Improve Domain Authority by Increasing the Number of Inbound Linking Domains

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There are real positives to building a large quantity of links, even low-value links. With large amounts of links, you have the opportunity to vary your anchor text across multiple pages.

It is clear that your domain authority is partly determined by the total number of inbound links from other domains. You may have 2,000 links spread across only 200 domains. If this is the case, building the sheer number of inbound domains linking in will increase your domain authority.

Can I get a bad link?

There has been much debate about “bad neighborhoods” and questionable links. Often times, people argue that links from these bad neighborhoods can result in Google assuming you’re spamming. However, if that were the case, I could simply buy links on Chinese gambling and porn sites for my competitors and watch them drop in the rankings.

For years, porn sites linked to Disney from the front page for those who did not choose the enter button. All of these questionable links did not result in Disney losing their ranking. The fact is Disney did not control the inbound links to their site–truly, none of us do.

There is really no such thing as a bad link.  There is simply bad-link acquisition. If you automate your link building and get 100,000 links in a short period of time, Google will sniff it out as spam. You can actually do this on a much smaller scale by using the same anchor text over and over again linking to a specific page.

The real issue is that Google simply starts discounting links when they appear questionable. If they find something on a website that indicates spamming, they may take that into consideration and drop your rankings.

Link bait

Link bait is the most effective way to build the number of inbound links. It looks completely natural because it is natural. Google even endorses this method.

Build pages with content that attract visitors and links. It’s a good idea to target people who have the ability to link to you such as bloggers or social-media users.

Directory link building

Directories are still an effective form of link building. Make sure that the directory has a review policy where your site can be rejected, and you DON’T get a refund. If this is the case, you will find Google gives credit for the link. There are thousands of these available at cheap prices.

Article marketing

Writing and submitting articles to article directories is still an effective link-building technique. If the article gets syndicated, you can even pick up additional links.

Using an article syndication service may hold some value. You can usually get it done for a cheap price and pick up a good amount of inbound links. I would not rely primarily on this link building technique though, because of abuse, many of these sites have been discounted.

Content scrapers

Don’t spam, just get the spammers to help you. Enticing spammers to steal your content can bring in thousands of links.

Always, and I do mean always, link to yourself in your content. Ping as many services as possible with every piece of content. Over time, you will find that your content is being picked up by scrapers. Most of the time, they will leave the link in place, so you get some value.

There are many ways to get large quantities of links. The most effective tactics are completely natural. However, you can still rank well with manually-built links.

About the AUTHOR:

Jason Capshaw owns an Atlanta Web design and seo services company. He resides in Hampton, GA with his wife and two children.

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  • liliag

    You are so right about bad links. Many have tried to bring down their competitors by building links in bad neighborhoods. Google is way smarter than to fall in such a trap. In my vision, the only way to beat the competition is by honest work and better products and prices.
    Llia Gephardt @ Domain names

    • It is true that there is no alternative to honest and hard work. If you concentrate on building links the honest way the results will show up in the long term and it will be for permanent.

  • Great points, but I just wanted to point out that “disavowing links” with Google doesn’t affect Domain Authority with Moz, because Moz doesn’t have access to the disavow file with Google. Still a good thing to do though…

  • Great points, but I just wanted to point out that “disavowing links” with Google doesn’t affect Domain Authority with Moz, because Moz doesn’t have access to the disavow file with Google. Still a good thing to do though…

  • True words. Enjoyed the read. Definitely worth a share.