Tips on building and increasing your email subscriber’s list

List building Tips

This is a Guest Post by Susan. You can read the guidelines to guest posting at our write for us page.

Email subscribers list can be one of the biggest assets for just about any online business. The contacts you build and make over the years can all be encapsulated into however big or small your business email list is.

This opt-in list, therefore, is of supreme importance for more than one reason. At any given time, it provides your business an opening to reach your clients for follow up marketing. There are many ways of increasing or even building your email lists via your website. Some of these methods are more in practise than others. Following are some of the simplest methods of expanding and/or building your email list.


Have you heard the saying, ‘there is no such thing as a free meal’? Well, it is true even in this case. In order to build a list, and get your targeted customers to sign up for your newsletter, you need to entice your visitors to leave their email addresses. You can offer them an incentive that can be anything. One of the most popular means of ensnaring more and more people is free giveaway. These giveaways can be anything ranging from a free eBook to a discount or whatever you think can work for your customers without putting much pressure on your budget.

Blog (subscription)

Blogs can serve multiple services and bringing in new email subscribers is one of those benefits. If you are offering quality content that people find helpful in any way, then more and more people would be looking to stay updated via your blog. Rather than coming to check your blog for the updates all the time, they will just opt for signing up as subscribers. That way you get their email address and your visitors get to access invaluable information as soon as it is uploaded, providing convenience for both the reader as well as the business.

Squeeze Page

Amongst all methods employed to get the email address from your visitors, this one perhaps may sound a little desperate. A squeeze page is designed with the sole purpose of forcing a sale or subscription out of the visitor. This is a very aggressive method, and it can be a little off putting for the visitors, for obvious reasons.

These Squeeze Page tactics are more often a miss rather than a hit. Nevertheless, it remains as a widely employed method.

Buying Business Email Lists

You can just read the heading and know for yourself that this method really kills the purpose of having an email list. Developing a list of subscribers is not easy and it might take business years in building a sizable list. Nobody would be wasting so much time or resources on building these lists if buying lists can serve the purpose. You cannot just go and buy lists and consider all the work done.

There are many ‘companies’ out there selling ‘authentic’, free of spam business email lists. I have not really tried many, and maybe there will be some that work to some extent, but still nothing beats creating a list of your own…


Remember, the techniques employed for making your visitors to subscribe will differ from one type of business to another. So sticking with just one method is probably a bad idea. You should experiment with different techniques and try to come up with your own ideas as well, when you do, please share it with us via comments.