The Only Facebook Resources You Will Ever Need in Facebook Marketing!

Facebook ResourcesIf you have been struggling with Facebook marketing and are wondering, how the self-proclaimed GURUs are making a fortune out of it, then this post should be able to partially answer a few of your questions.

A Carpenter can only be as good as his tools.

The biggest problem with most newbies when they jump onto anything is that, they are kind of overwhelmed with everything that they have seen, which has led them to take that plunge. Consequently they are barely aware of the steps that will lead them to success or, are confused about it. The bare minimum requirements in terms of the tools and resources that they need is also the one that gets safely ignored.

The result of all this is that, they FAIL and quit even before they get to the 2nd stage of their business plan, if one existed at the first place.

If you are into Facebook Marketing or, have already burnt your fingers at it, then this post could be of help to you. These tools will help you with everything you need at Facebook marketing and if used correctly, you might just be able to reverse your fortunes on there.

Facebook Resources for FB Marketing

These are some of the resources that I have been using for some time and I really enjoy each one of them. While some of them could just be for marketing your fanpages or, groups, some might help you create these so that you are able to build a presence on Facebook.

A few of these tools are extremely helpful in running Facebook ads. So if you are planning to jump into Facebook ads, I recommend that you do not do it without these.

Power Editor

So, the first tool that you need if you are ever planning to do Facebook Marketing is Power Editor. Now this is an extension to the Chrome browser, so if you do not have it installed, you will need to install it first. Once installed all you need to do is go to your Facebook ads managed dashboard and click on power-editor on the left-hand sidebar.


If you are using Power Editor, you might not need this tool. Power editor has an option of creating dark-posts. Dark posts are posts that are created out of Facebook but can or, cannot be published on your timeline. I will be making a video in due course to explain this.

But for the time being, let me tell you about pic-redirect. This tool helps you post images to your and your friends’ timeline with a clickable embedded link. So if someone clicks on the image, you can redirect them to any place that you want.


Canva is a cool little web-based application that lets you create graphics even if you have absolutely ZERO knowledge of photoshop. You can create Facebook graphics for your fanpages and a lot of other different forms of graphics. It is FREE to use.


Picmonkey is another web-base photo editor tool. The basic version is FREE to use but the Royal versions is paid. While the basic version is more than enough for almost of daily edits that you do, the Royale version gives you a lot more features. You can upgrade to the Royale version today by clicking this link.


If you are running FB ads – both newsfeed ads and sidebar ads, then this tool will come in very handy for you. Success at FB ads depends hugely on testing. You have to test numerous variations of your ads, with different images or, different headlines etc. and then select the winning one, if you are looking at profitability.

But all this demands a lot of time that you might have to spend on creating ad variations and then monitoring their performance. Ad espresso simplifies all of this. You will find all your ads on one dashboard and can even create hundreds of variations of an ad with a single click of a button. Analytics and performance metrics is also available on the same dashboard making it easy for your to track and find the best performing ad.

Visit Adespresso here.

Social Video Magic

Social media is all about creating viral content. If you content doesn’t go viral then the very basis of Facebook marketing is defeated. Social Video Magic is a tool that helps you create viral videos from any YouTube videos and you can post it to your timeline or, to any fanpage. You can visit to get your access today.

Bleupage & Bleuleads

This is one of my favorite tools. This is a 2-in-1 FB marketing suite because you get Bleuleads for FREE, if you buy Bleupage. Bleupage creates optin boxes right inside the Facebook timelines. It also helps you setup fan-gates, sharegates and optin gates for videos you can post to your timelines.

Bleupage app can also post discount coupons directly to your timelines. It can create fanpages and can schedule posts to be published. You can watch my detailed video of the Bleupage software review to know more about this product.

Bleuleads is a Facebook UID scraper. This is the only software that scrapes UIDs from even Closed groups. With a new feature of scraping UIDs from FB graph search being added to Bleuleads, it has become the most powerful UID scraper on the internet today. See my detailed Bleuleads Review here to know how this works.

Post Planner

Post Planner is an extremely handy tool if you are looking at building fan pages and fan followings. One of the most important requirements if you are marketing on Facebook using fan pages is that you have to be continuously engaged with you fans. And this requires that you post regularly. It also means that you have a repository of valuable content that you can post everyday.

