great plugins? Do you want to learn more about amazing wordpress plugins that may optimize the images on your website? If you want answers to these questions, you have landed on the right article! In this article, I am going to share 5 amazing wordpress plugins to help you in optimizing the images.

Following is a list of five nice plugins that will help you in having an optimized website for your images:

SEO Friendly Images Plugin:

This plugin has been developed by Vladimir Prelovac. This amazing plugin assists you in optimizing all the images that exist on your website. The future and present images all get auto-optimized, once you have this plugin. The plugin automatically selects the alt-title, as well as, the title text for your images (if you have neither). Moreover, this plugin also brings in minor differences in the alt-title and main title (this is based on various variables related to the content you are posting).

Media File Re-Namer:

This plugin has great functionality and is very user-friendly too. When you have this plugin in your wordpress Content Management System, you can avail options to alter the image URL slug (or the image file name) and optimize it. While uploading the image file, all you have to do is to alter the file name and alter the field title. Sounds easy enough? Well, this is all that you have to do!

WP-Smush IT:

This is one of the most wonderful WordPress plugins that you must have in the CMS! It makes use of the Smush.it APU and optimizes your images. It compresses image files so they load faster, it also strips extra or inappropriate colors from the images that you have indexed and it converts GIF image to PNG for enhanced performance.

Watermark Reloaded:

With this plugin you can add watermark to your images while uploading them to your website or blog. This plugin is very simple and easy to use, but has great functionality and cool usage!

No Right Click for Images Plugin:

This is a ‘must-have’ plugin that you must have in your wordpress CMS, if you own the images. If the images are solely your property, then, you do not want them to be used elsewhere around the web. By having this plugin, your website or blog won’t allow a right click, thereby, no one would be able to download or save the image form your website or blog.

Having the above mentioned plugins can substantially enhance your website performance and ratings!

About the Author:

I am Nadine Myrick from Pass Certification; it gives 100% guaranteed success in your IT Certification Preparation exam. Let’s take benefit of CCDA Certification Preparation Exams material efficiently and get guaranteed success. Check out free demo of all certifications Exam.


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Wordpress Plugins

Plugins are the difference between a WordPress blog and a blog hosted on any other platform. WordPress plugins have given us so many options that you can do pretty much anything today with one of the several plugins available – most of them free and a few of them paid. Setup an autoresponder on your blog,  auto approve comments, check spam, enhance your wordpress blog design, insert advertisements, add banner ads to you blog etc. is all a click of a few buttons if you have the right plugin installed.

I have several useful plugins installed that help me load my blog faster and also optimize it for the search engines. In addition to many free plugins that I use, there are a few paid plugins that I think every blog should have, if you are serious about building a better blog and making money out of it.

5 Essential Paid Plugins for your blog.

The 5 plugins that I am about to mention, are the most important and the minimum that any blog should have. If you think there are a few more, you can always write about them in the comments below for the benefit of our readers -

Pop-up Domination – This is one of the best plugins that I have ever used. Pop-up domination has helped me build my list. My list went up from a mere 10-15 signups a day to more than 50 signups a day after I installed Pop-up Domination.

Popup Domination is a list building plugin that helps you create attractive and handy pop-ups where you can offer your readers a useful product or, course in return for signing up to your lists. You need to offer value to your readers and popup domination will do the rest. With a simple installation and customization option, popup domination is the best list building tool you could ever get.

You can read my review of the Popup Domination plugin at Youtube.

Order Popup Domination now and let me know once you have ordered it. I can give you a discount of $10 paid to your PayPal account. Click here to order now.

Wp-Syndicator – This is another plugin that I am using on my blog. This plugin helps you syndicate you blog posts to more than 15 authority sites, thus helping you build backlinks to your posts. These sites include Posterous, Xanga, Identica, Tumblr, Friendfeed, Twitter, Brightkite, Multiply etc. Syndication is extremely easy with a few clicks and your articles get indexed in a few hours.

Wp-Syndicator is easy to install and easy to use and helps you build your blog’s presence on the internet. I was able to increase my backlinks by more than 73% after I started using this plugin. My readership increased by about 41% after using Wp-Syndicator.

Order Wp-Syndicator now and I will give you the PayPal shopping cart plugin that sells for $29.00 absolutely free. Click here to order Wp-Syndicator now


SEOPressor – If you are like me, I am sure you are tired of the SEO thing on your blog. SEO is a combination of a thousand things and I often try to ignore it because of the sheer efforts required in SEO. Here is a plugin that can take all the efforts out of SEO. I was surprised at the effect of the plugin, when I saw a few of my posts on the first page of Google, just by following the simple tips that SEOPressor told me.

SEOPressor would suggest on whatever is missing in your post and would also give your posts a score on SEO. Based on the suggestions, you can tweak your article and you will see the change in score. If the score is greater that 85%, then your article is most likely to get to the top of the search engines.

Order SEOPressor now and you can get a discount of $5.00 credited to your Paypal account. Just write to me after you purchase using the contact me form and I will credit the discount. Click here to order SEOPressor now


MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate – The objective of any blog is to earn money. Monetization can be an extremely daunting task at times. Adding links, choosing affiliate programs, selecting the products etc. can be time-consuming and difficult. That is where MBP Ninja Affiliate Plugin comes in handy.

The Ninja Affiliate plugin can add links to your posts based on pre-chosen keywords. You can decide what all keywords you want to create links to. Once you have updated all your details on the options page of the plugin, you can relax. The plugin will add relevant product links to the keywords that you have chosen and will also add your affiliate code to it, thus monetizing your blog posts.

MBP Ninja affiliate is running a 70% discount sale right now. You can order it right away to take advantage of the sale. Click here to order MBP Ninja Affiliate now


Wp-Robot – This is another plugin I am a fan of. Though I do not use this plugin in this blog of mine (because this is not an auto blog), I have about 40 different auto blogs that I use this plugin on. Wp-Robot, generates content for my blogs on auto pilot and all I have to do is sit back and count the money flowing in from my auto blogs.

For those who are not aware of auto-blogs, these are blogs that run on auto-pilot and the articles on these blogs are normally posted by a robot application. You can monetize such blogs using adsense and other ad channels and also use affiliate links on them to make money.

Wp-Robot makes posting a simple activity. Just fill out all the options and forget it. Wp-Robot will keep publishing content to your blogs and you will not have to worry about it.

Order Wp-Robot now to set your Auto-Blog business on full throttle. Set it up and forget it and let the money flow. Click here to order Wp-Robot today!

These are the best 5 paid plugins that I have been using and have found benefits with. I have been able to make a considerable change in the way my business was run using these plugins. In case you know about any other plugin, let us know about it.

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