Vlogging: Is it for You?


This is a guest post by Megan on Vlogging and its benefits. You can check out the guidelines for guest posting on our write for us page.

Video blogging, otherwise known as vlogging, has become a popular form of Internet communication thanks to falling webcam prices, greater broadband adoption and the rise of the smartphone.

Popular video blogs regularly fetch hundreds of thousands of views and can be released episodically, effectively re-generating those views with every new blog. These numbers give vlogging incredible marketing potential.

Vlogging – The acceptance quotient

Vlogging has increased in popularity with the commoditization of YouTube, a website that has become a haven for Internet entrepreneurs. Offering a virtual face-to-face with potential clients is a proven way of generating buzz about your product/service and, if done with flair, could find a larger “viral” audience. There is also the fact that YouTube pays YOU if the video strikes fame.

There are a number of famous vloggers you may have come into contact with during your Internet life: Fred and Ciaela are good examples of the blogger speaking to audience setup. The Talking Orange started as a video blog and grew into a full fledged internet comedy show. Some vlogs focus on music reviews while others emphasize basically anything you could want to know about.

Vlogging in Interpreneurship

For entrepreneurs, the issue is getting your message out. Video blogs are a great way to do that, but usually as part of a larger marketing plan. For example, if you have an existing email marketing campaign, adding a video blog into your regular transmissions can give you a schedule and increase the amount of information that actually comes across to the consumer. Reading isn’t quite dead, but videos are preferable to walls of text these days and hence vlogging is a preferred medium.

Of course, you should not launch into a video blog because I think it’s a good idea. Evaluate your product and the information you plan to put in the video: is that better conveyed through video or words? You will essentially be using the video blog as marketing, but to make it overtly so would kill interest. Who wants to watch an infomercial of their own volition?

Vlogging as a medium of discussion

Another good technique for business vlogging is simply talking directly with consumers. Notify them how things are going, spring a contest to spur engagement. Microsoft’s many departments regularly produce video blogs to get people interested in what the company is up to, whether it’s the development of Windows 8 or, where the Xbox will be in a year’s time. People respond to these because they are inclusive and bring consumers who are already interested into the world of the business. Obviously, you will not forfeit any trade secrets in these videos.

Another thing to remember is that vlogging is almost always serial; if you do engage in an effort to video blog, count on making more than one video. It can often take time for people to warm up to videos, and if you are successful in producing them you will be able to generate buzz and pull more consumers in. Your primary target is people who are familiar with your brand and ideally you will reach potential consumers who have been linked to your video blog or have shared it in one of the myriad ways that social media offers.

Vlogging is a fun, effective way of connecting entrepreneurs with current and potential clients. Done right, it can be an art form. The technology is in almost anyone’s hands to produce a video blog regularly and release it to the Internet where it has the potential to skyrocket. It may not be a viable form for every business, but it is definitely worth taking a look at through the lens of a marketing budget and seeing whether you and your customers can benefit.

What are your thoughts about vlogging?

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  1. That is an important aspect to consider when you plan Vlogging. There are a lot of people who are camera shy and will want to do away with vlogging.

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