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Commenting has been one of the most preferred forms of interaction with any blog. Not just an interaction, rather commenting these days have been serving as a medium of gaining backlinks and traffic to websites as well.

There has been quite a bit of debate on the amount of traffic that one could get from commenting on other blogs, but the fact remains that there is good enough traffic that still comes from commenting on other successful blogs in a similar niche, even though most of the comments are “no-follow” these days.

Blogging is all about interaction and interacting with readers gives ideas for better research and products which in turn help bloggers churn out better articles. Similar has been an endeavor at DK Speaks as well. I have always welcomed comments from my readers and have ensured that I implement feedbacks that I have received in each of these comments.

All links in comments in my blogs are do-follow and in doing this my objective was to give away a backlink to anybody who commented on my blog. That was an incentive for the time you took out of your schedule to read my blogs post and comment on it.

It was while I was researching better ways of rewarding my readers who comment, that I stumble upon an amazing plugin that could fulfill my needs and could help me do something extra for all my commentators.

Now on, for comments that you leave you will get a surprise gift as an incentive. Comments will be picked at random and prizes shall be given away. There are exciting ebooks, softwares, scripts and more to be given away and all of these are up for grabs. The more the number of comments, the better the prizes will be.So you can start commenting right away and tell me your opinion about this idea of mine.

Now, you might be wondering as to what this plugin is?

This plugin is called as WP-incentive and is amazingly useful to build relationships in the blogging world. It is extremely simple and easy to install and if properly planned and used could yield extremely good results.

What is even more interesting is its prize!!

This plugin is available for a special beta launch price of only $9.97 for a limited period. So go ahead and order your copy of WP-Incentive, today itself.

Order it right away now!!

Photograph courtesy MarcinMoga / Lolek

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