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In recent times, people have become heavily dependent on the Internet for most of their requirements. Besides, the online community also provides a great platform for people to get vocal about their likes and dislikes. Although this can benefit your business in some ways, you must not ignore the fact that it can have an exactly opposite effect on your business if someone decides to get a tad too critical about the products or services being offered by you.

Today, with the technological advancements at its peak, the internet is buzzing with small online communities that cater to the needs of the people. Therefore you may come across blogs, forums, social media, review sites and the likes. You may be aware of a chosen few, but there are several other communities that you may not be aware of.

Thus, you may not exactly have an idea as to how you are being portrayed in these communities. This is where online reputation management services come to your rescue. These services offer in-depth information on the reputation of your website. To ensure that your online reputation management is a success, you need to follow the given steps.

1.)  Keeping tabs on your company and everything that concerns it

To put it simply, you cannot design an online reputation management strategy if you have no idea as to what is being said about you or your business online. Before you jump the gun and design a strategy, you need to be completely aware of the sentiment that is expressed in the opinions that are being formed. Usually, these sentiments can either be positive or negative and sometimes neutral.

The best way to track your performance is by constantly keeping tabs on the major social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and the likes. To make the tracking process easier for you, you need to compile a list of relevant keywords that work well for your company specifically. Once that is done, you can enter these keywords in one of the several free online reputation management tools that will help you get a detailed report on the keywords specified.

Sometimes, a simple thing like using search engines to check the authenticity of your keywords is enough to give yo9u a gist. However, you must realize that this is an extremely basic and step and you may want to implement an in-depth tracking and monitoring system provided by online reputation management services for better results.

2.)  Examine the data that has been tracked and monitored

Sometimes, there is a possibility that you might completely skip this step unintentionally because of the pressure to keep up with the conversations that you may come across online. Besides, the fact that all these tools make the entire tracking process extremely simple and uncomplicated can lead you to skip this step. However, you must make sure that you are careful enough to not miss this step as it is in this step that you will be able to analyse everything that is being said about your company online.

The best way to ensure that your online reputation management strategy is a success is by making a comprehensive list of all the statements derived from every online source that you think will have an immense influence on the reputation of your company. These statements need not necessarily be negative.

The trick is to include any type of influential statement whether positive, negative or neutral. Once you have compiled all the necessary statements, you then need to conduct an interactive session with all your teammates to decide upon a strategy. This strategy will decide how you deal with the information that you have received.

Categorise your findings and statements in a way that each of the statement must belong to either one of the various categories that have been created. These categories could be related to branding, industry, positive, negative, personnel and the likes.

 3.)  Taking the necessary action

Once you have categorised all the issues, it is time that you take the necessary action and address the problem to solve it. The best way to do this is by examining each category and finding a solution for one category at a time. You should be willing to take all the help that you can get from your team for this purpose. This ensures that you deliver the finest online reputation management services.

There are two types of actions that you can take to ensure that you manage the reputation of your company effectively. You could either adopt the proactive approach or opt for the reactive approach. Proactive is when you aim at showing your company in good light by supporting it with  optimistic articles and other content beforehand, while a reactive approach calls for you to take corrective steps once the damage is done.

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