Post planner helps you take care of these requirements. It has a unique status idea engine which helps you generate proven viral status ideas. You can schedule your posts or, even queue them according to a pre-set schedule. Post planner simplifies Facebook posting and is sure to save at least 2-3 hours per day from your schedule. You can see more details about Post Planner here.

FB Gorilla

FB Gorilla is a wordpress plugin that can save you a lot of time. It helps you automate a lot of what you do on Facebook. You can set your complete Facebook posting on automation. FB Gorilla pulls content in the form of images, animated GIFs, Videos, Recipes, News from the New York Times, Music from itunes and many more, all by keywords. Just enter your keywords and you will all this content ready to share.

FB Gorilla can even post flash games directly onto your timelines thus encouraging visitor engagement. The best part is that you can automate all of this. Just enter your keywords and set the schedule and the content gets published regularly.

You can see more details about FB Gorilla here.

FB Infiltrator

FB infiltrator is another handy little tool that helps you post fully functional optin-forms and landing pages directly into your Facebook newsfeed and fanpage posts. Check out the below image. The 2nd newsfeed post is sure to get more clicks and visitors. The first one is a normal post created by following the normal process of posting, the second one is a post done by FB Infiltrator.

fb infiltrator reviewFB infiltrator can help your build your lists or, even sell your products directly in Facebook. Using the software is extremely simple and will save you a lot of money that you will other wise be spending on multiple products that will do the same thing for you.

Check out FB infiltrator here.

Fb Graph Scraper

If you have the Bleupage software suite, you might not need this. FB graph scraper is another scraper that can scrape UIDs from FB graph search results. This is pretty much the same thing that Bleuleads does. The developers of this Chrome plugin says that they are adding a ton of other features to the plugin but that is yet to be seen.

If you wish to see how the plugin works and its review, you can see my FB Graph Scraper Plugin V2 review video here.

Facebook Marketing Course that helps you Make Money

Okay, so when we are talking about resources, it becomes imperative that we also talk about a few good courses that can hand hold you on Facebook marketing.

Facebook Marketing can be extremely tricky. Just like Google Adwords was a few years ago, FB is highly in demand today. But you can burn a huge hole in your pocket if you do not know the tricks of the trade. While some marketers are killing it with FB ads, there are yet others who are not spending even a single penny, yet are making hug money using Facebook.

The below are 3 course that I bought and used to know the basics of FB marketing. Since I had no clue about how FB marketing works, I needed something that could guide me with the basics and at the same time teach me some advanced tactics as well. I am sure you will find these course extremely valuable.

FB Dynamo

FB Dynamo is my favorite Facebook marketing course. Do be deceived by the low price tag. The guys behind this course, Mark Thompson and Peter Van Zijl are really cool guys, who deliver more value than the price. The best part about this course is that it is laid out in simple language so you will not be lost in technical jargons and techniques. A couple of the tips that these guys teach in the course is itself worth the money because you will not find anybody else talking about these anywhere.

In addition to all this they also keep adding new videos to the membership area which you can access and you do not have to pay anything extra. It is all included in the one-time low fee. They also have a Facebook group which is very informative.

You can checkout the FB Dynamo course here.

Viral FB Formula

If you are looking at using Facebook marketing to build a list, then this course can be very helpful. Viral FB formula basically teaches you how to generate leads by creating viral FB posts. There are some nice little strategies mentioned in this course which can be extremely valuable for you, if you are an intermediate in FB marketing.

You can check out Viral FB Formula here.

FB Social Lead System

This is a course from Ryan Shaw who has had tremendous success with Facebook ads. In this course he teaches you how to make the most of FB ads in 3 simple steps. While the course is good and can help somebody who is a beginner or, an intermediate in FB marketing, there were no new strategies or, tips that I found in the course.

But Ryan takes time to explain in detail as to how to run a newsfeed ad as well as sidebar ads. He also shows you some simple little tricks that can help you in generating targeted leads from Facebook ads.

You can visit FB social Lead System here.

Hope you enjoyed this post on Facebook Resources and Tools. If you are serious about Facebook marketing, you will not need another resource. You should be able to find everything that you need in one of these courses or, tools.

Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts on this post, by commenting below. Please share the post on Facebook, in case you liked it.

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