How to add Google Talk Badge In Your Blog and Talk with Your Readers Live

google talkDo you  have an online profile, a blog or anything such as a personal website? Would you prefer to communicate with users visiting your pages? This is no more an issue as now you can easily communicate with your readers live with the Google Talk feature. This feature is commonly called as the ‘chatback’ feature, as instead of you doing all the talking on your online profile, your visitors can get back to you.

They can certainly leave comments,  but they are pretty much public and tough to utilize for a real-time conversation. With this feature of ‘chatback’ it is more of a real-time instant messaging session.

Just like the Meebo Me app, Google Talk now enables users to chat with all those visitors who may not have signed up for a Google Account or even for Google Talk. You must be wondering about how you can make use of this app? It is very much possible to talk to your readers live on your blog, and all you have to do here to add in the Google Talk chat button on your blog which will enable you to chat right away with the online visitors and blog readers.

By having this application badge embedded in web pages, it really does not matter if your readers or visitors have a Google account, signed into Google Chat or not, they can easily communicate with you via your web pages or blog provided that you are logged into your Google Talk account.

To make use of this Google Talk chat badge, you are only required to copy and paste the HTML code that you will find at the Google Talk help center. The code can be easily embedded into your site’s backend script. In case the site that actually hosts your site does not directly supports the HTML embedded frames or editing, then you need to click on the “edit” option to select the particular badge style that does not make use of frames. If you prefer to include the chatback feature in an email message, you can opt for the ‘Url only’ or ‘Hyperlink only’ options.

On the other hand, if you are running a support portal where you can offer your users with live support through IM, then Google Talk can actually be an incredible opportunity for you as it is very much reliable and also free to utilize.

You will be able to see this Google Talk chat button on your site enabled and disabled automatically as you sign-in your Google account. Moreover, with this feature, you will be able to chat with simply more than one reader on your blog simultaneously. Every session is going to open up in a different tab.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to communicate with your readers live with Google’s chatback feature!

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