How to Secure your WordPress Blog from Hackers?

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Safety and Security of WordPress Blog (Infographic)

WordPress, while is one of the most accepted CMS platforms has its own problems in terms of its safety and security. Thanks to the fact that the entire WP source code is open-source, hackers find it the easiest to get into these blogs.

But protecting your WordPress blog is not difficult. All that it takes is a little cautiousness on your part and a slight amount of preparation.

Check out this infographic that shows you how to do it in extremely simple pictorial representation.

WordPress Templates


Facebook – What does the number say?

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Facebook has always been a  huge source of traffic for most of the internet marketers. People who learnt how to harness the powerhouse make tons of money using, while others struggled. I was amongst the first ones who failed at it and burnt a huge hole in my pocket.

Off-late, there is a huge rush again and everybody is talking about Facebook and the new Graph Search feature there. The integration of the FB search with Bing gave it an even greater thrust and push.

But what exactly is Facebook behind the numbers. This is a beautiful infographic that tells you a lot about Facebook, much more than what the numbers say.



InstaMember Review – Why it Scores over Others?

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instamember review

This is a review of the Instamember WP plugin that was released about 3 days back and has already sold more than 3000 copies of it. This is a WordPress Membership Plugin with the help of which you can setup membership sites without all the hassles that surrounds it.

Membership sites are one of the best forms of a recurring income stream on the internet. But the challenges that surround creating a membership site makes it one that is accessible only to a select niche in the internet marketers group. While most of these marketers are making big bucks out of these membership sites, the rest like us struggle to even set one up.

I first realized ...


12 Online Tools That Boost Productivity

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For an entrepreneur or a business-owner, finishing all the important stuff in the least amount of time, is one of the challenges that they face, especially with the amount of workload that they have to deal with.

Thankfully, as the internet grows, so are the available tools online that can help out with simplifying most of the tedious tasks that office-workers face, all in the shortest amount of time.


A lot of tasks require that the user keeps a note to remind themselves of anything that they have to do. And Evernote is one of the best tools that one can use for this purpose. This tool can be used to take a note on ...


What Content Marketing Can Do For Your Business

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Content marketing is no trend, it’s an integral part of a successful business model in today’s world. If you’re seeking the best and most effective ways to promote your business, content marketing is your answer. Whereas companies used to rely on word of month and consumer reviews, now the word of the Internet is the new source of consumer and industry communication that can really benefit your business.

Effective marketing can do great things for your business, including:

Brand protection for your company

Let individuals hear about your company straight from the horses mouth. Rather than leaving it up to outsiders to review your company’s products and policies, develop a discourse on them over the web in ...


Mobile Application Development – Exception and Contingency

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Mobile App Development Company is looking to fulfilling requires of target people who need beneficial user activities. Whether they’re verifying their E-mails, following sport scores, weather estimates or wasting time on social-networking apps, the task is to offer a local look and feel that is nearly identifiable to its technique dependent site and provides the same expertise entire.


A main opportunity that mobile app development offers to developers is the simple addition of voice, location tracking, video, and texting and data services in methods are not possible on the desktops.

The User and Programmer Relationship

1. Simple convenience indicates that users no more time require relying on numerous hardware devices to accessibility the similar apps. This turns into ...


What Does Your Online Marketing Say about Your Company?

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When you are marketing for your company, you probably believe that you are trying to get people to know more about your products and services and trying to get those people to try those services. While this is what’s happening, you also have to realize that your offline and online marketing are reflections of your company. As such, you have to be very careful about what your marketing is saying about your company. Here are some things that you are going to want to consider with your online marketing strategies.

Does Your Marketing Provide Adequate Information?

If your marketing tactics are vague, the customers who see them are not going to know what to think. This is ...


4 Ways to Integrate Traditional and Digital Marketing

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Balanced marketing campaigns see the best results; here’s how

People have been prophesying the doom of traditional marketing for at least 15 years now; and while digital marketing continues to consume a larger and larger share of the marketplace, traditional tools are far from obsolete.

Americans still watch 3 ½ hours of live television every day—using their television sets, without a DVR to skip through commercials. That’s a huge window to reach customers. And while newspaper subscriptions have fallen precipitously, so have the prices of newspaper ad space. There are still great opportunities to find new customers and clients. Here are a few ways business can cover all their bases without duplicating effort.

Use social media to publicize your traditional marketing efforts

There are ...


What Are The Main Factors To Consider While Creating A Landing Page?

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landing pages creators

Landing pages play a very critical role in the success of the website of any company or, online business.

When a viewer clicks on a certain ad related to your company or a search engine result or any other link which leads to your company, you need to make sure that the person is led to your landing page. Since this is the first page that you prospect sees it also becomes important that your landing page provides value and sells your business in the correct way.

So basically you have to be careful and intricate about what you put on your landing page.  Your landing page needs to have all the necessary information related to your ...


Importance of M-commerce in the scenario of Ecommerce

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The world of business is changing with a rapid level due to the introduction of technologies like Mobile commerce (M-commerce) and Ecommerce. Not too long ago, that is, around 6 years back, Ecommerce and M-commerce concept started and industries started reporting an immense growth in the market.

Similarities of Ecommerce and M-commerce

Electronic commerce is all about buying and selling of products and services by an electronic mode, such as internet while M-commerce involves transferring or receiving the products or services through the mobile devices to computer networks and vice versa.

Many industries has employed Ecommerce solution such as payment system in the local and international market, supply chain and logistics, enterprise content management, group buying, instant messaging, automated online assistance, ...


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