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20 Neat Tips to Encourage People to Subscribe to Your Blog

October 10, 2012

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subscribeEvery blogger knows that quality content is necessary to make people read blogs. But if you don’t know how to increase subscribers, your blog won’t get the boost it deserves. Simply put, the more readers you have, the greater the number of people that may subscribe.

1. Make Subscribing Easy

One reason why some blogs have few subscribers is people find it hard to do. The subscription option should be easy to see. There should be a one-field email opt-in form and RSS form. Make the subscription form stand out.

2. Why Should They Subscribe?

You won’t get people to subscribe unless you explain. Point out what they will get if they subscribe to your site. This is where your blog’s content comes into play.

3. Have a Subscription Section

A module isn’t enough. Set up a page so readers have direct access to your email, website, social network account etc.

4. Entice Readers

Try social media campaigning or email. Offering incentives for would-be subscribers is nice, but you also have to explain what they’ll get by subscribing.

5. Use Your High Traffic Pages

A high traffic page can be a valuable weapon. Place a link on the About Us page. The About Us usually gets a lot of visits, so put a subscription link here. Do the same with other high traffic pages on your site.

6. SEO is Important

Search engine optimization is an efficient way to get people to your site. The more people visit your blog, the greater the chance of getting subscribers.

7. Footers Help Too

Just add a text-based footer at the end of an article. If people think the article is great, they won’t hesitate to subscribe. Adding the footer gives them an easy option.

8. Third Party Validation

Social proof or validation from another party enhances your blog. Show that a lot have subscribed on your blog.

9. Clean Layouts

It isn’t just the subscription that has to be visible. Everything in your blog must be easy to navigate. Make it look polished and professional.

10. Spread the Word

Use your accounts in LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and other sites. Having links to and from these sites is a good way to spread the word.

11. Use Promotions

Promote your page whenever possible. Even if the content is high quality, you won’t get any subscriptions if people aren’t aware of it.

12. Full Feeds are Powerful

A partial feed only provides a sneak peek of your post, whereas with a full feed, the whole post is shown. Full feeds are definitely better.

13. Give Paid Push a Shot

Paid marketing can give you a hand. PPC helps in traffic direction. You can also use Facebook Sponsored Stories to get potential readers.

14. Blog Subscription in Email Signature is Key

Put a CTA in your email signature. You can also use an email signature which has an RSS feed.

15. New Content is Essential

This was pointed out in the beginning but it bears repeating. On the Internet, content is king. To gain regular readers and subscribers, make sure that content is updated and is of high quality.

16. Dedication

There’s no point learning how to increase blog subscribers if content is not updated. The quickest way to lose subscribers is not to update your blog on a regular basis.

17. Prizes Help

A free e-book, download or other freebies always get people’s attention. Holding contests every now and then helps too.

18. Use Your Other Online Projects

Promote your blog in other online accounts. You don’t need to go overboard, but let those people following your Twitter account or Facebook page know that they can subscribe to your blog.

19. Don’t Forget Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is great for building links, but they can be used for subscription too. It’s often used by bloggers to get new readers to their site.

20. Interact with Your Readers

Read the user comments and answer them as often as possible. Let everyone know your blog is alive and responding to their suggestions.

These suggestions can go a long way towards helping your blog. With perseverance, you can get people to read and subscribe.

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