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insightFinding a topic to blog on is the most time-consuming and the most important part of all. After you have decided what to blog on and have written about 4-5 topics, you would start to feel as if you have written everything and that there is nothing more to write.

When I started blogging, I was more worried about the fact that I had very few visitors to my blog. This was because my topics where not the ones that many people were searching for, though the niche had quite a good amount of searches.

Both of these points that we discussed above can be resolved using one tool – Google Insights

Yes it is. But the only condition is that you should be ready to work hard and spend some time on researching. You don’t require any other tool to research, if you have access to Google Insights.

If you are already using a Google ID to access any of the Google tools, you can use the same ID to access this tool as well.

Google Insight – This is where you would be able to see what are the most searched keywords and topics on Google. Insight provides you the option to search specific topics from a variety of categories like Arts & Humanities, Automotives, Business etc. You can choose a category of your interest and enter specific keyword related to the category and search to get a detailed report on what was the search count for that category or, topic.

Search data on Google Insights
Search data on Google Insights

Google Insight will give you a list of keywords that were searched the most for the period that you had set when you generated the report. It would give a lot of information about topics and keywords searched, like –

  1. A graph showing search interests over time.
  2. Countries and regions that searched most for the terms.
  3. A search volume index for the different countries which sent the search traffic.
  4. The keywords that are rising in searches.
  5. The top searches

At this point you know what are the topics that are being searched the most. Make a list of these topics on an excel spreadsheet.

Google Insights -search data
Google Insights -search data

Eliminate all the topics that you are not interested in writing about. Prioritize the rest of the topics in the order that you want to write on and you have a nice list of topics on which you can write as many posts as you wish.

“Insight” Photograph courtesy afoncubierta used under Creative Common License.

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