What’s New in WordPress 4.0 – New Features (Video)

what's new in Wordpress 4.0

Wordpress released their latest version 4.0, nicknamed Benny about 10 days back. It is always great to know about a new version coming in be it a software, book, a course or, Wordpress installs. With Wordpress it is like an anxious wait primarily because of the changes and additions that the guys at Automattic introduce ... Read more... Read More

Managed WordPress Hosting – Do You Really Need it?

managed wordpress hosting

Wordpress is evolving with every day. I still remember the day, about 5 years back when I first installed my Wordpress blog. The dashboard was a plain and simple control panel. With very few features, a plain WYSIWYG editor and some very basic themes, Wordpress was a blogger's heaven. A very basic hosting plan was ... Read more... Read More

Experimenting with WordPress search engine optimization


The popularity of WordPress is increasing day by day. With all its effective free plugins and designs, it is easy for people to create a blog and even a website within less time. Many WordPress bloggers pay very little attention to search engine optimization as they are mainly concerned with elements like creating the title, ... Read more... Read More

What Friedrich Nietzsche Taught us About WordPress Plugins

Wordpress Plugins

Friedrich Nietzsche once commented, “ ..At times, our strengths propel us so far forward we can no longer endure our weaknesses and perish from them...”.  Rough translation of that quote says that sometimes our greatest strengths can turn into our greatest weaknesses. Philosophy of life aside, this often repeated quote gains a new angle in ... Read more... Read More