Free Blog Installation

What could it take to get your Blog Installed absolutely FREE of Cost?

You heard that right! You can now get your blog installed for FREE.

One of the most common complaints from newbies on the Internet Marketing

arena is that they do not how to install a blog. Terms like WordPress, Hosting, Cpanel etc. are absolute jargons for them. Add to it the fact that you need to set up a database and create connections and then configure your Wp-config file and you have a complete recipe for disaster.

This is where the aspiring bloggers just do not take off. Their blog remains a plan and they wave a good-bye to blogging even before they have started.

Have You been struggling with your Blog Installation and are still unable to start you blog?

Then here is an absolute no-brainer for you. You can get you blog installed absolutely free of cost today. That too, not just one blog, but 3 blogs.

Now you don’t have to worry about setting up databases, installing wordpress, installing plugins etc. Leave all of that to us. You can focus only on –

  1. Writing Quality Posts for your blog
  2. Building backlinks for better page rank.
  3. Commenting on other blog to build your authority in your niche.
  4. Interacting with other bloggers so that you build a community.

Now You should have no reason to drop you aspirations of becoming a blogger and make money online.

How Does this work and What is the Catch?

I understand you thoughts. “NOTHING CAN BE FREE” in this world. You are right!

But there is no catch.

I am running this program, courtesy of HOSTGATOR – who is the official host for all my blogs.

In order to install a blog, you will need a hosting plan. All you need to do and all that we ask of you, is to buy your hosting plan from Hostgator by following the link below.

There are two options –

  • The Hatchling Plan – This plan lets you host only one blog. CLICK HERE
  • The Baby Plan – This plan lets you host UNLIMITED blogs. CLICK HERE

Once you have completed your purchase, just forward us the details and we will build your blog for you.

What is included in the Installation package?

This is what is included in the package –

  1. WordPress Blog Installed – Single Blog on a Hatchling hosting and 3 Blogs on a Baby Hosting.
  2. One Free theme of your choice installed – (You will have to let us know which theme you wish to install)
  3. 10 Plugins installed.

All this would have cost you at least $200. You will anyways have had to buy a hosting account for your blog.

All that we are asking you to do is buy this hosting from us.

If you are wondering what are the plugins that will be installed, then these are the ones –

  • All in One SEO – The Best Plugin to Optimize your blog for Search Engines.
  • Google XML Sitemap – Create Sitemaps for your blog to be submitted to Google.
  • Google Analytics – Install you Google Analytics code automatically (Code installation not included)
  • W3 Total Cache – (Faster loading with caching)
  • Show Top Commentators – Widget showing top commentators.
  • Broken Link Checker – Fix your broken links easily.
  • WordPress Database backup – Get you database backup emailed to you every week. (Configuration of the plugin not included)
  • Max Banner Ads – Install Google Adsense and banner ads easily on your blog. (Ad installation not included)
  • SEO Smart Links : FREE Version – Automatically create internal links for better SEO. (Configuration not included)
  • Gocodes – Cloak all you affiliate links.

Exclusive Discount for DKSpeaks Customers

Get a discount of $9.94 on your purchase.

After you have placed you order, just use the DISCOUNT code – DKSpeaksFINSTALL at the checkout and avail you exclusive discount as a DKSpeaks Customer.

So that’s a double WHAMMY!

SO, If you are ready to start blogging RIGHT Now, that’s right – RIGHT NOW, then click the below link and buy your hosting plan today.

Click Here to order you Plan today

P.S. – This offer can only be availed if you are a new customer with Hostgator. For existing Customers who wish to avail this offer, please contact us using the “Contact” form on our blog.

P.P.S. – UPDATE – You can now avail this offer even if you are an exiting customer with Hostgator. Write to us using our contact form.

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