Improving Domain Authority – Build 25 Unique Backlinks Every Day, FREE!

improving domain authorityWhenever a discussion on SEO or, improving domain authority ensues, the first thing that comes to mind is building back links to your website. This is also one of the most difficult things to do.

Building quality back links to your website can take months and at times years. If you are wondering, why I emphasized the word “Quality”, then it is because of the fact that what really matters in search engine optimization is “quality” back links.

Building quality back links is also important, if you are looking at improving domain authority. Both search engine optimization and improving domain authority goes hand in hand and building back links is an integral part of both these.

What is the definition of a “quality” back link?

You can get back links from any and every website, but a couple of things you might want to check is –

  • What is the age of the domain that is giving you the back link?
  • How good is the quality of content on the website?
  • How many links does the page has on it?
  • How unique is the back link?

Quite a lot of things to evaluate, isn’t it?

It is because of all these things that you would normally pay a fortune to companies that are involved in building back links. There are situations where in spite of paying so much, you will not get the kind of quality you want.

Improving Domain Authority and Back links

Quality and unique back links play an important role in improving domain authority. If you are not aware of domain authority then you can read my article on improving domain authority to know more about it.

Simply put, you have to prove to search engines like Google that your domain commands respect and that your domain in authoritative.

How will you do it; By making other authoritative websites to link to you. This is the one of the many but important aspects involved in improving domain authority.

Build 25 Unique back links everyday and improving domain authority

There are thousands of internet marketing products that are launched everyday, all of these claiming to help you build thousands of back links. Each of these products either submit articles to numerous articles directories or, to blogs that accumulate articles. None of these are authority websites. You can check their page rank and Alexa ranks to check how authoritative they are.

Do you really think back links built from such submissions would help your in improving domain authority for your website?

Why would you need any of these products when you can build quality and unique back links to your domains without paying anything. The service that I am talking about is called Socialmonkee.

Socialmonkee helps you build 25 unique and quality back links everyday. That’s a total of 175 backlinks every week, 750 every month.

Submitting a page to Socialmonkee is extremely easy. It normally takes less than 2 minutes. In case you wish to do it directly from your browser, then Socialmonkee also has a Firefox plugin, which can help you do it.

Improving domain authority using Socialmonkee

Now that you have a free service that can help you build unique back links to your website, improving domain authority is just a matter of a few clicks. No frowns, no tiresome submissions. A simple activity and your webpage can be submitted to 25 unique sites everyday.

You can join Socialmonkee for free today.

Check Socialmonkee out and start your work on improving domain authority for your website.

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