How Email Marketing Can Complement Your Blogging Efforts!

Email Marketing and Blogging

Blogging for increased business is a provable practice. Combined with email marketing, a small business can make blogging work even better. You may not have considered email marketing because it’s often thought of as spam, or coupons, rather than true marketing by some. But the fact is, Email marketing is for all types of businesses, … Read more

Powerful Blogging Tools for Android Lovers

blogging tools

This is a guest post by Ashlee on some useful Blogging Tools For Android. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page. Theoretically, it has been possible to “blog” from a smartphone for many years now. You could awkwardly tap posts, perhaps, and maybe upload a terrible quality phone … Read more

6 Most required Plugins for your WordPress blog

The best thing about using WordPress for your blog is its extendability. Unlike Blogger where you have to hand-code the HTML in case you wished to make changes to a feature in the blog, WordPress has thousands of add-ons called as plug-ins which help you to add functionality and features to your blog. This feature … Read more