Top WordPress Plugins that will enable you to attach PDF files!

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You may not realize it but PDF files have far more importance than you may think. They are versatile and extremely flexible. Besides, they add a seemingly professional touch to any document and the fact that it can be edited, created and managed just the way you would like it to be makes it all the more appealing. Websites might often require the user to fill in certain forms or read certain terms and conditions or other vital documents pertaining to the website. In such situations, a PDF file can lend a clean look to your website. PDF files offer an immense amount of flexibility. You can even convert PDF to Word.

Some people, however, fear using these files simply because they find it daunting to attach these PDF files onto their website. Nonetheless, doing this is definitely not a herculean task and with the availability of a wide range of Plugins, this becomes all the more easy. Since WordPress is a very popular platform among bloggers and website owners, numerous plugins have been created for this purpose, thus making PDF attachments a breeze.

Given below are some exceptional widgets designed specifically for the WordPress platform that help not only attach PDF files but also carry out numerous other functions.


As the name suggests, this plugin is extremely versatile and not only enables your readers to print certain ...


The Elements Of A Perfect Post On Social Networks

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While many self-proclaimed gurus out there try to compare the effectiveness of SEO campaigns on different social networks, in the end all that matter is to achieve harmony between your social accounts and hence, reap the benefits from all of them.

To put it simply, instead of treating the major social networks as distinct entities, you should start perceiving them as a whole and perfect the way you communicate on each channel. Communication in this context is done via posts and the following guide will reveal the top elements that make a successful one on social networks.


Following the revamp earlier this year, LinkedIn has known a tremendous success and popularity. In fact, not only ...


8 Steps for an Effective Social Media Curation Strategy

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social media curation

Having an effective social media curation strategy can really help you gain some traction with social media and get your more followers. The hard part is coming up with the strategy and getting used to the routine. So to help you out, we are going to be covering 8 steps you can take to a successful strategy.

Keep Up With The Top Industry Blogs

The first thing you are going to need to do, is to find and subscribe to all of the top blogs within your niche. There are plenty of tools that help manage all of the content and provide it to you. Once you know what content you want to use, the strategy becomes ...


How to Get More Likes on Facebook?

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Social Media

Facebook is all about engagement. The better you are able to engage people, the better your likes and social presence will be. This is a very informative infographic on what can help you get more likes on Facebook.


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Source: How to Get More Likes on Facebook – Infographic


Developing a Facebook Content Strategy for Your Business Page!

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Facebook Security

When developing any kind of business, marketing is going to be very important. One of the best ways a business can advertise to millions of people is by using Facebook. Just about everyone has a Facebook page and people all over the world use this site. However, a business has to keep many things in mind to attract as many fans and followers as possible.

The Benefits of Facebook

There are many reasons to include Facebook in a business strategy plan. One of the benefits of using this social media site is that it is free. There are no costs to sign up and look for followers. This is about the biggest bang you’re gonna get for you “buck” anywhere, since a ...


Keys to Creating Effective Viral Videos for Marketing!

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video blogging

What company doesn’t want to create the next Old Spice man campaign? Few mediums seem to have the ripple effect that videos do, and now that it’s so simple for anyone with a smartphone to make a marketing reel, what’s stopping you?

If you’re paralyzed by fear concerning how to create a truly viral, catchy marketing video, here are a few tips to help you calm down and look at things strategically.

Step 1: Don’t Overthink It.

First of all, if you set out to create “the next big thing,” the odds of doing that are exactly zero. One of the biggest tenents of successful viral videos is that most of them are very un-self aware, meaning they weren’t created with virality in ...


Dave Guindon’s Amasuite 3.0 Review

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Amasuite 2.0 Review

Amazon has always been the first choice for anybody starting out at affiliate marketing. In spite of the fact that their payouts are very low, affiliates prefer promoting their products, thanks to the sitewide cookie feature. This practically means that pretty much anything that your referral purchases from Amazon, irrespective of which product referral link of yours they clicked, you get paid. The commissions are not that bad either.

I have got a few very pleasant surprises, when I have logged into my Amazon affiliate dashboard, a lot of times. Once I was surprised to find that there were 2 LED TV sales from a link I used to promote kitchen knife sets.

But the challenge for most marketers, especially since the ...


7 Tips to Make Your Video SEO-Friendly!

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SEO for Videos

With the advent of YouTube as well as other online video formats, the internet has become a showcase for visual presentations from pure entertainment to the informative.

In fact, for business purposes, video is paramount toward conveying important messages such as updates, how-to guides, and any other information that may need communicating to those interested in a company.

All videos, however, aren’t alike, and for those that do stand out toward netting new clients and customers, require work be put into what will be presented. Much of that work involves making a video SEO-intensive or to others, SEO-friendly. The following is a list of 7 tips to make video content SEO-friendly.

Content Matters

Content ...


5 Tips for Creating Perfect Content

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creating unique content

Let’s face it: no matter how talented a writer you are, there is very little in the way of subject matter and article formats out there that haven’t been done a thousand times over, and that simple fact will require that you give your content a unique spin each and every time you write if you want to catch the attention of fickle readers. From the way that you write to the images that you use in your blog posts, every single factor counts when the competition is this stiff!

In the name of helping what your blog has to offer rise to the top, here are five tips for creating perfect content:

1. Shine Up the Old Until It’s New

Given the ...


Bleupage Review – FB Marketing Made Easy

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bleupage review

Facebook Marketing has been in the discussion over the last quarter or, so, after they have changed their PPC ads system. Every second day you will find a product that promises to teach you how to get 1 cent clicks from FB ads, most of them worthless and some very valuable, if you are serious about advertising with Facebook.

This post is not a discussion about how to get 1 cent FB clicks. Instead this is just one of it. We will be discussing in detail about getting cheap Facebook traffic in another post.

Now before we start off, what you need to keep in mind is that getting cheap clicks from Facebook requires you to create ads that are targeted. While ...


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