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The Internet marketing world can get very busy and very messy really fast and if you aren’t working with the proper equipment then it will be impossible for you to ever meet the potential that you want to be at. When you are first starting out in the SEO industry everything is usually ran on a small scale and all of the work usually circulates through a panel of about 4-10 people. This is great in the beginning because everyone who is involved usually knows how to get from point A to point Z in whatever the process may be, or they are at least are experts in their own little area. If you want to scale things up in the SEO world however, you will need the help of some Internet tools.

Internal Collaborating System

This is one of the first types of tools you will need to take full advantage of. An internal collaborating system allows you to eliminate all the time you spend figuring things out with other employees through phone, email, or face to face contact. This allows you to create and assign tasks, watch the progress of a project through milestones, record things in databases, create project and work-spaces, and much much more. So much time can be wasted collaborating with your work force if you do not have a system set up that can automate everything. This problem multiplies if a lot of your work force works from home. An internal collaborating system gets everything that needs to be done and the details associated with it in one place, so that every body can be on the same page at the same time from their computer desk.

File and Folder Sharing

Although an internal collaborating system can be used for this, it is probably better to get everything you need in terms of files in folders in a separate system. Something like “DropBox” is perfect. It is like a folder that everyone who is invited can share. You can put anything in there – from text documents all the way to videos and everything is instant. You can organize everything the way you want it, and something like this is great for when hundreds and hundreds of files, excel sheets, and videos start to pile up in places that you don’t want it to be. A file and folder sharing system is just another way that the collaboration part of working gets automated.

Public Relations or Link Management Software

This is very important for web site owners especially. That is because Google looks at the number of back-links you have as one of the main reasons for determining a web sites rank in their search engine. When you are building a number of links for your web site, things can get very messy and you will end up spending more time organizing everything and keeping track of everything than you will actually building the links. Link management software allows you to record web sites and all the details that come along with the relationship with that web site. This simple fact that it allows you to automate the organization of your link building campaign is the reason that you will be able to scale it up to the level it needs to be at without wasting too much time. There are a lot of SEO advantages in having link management software – and not just link building. The simple fact that it helps keep track of your online relationships is a major plus because online relationships are what will help your business to grow.

So as you can see, there are tons of reason to get Internet tools and make them work for your business. There are all sorts of different kinds of tools out there that can probably help your business in the long run. The whole goal of advancing in the online world is the ability to be able to scale things to a larger level because what works on the small scale does not always necessarily work on the large scale. Internet tools like these will help you do that.


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  1. Thanks for a good article on how to scale up in one’s internet marketing efforts. Since I’m still in the one woman show phase of my business, I’ll come back to read this when it’s more appropriate!
    Arlene, Quick Ways to Make Money Enthusiast

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