Using Twitter to promote your blog


Blog promotion through twitter is very easy. All you need to follow is some basic steps.

You would see me writing a lot on promotional tools and methods. If you have started your blogging journey, then I am sure you would not be surprised to see me doing this. But if you one of them who is yet to start a blog, then I would have a single sentence to answer you. “Watch the television”.

Promotional activities is what gets your product, business. You are here to learn blogging and not just to blog for the heck of doing it, but to earn money. So if you wish to earn money, you need traffic to your blog – good amount of traffic. And this traffic in turn will only come from promotional activities.

I have seen quite a few people following almost everything that they could to promote their blog. It is good especially if your have all the time in the world to do that. If you are like me, with very less free time, then it is wiser to decide on a few good ways of promoting your blog and then consistently following them.

Twitter – It is unlikely that you are not familiar with it. If you are not then take a walk in the park at In the meantime, do not also forget to register there.

Twitter is a micro blogging website. After you had registered yourselves you would have seen that you are given a small textbox with a 140 word limit asking you, “What are you doing?”. This is the very essence of micro-blogging and Twitter. This 140 word text box is your world to traffic.

Wondering what to write in a 140 word text box. Start off by writing a one liner on the niche topic on which you are planning to start your blog. Did you feel that the 140 word limit was too little? If you felt so, do a bit of editing. After you have done this a couple of times, you would start to feel that 140 words is quite a good amount.

Twitter has a phenomenon called as “following”. This is where you actual traffic will come from. At twitter, you can follow the “tweets” (the twitter terminology for a post at twitter) of like minded people like you by following them. In turn, they will follow you. The more valuable your tweets are the more the followers you get.

How to use the tweet box?

The margin of error between success and failure in very thin and is only 140 words long. Yes, you got it right. Your success with Twitter lies in how meaningful your tweets are.  If your tweet sounds valuable to a follower or, reader they go ahead and re-tweet it thus increasing the reach of the original tweet. These readers and visitors might come to your blog following the link in your tweet. These readers would account for traffic to your blog and as more and more readers keep coming you would start to see the power of Twitter.

So what is the thumb rule to write a good tweet? If you are using an automated Twitter submitter like Twitterfeed, then part of your work is done. All that you need to do is write a catchy and meaningful title for your blog post. Twitterfeed picks up this title as the first few words in the feed. Then you can follow it up with a few words from the inital part of your post. This would in turn mean that the starting few lines of your blog post should also be catchy and meaningful. That’s it. You are done for Twitter.

If you are not using an automated submitter, which I would never recommend you do, you will have to practise writing statements that are punchy like – “The secrets to…”, “I learnt how to..”, “A knowledgebase to learn…”, “Easiest way to learn…” etc. etc. Though some of the above might seem to be a bit boring and repetitive, these can be refined to be used in your tweets. The best way to learn how to tweet is to assume you are one of the readers and think of a few lines that would have caught your attention.

Keep tweeting for some time and gradually you would learn how to tweet.

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