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10 Best Video Editing Tools That Will Help You Create Professional Digital Marketing Videos

September 22, 2015

Last Updated on - May 3, 2021  

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best video editing tools

What was the one niche in which you saw the most products being launched in the last 10 months?

Did you say, VIDEO Marketing?

Yes! Indeed it was video marketing. Video creators like Explaindio, Video Maker FX and Easy Sketch Pro have together rocked JVZOO and they continue to stay the top 3 all time best sellers.

Video has become one of the most sought after medium of communication in Digital Marketing. Statistics show that video sales letters converts much better than the conventional text form of sales letter. Just look at the amount of videos that get uploaded on YouTube and you should be able to understand the demand for videos.

Video content is an extraordinary approach to recount your story, demonstrate the side of your business and convey exceptionally complex thoughts in an easy to digest way. The amount of engagement that you normally see with videos is simply uncomparable.

Starting a camera and gushing out a thousand expressions of splendid words does not make a convincing video content. The content itself has to be engaging. It has to provide value. At the same time, the way it is presented has to be interesting enough to hold the attention of the viewers. If your videos are not able to do that, then it is no better than any other poor content.

And presenting this content in a visually interesting form cannot just be done with a video camera. It required good video creation, editing and mixing tools. And it is this market that most of the above said softwares catered to.

10 of The Best Video Editing Tools

You can create a good video with any average video editing tool. But if the tools can give you a few additional options, then the video that you churn out will just be that much more engaging.

Here we are presenting 10 of the best video editing tools that can help you get started. These give you a lot of features and options without having to spend an arm and a leg to buy one of those expensive video editing softwares.

#Number 10: Videolicous

This tool helps you to effortlessly make videos with your tablet or mobile. It is super easy to use– select your shots, add modified messages and music. You can likewise make different customizations, such as including your logo or even adding an interview.


Link: https://videolicious.com/

#Number 9: Magistro

This video editing tool takes your raw footage and selects what it supposes is the most elite to make a short video. After that this tool gives you a chance to include music and titles.


Link: http://www.magisto.com/

#Number 8: YouTube Video Editor

The world’s most well-known video sharing site actually has its own suite of devices to assist you with enhancing your video content. This video editor is a simple approach to trim clips, insert transitions, include music and even balance out clips.


Link: https://www.youtube.com/editor

#Number 7: Animoto

This naturally delivers perfectly coordinated, totally novel video pieces from your photographs, music and video clips. It takes a bit experimentation to get right, however, adds a shockingly expert touch when you do.


Link: http://animoto.com/features

#Number 6: Stupeflix

This video editing tool makes it to a great degree simple for anybody to make a video, and blending photographs, music and videos. It comes with some excellent themes that you can browse to begin with and after that include your own photographs, message, video, a soundtrack, and even any kind of maps. On the off chance that you have not recorded a voice-over, you can even use their robots to record it.


Link: https://studio.stupeflix.com/en/

#Number 5: Vidyard

It is an awesome tool for an online marketing agency who need to create more income and get point by point tracking and analytics. This tool will allow you to see precisely how viewers are drawn in with your videos, and what moves they are making. By knowing this data, you will have the capacity to ceaselessly enhance your video marketing efforts.


Link: https://www.vidyard.com/

#Number 4: Camtasia

This Mac desktop video editing software is the business pioneer in the screen capture video editing world. Screencast video contents are an incredible approach to show how something online functions. Camtasia has some decent elements that permit you to add focus to special zones on your screen and additionally annotations as well as URLs.


Link: http://shop.techsmith.com/store/techsm/pd/productID.289551300

#Number 3: Creaza

There is another brand new service, Creaza Movie Editor that looks extremely smooth and guarantees to catch the embodiment of cloud computing by supporting multiple gadgets and permitting numerous colleagues on every video venture. It is present in Closed Beta. You can also use its HTML version that comes with mind mapping tools. This HTML version is better and faster than the older version.


Link: http://www.creaza.com/

#Number 2: Sellamations

It is another video editing tool that permits you to create super animations, yet in this situation it is about doodle videos. The immense thing about doodle video content is that working with this tool is extremely fun and too much engaging, and it is ideal for the digital marketing Orange County team for editing and promotion of videos.

  • Each of the doodles are custom hand drawn, and you can even demand to have a custom character made particularly for your video
  • They likewise give proficient voice-overs, and can even compose the script for you.

Link: http://sellamations.com/

#Number 1: Wideo

Wideo is an online application that permits you to make animated videos effectively. You can decide to either start from scratch, or even utilize one of their formats to make your video content.

  • You can utilize your own pictures, logos and music to customize your video content
  • It is very simple to use and absolutely free
  • It can help you to produce some awesome results

If you do not have a considerable measure of involvement with making videos, then this one is a perfect tool for you.


Link: http://wideo.co/en/

So, which video editing tools you are going to use to boost your digital marketing strategy? Try some cool tools to try out!

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Navid Tayebi is the founder of Creativeover.com, an industry leading digital marketing agency located in Orange County. For professional digital marketing solutions, follow Creative Over on Twitter, Google + and Facebook.

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