Identifying buyer keywords

buyer-keywords-imagesWhat are buyer keywords?

The foundation of Internet Marketing is “KEYWORDS”. Any internet marketer without a list of good keywords is like a chemistry lab without chemicals. That’s a funny comparison, isn’t it?

I know that the comparison is funny indeed. So let me put it this way. Internet Marketing is a BIG FLOP if you set out without doing keyword research and without building a list of keywords.


Are all keywords capable of generating sales and revenue? The same way in which not every internet marketer is successful in internet marketing business, not all keywords can generate sales. In order to understand this you need to understand the stages through which a prospect goes through before buying something online.

Every prospect starts at the research phase. In this phase he is busy researching the kind of product that he should buy in order to fulfill his needs. He would surf around the internet and search all the search engines to do this research. In order to do this he will use a variety of keywords that are generic in nature. For eg: somebody wanting to set up an online business will search for keywords like “internet marketing”, “affiliate marketing” etc. These are research keywords and cannot generate sales.

So which keywords will generate sales?

“Buyer Keywords” are what will generate sales. These keywords are the ones that prospects who are ready to buy a certain product use to search for offers that are available online. To explain that more clearly, let us use the same example as above. What will such a prospect be searching for? He will be searching for products like Keyword Elite, ebooks like Affiliate X Factor etc. So the terms that he will use is the specific product names or, other combinations like “Buy Keyword Elite” and such.

So if I am to define “Buyer Keywords”, it will be –

Buyer keywords are search based keywords that show a customer’s  willingness to buy a certain product.

Now that we have understood what a “Buyer Keyword” is, the obvious question that arises is, “How to research and make a list of these buyer keywords”.

A simple way to do this is by using the Google Adwords External keyword analysis tool. But that is a complicated method, There are other simple tools available online, but that will require you to shell out some money. But I should tell you that it is worth it. Let’s look at a few such tools –

Keyword Elite

Keyword Elite is by far the best keyword research and analysis tool in the market today. With Brad Callen introducing the next generation of this tool, named Keyword Elite 2.0, it has become the most talked about keyword analysis tool. This tool has immense capabilities and can do a lot of things. In addition to researching keywords, you will be able to create a list of very useful keywords and this also includes “buyer keywords”. Keyword Elite’s capability includes generating huge lists of keywords including ones created from the Keyword Elite database.

Micro Niche Finder

Micro Niche Finder is another excellent keyword research tool that can help you find niche markets in clicks. When I say “clicks”, I literally mean – “Clicks”. Micro Niche Finder returns niche keywords in under 2 minutes and a bit of research can give you access to niche markets that you would never ever have even dreamt about.

Micro Niche Finder at the same time can also give you a list of buyer keywords. After all, it is these buyer keywords that will turn out to be niche markets, isn’t it? Using Micro Niche Finder is a child’s play and hence it is one of my most recommended tools if you are new to Internet Marketing and you want to research keywords.

Buyer Keywords Generator

Buyer Keywords Generator is one of the latest tools that I have bought. I should say that this is one of the best tools to generate buyer keywords, if you are new to Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing requires a bit of PPC marketing as well and buyer keywords will help you be competitive in your PPC campaigns, especially at Google Adwords. If you are banking more on Affiliate Marketing, then you would not need another tool for your keyword analysis and research. Buyer Keywords Generator can do the trick for you.

People who are relatively new to the concept of PPC marketing, tend to often burn their fingers at Google Adwords. Adwords can be extremely dangerous if you do not know how to work with it. Buyer Keywords Generator can solve this problem for you

You can find out more details about Buyer Keywords Generator here.

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  5. Buyer keywords can otherwise be termed as Conversion keywords.
    the keywords that start with “how to…”, “where to buy’, “product name location”, “brandname product name” are all examples of buyer keyword. but it is not always easy to find that easy the keywords with buyer potential. You need a special skill or software to hasten the process.
    Microniche finder is recommended by many for finding the buyer keyword..

    • That is right. Good Keyword research is the beginning of everything. This is what determines success or, failure in Internet Marketing.

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