10 Things that I hate about Internet Marketing!!

Written by   Dilip on June 9, 2010 filed under Internet marketing tips | 5 Comments
Internet Marketing Hatred

Do you hate Internet Marketing?

Are your still reading this post, right now?

In all likelihood, you are on the verge of quitting your Internet Marketing business and is on a last bit quest to see if there is anything that you can do to save your sinking IM business!!!

That’s right. The fact still remains even if you deny it today.

I too, hate the Internet Marketing business for obvious reasons of mine. Having said that I should say that I am not a failure in the IM business. I am making a living out of the internet. My wife who had to quit her job and take care of my new born daughter is also now on the verge of becoming an independent business owner in the Internet Marketing arena.

So the question is, If I am not a failure and am making a living out of the Internet, then why is it that I hate Internet Marketing?

The failure rate in Internet Marketing is about 96%. That means only about 4% succeed in any online business. Why is the success rate so low?

The internet marketing business is about persistence. You are a failure only if you quit the business. If you remain in the business and do whatever is right, there is no reason why you should fail.

10 Things I Hate about Internet Marketing -

So what are the ...


7 Reasons why your Business should have a Facebook Fanpage?

Written by  Dilip on May 30, 2010 filed under Social Media Tips | 4 Comments
Fans Page

Is your business on Facebook?

I am sure you would not want to go through precisely the same thing that you went through about an year and a half when Twitter exploded and you were caught unaware (I assume you were in business then )!!!

When Twitter suddenly became the talk of the town, a lot of people were caught unaware and they found themselves missing the train. By the time they could jump into the bandwagon, the possibility of their success had diminished on account of competition from the big sharks.

It is the same that is happening with Facebook. All of sudden you find there are videos and books all over the internet that tell you that you have ...


3 Tips to Prevent Being Labeled Spam – Email Marketing Tips

Written by  Dilip on May 20, 2010 filed under Email Marketing, List building techniques | 7 Comments
Email Spamming

This is a guest post by Susan White. If you too wish to guest post at DKSpeaks, you can read the guidelines here.

It’s the most powerful tool in a marketer’s arsenal, but when wielded badly, it could turn out to be a boomerang that comes back to hit you in the face instead. Email marketing is one of the most widely used, and most misunderstood Internet marketing tool there is today. To be of any real use to a company, an email marketing campaign it has to be carried out effectively. It should be opened by the customer and perceived to be of value instead of being relegated to the Trash folder unseen, or worse, labeled ...


Micro Niche Finder can explode a business – Proof attached!

Written by  Dilip on May 17, 2010 filed under Internet Marketing tools | 5 Comments
Micro Niche Finder Discount

Today I completed 500 sales for Micro Niche Finder. I thought I would write a review about the product on one of my other blogs on reviews and was preparing for it when I received a mail from one of my customers.

I was so impressed with this mail that I shed my idea of writing the review. Instead I thought I would just circulate a copy of the mail.

If anyone has a doubt about the utility of this exceptionally good niche finder software, then I am sure that this mail would clear those doubts once and for all.

Before I display that email let me also tell you about an astonishing statistics on my sales for Micro Niche Finder. Over ...


7 Ways to Build a Successful Email List

Written by  Melissa on May 14, 2010 filed under Email Marketing | 2 Comments
Building a List

This is a guest post by Melissa Tamura. If you too wish to guest post at DKSpeaks, you can read the guidelines here.

Building an email list for your marketing campaign, website, or business can become a very steep task. What you have to realize first is that you can’t build a successful email list over night. It takes planning and some crucial steps to create a list that converts readers to customers. It takes time to develop all your strategies to gain more traffic and opt ins so don’t think it will happen over night. The people online with websites that have hundreds of thousands of subscribers have been working at building their list for years.

There ...


A Changed punchline – No More Make Money Online Blog

Written by  Dilip on May 9, 2010 filed under Home Business Opportunity, Internet marketing tips | 2 Comments
Making Money Online

My blog is no more a “Make Money Online” blog!!!

There was quite a bit of research that went into my selection of the earlier title and description for my blog but eventually after about 24 months of being into blogging with that punchline for my blog, I decided to go for a change.

But what was it that prompted me to change my blog’s title?

The keyword “Make money online” is probably one of the most costliest term if I would go for a PPC campaign. It is one of the most competitive terms as well in PPC Management. You search Google with the term and find about 115,000,000 results for the term. That indeed is ...


Increase Search Engine Ranking using SEO Linkvine

Written by  Dilip on May 2, 2010 filed under Article Marketing, Link building | 3 Comments
SEOLinkvine Review

Are you struggling with your efforts to increase search engine ranking for your website?

You might have browsed through numerous pages in order to find a solution to boost your search engine rankings and would be all confused as to what to do next. It is not an unlikely situation to be in, because that is how internet marketing and online businesses work.

You might not be a stranger to the term, “Backlinks” by this time and you might also be aware that the easiest method to increase search engine ranking is to get as many quality backlinks as possible from authoritative sites.

Then let me first start by asking you to name the one most preferred way of getting good quality ...


The Statistical Obsession Syndrome – Shed it right now!

Written by  Dilip on May 1, 2010 filed under Internet marketing tips | 2 Comments
Statistical Obsession

How much do you spend everyday evaluating the statistics of your blog, webpage, sales etc.?

It is an established fact that most of the newbies spend almost 70% of their time in evaluating the stats of whatever thing they are doing. Why am I so confident about it? It is because I too, was a victim of this when I was a complete newbie to Internet Marketing.

I call this the “Statistical Obsession Syndrome”. Its took me quite a while to understand that there was nothing that I could achieve by continuously evaluating the statistics.

No Businessman has ever achieved glory and profits by only evaluating their statistics. Too much of statistics is injurious to your business’s health.

At ...


How To Expand Your Email Lists To Earn You More Money!

Written by  Dilip on April 29, 2010 filed under Email Marketing, List building techniques | 3 Comments
Email Marketing Strategy

This is a guest post by Lena Morrish & Dima Nikolayenko. You can read more about guest posting at DKSpeaks here.

You have come a long way from the first days of building your home Internet business.  You know how to host your own website and have fantastic products or services, and you are finally ready to send out your first newsletter, telling all of your customers about the special offers and incentives that will keep them coming back for more. The time has come for you to learn how to run a successful email campaign ? One that will increase your customer lists and continue earning you money.

Email campaigns have proven ...


Micro Niche Finder Discount – Can this be true?

Written by  Dilip on April 27, 2010 filed under Internet Marketing tools, Keyword Research | 6 Comments
Micro Niche Finder Discount

James Jones released the latest Version 5.0 of his software “Micro Niche Finder”, a few days back and since I am one of his customers since almost 2 years now, I got to download the update absolutely free of cost. I do not want to get into a straight review of Micro Niche Finder or, do an apple-to-apple comparison of it with Keyword Elite or, Market Samurai, though I have a copy of all of these tools.

I had bought Keyword Elite much before I bought Micro Niche Finder and was expecting that all its updates would be free of cost as was promised, but that was not to be. Keyword Elite 2.0 was launched as an upgrade to its previous ...


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