21 Mantras of Blogging


Blogging for commercial purposes has become very prominent. Alongside, optimization of commercial blogs and websites has become quite essential since the past few years. As long as you consistently update your blog to upsurge traffic and implement some strategies and tactics in enhancing your blog proficiently, you can easily make a good amount of profit online. List of 21 tactics to increase blog traffic are listed below:

Sensible content:

‘Content is king’, is what they say. If you generate a good content value, it will evidently be shared with others via social networking websites etc. with others thus grabbing interests of more and more people.

Add imageries and photographs:

A picture speaks a thousand words. Attractive images tend to generate more traffic than plain simple text. Remember to add a caption or title with keywords whenever you are adding a photo to your blog post.

Limit keyword density:

Keeping the density of keyword is imperative. You need to follow the limit density of keywords in the word matter of your blog posts. The most challenging part for an SEO expert is to incorporate keywords properly in the content.

Keep your blog up to date:

You need to keep your blog updated regularly to attract new visitors. If you do not have any major content, you may simply modify the template, create an archive of the widely read posts and broadcast them.

Upload videos:

Creating and uploading videos has become highly popular on blogs these days. You can even create a video that introduces your blog to the visitors.

Exchanging of blog links/URL’s:

If you link your blog posts with other websites or blogs, it is likely that they will return the favor. The more generous and unstinting you are with others, the more generous they will be to you.

Comment on blog posts:

Comments basically increase the interaction level between the commenter and the blogger. This will improve your relationship with the existing visitors but also attract new visitors in for discussion.

Posts by guests:

Guest posting is a very effective way of growing your market share. You may send invitations to writers in your forte to post on your blog as a guest.

Expand the ping/ alert list:

When you publish a new post on your blog, your blogging tool will ping the search engines. This will notify the search engines that the content matter on your blog has been altered and that the viewers can check it out at all times.

Make them an offer:

At the end of every blog post, place an invitation for the viewers to subscribe; something which appeals to the readers.

Advertise your website:

If you post on any forums, mention your blog link to your signature so that whoever reads your posts will also read about your blog.

Make your blog SEO-friendly:

Search engines such as Bing, Google etc. give you an extensive opportunity to generate traffic. SEO is pretty easy to set up, mainly if you are using an SEO-friendly tool such as WordPress.

Take help from SEO Experts:

It may become strenuous trying to practice every possible thing for a blog may get out of hand. At such times, you may concern an SEO Expert India who would be able to take care of the traffic generation for your website.

Practice new traffic methods:

Everything changes from time to time. So do traffic generation methods. You need to test and find new methods to draw the attention of readers that will provide you with a continuous stream of traffic.

Create a publishers list:

If you do a good job, you may be able to create a list of even 20 or more publishers in the first month itself. These publishers will be serving new traffic to your blog at diverse rates.

Target audiences those are likely to share your blog:

When you are deciding who you would be writing for, aim at the readers that are likely to share the word.

Use social media to find new connections:

Twitter, Facebook, Myspace etc. are drawing massive amounts of time and attention from the users from all over the globe, and those who partake on these websites aptly fit into our target range. Thus there is a high probability that they will share you content with others.

Install Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a free software using which you get an overview of the traffic generation and the sources that initiate quality traffic.

Design your website beautifully:

When readers open any website, the first thing they look at is the design and the feel that they get from the design of the website. Thus you need to get your blog designed professionally and appropriately.

Create a survey for your readers:

Surveys are highly interactive and engaging. If you need to discuss a particular topic or issue, you may conduct surveys for your readers.

Take part in Social Sharing Communities:

A large amount of traffic comes from social communities such as Reddit, Pintrest, Tumblr etc.

Thus, if you follow even half of the tactics mentioned above, your website is going to be a huge success in the web world.

Know Your Guest Author:

Steven D’Souza is a well-known SEO expert India who has been helping many corporate websites excel since the past 8 years. He helps his clients’ website create enough traffic to keep their website on top of the leading search engines. Steven says that generating traffic is not rocket science; however it requires steadiness, time and persistence.

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  1. I think this is the most comprehensive list of points that I have read in context of blogging. Blogging is now seen as more than mere leisure activity, it has now become profession for many people. These mantras are definitely something to abide by if a person wants to take a bogging as a full time thing.

    Thanks for the share.

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