3 Indispensable tools to make more money online

Tools-and-moneyYou have not made a dime from your internet marketing business since you started out on the journey. Is that you?

Frustration is creeping into the mind and you are wondering as to what is it that needs to be done so that you earn that first dollar from the internet marketing business. Is that you?

95% of all Internet Marketing journey ends in a disaster. Don’t panic at this statement. Your success is a coefficient of your choice. In this respect, I would want to quote a statement from one of my favorite movies – The fantastic four: the rise of the silver surfer.

Every situation in life has a choice. No situation has just one option. You always have two choices. Your success or, failure depends upon the choice that you make – right or, wrong.

So if you are frustrated and are wondering as to how to succeed in making money online, then here is the mantra.

  • Choose a good mentor for yourself.
  • Do the right things – (Read the 80-20 rule by Yaro Starak)
  • Choose the right tools.
  • Continue doing the right things even if there is no result. (Wondering, till when. Then read this post here)
  • Tweak if necessary.
  • Be persistent.

Internet Marketing businesses, especially, blogging has to be given some time till you start seeing results. Throughout my blog, you will see this advice, because that is how I am, where I am today.

What are the right tools to make money online? Are they free or, do you have to pay for them? There could be quite a few questions in your mind when you think about “choosing the right tools”.

The 3 most important and indispensable tools to make money online in an Internet Marketing business are as follows:

SEO Tools
What are SEO tools and why do you need them? There is no debate to the fact that the most economic and the highest contributor to the traffic to your website is “Organic Traffic”. If you do not know what organic traffic is, then

Organic traffic is the traffic that comes from search engines, from people clicking on the search results that appear on the search engine results page for various keywords that people search for.

Let’s take an example of Google. When you search for a term on Google you will find that there are about 10 results that are displayed on the first page of Google results page. It takes quite a bit of effort to rank in one of these results. The people searching on Google seldom go to the 3rd, 4th or, the 5th page on Google. So if you wish to see your website featured on the first page of Google, you need to optimize your website for search engines and this process is called as “Search Engine Optimization”.

You need not be a wizard to optimize your pages for search engines. If you are running a blog, especially on WordPress, there are quite a few plugins that are available for SEO. In addition to these plugins there are certain other simple tools that are required to get better results out of your SEO objectives.

These tools are required for backlink building, backlink analysis, Content and text optimization, outgoing link analysis, keyword density analysis and so on. If these things sound like jargons to you, just search with each of the terms mentioned above on Google and you will get quite a bit of material to read and learn (Don’t get into it so much that you have to do a doctorate on SEO. Remember the 80-20 principle).

There are not too many free tools available for this, though you could find some if you search the internet. But one very good collection of tools are available at Shoemoney-tools. If you do not who Shoemoney is, then search the internet again. For your information, Shoemoney is the blog that has made millions to its owner Jeremy Schoemaker and Jeremy is a genius in making money online.

PPC Tools
PPC is “Pay-per-Click”. It is unlikely that you would not know what PPC is, because every internet marketer starting his quest to make money online burns his pockets in the first few days at PPC campaigns. When I started, I lost $2000 in an hour at PPC.

PPC advertisements at Google is one of the most expensive way of gaining traffic and customers. But it is also true that Google PPC campaigns are the ones that give you the best results as well, if done wisely and correctly. PPC is going to be the second biggest source of traffic to your site. But be cautious when you get into PPC.

You would need a lot of tools if you are to succeed in PPC. These tools will help you better you ROI and ensure that you are profitable. When you do PPC advertisements, you have to find profitable keywords, check competition for these keywords, create ads that sell and manage these ads.

While there are a lot of free tools like Google Keyword Tool available on the internet, they would not do everything for you. You need to supplement it with some other good tools. Keyword Elite is one such tool that takes care of most of these things, but learning and using the tool will require some dedication and time of yours. Micro Niche Finder is another such tool, though I would not recommend it if you are not into mini-sites and niche marketing. (You can read more of this tool in my post here.)

Shoemoney tools also has a collection of the very best PPC tools. Their collection of tools would help you do all of what I had mentioned above.

Link Building Tools
In order to rank well in search engines and to get organic traffic it is very important to build links. Backlinks and link-building is one of the most important aspects of SEO. But building backlinks is not very easy. It takes quite a bit of effort and at times this could consume so much of your time that you find yourselves short of time for other moe important and relevant activities.

Hence it is always advisable to outsource SEO activities. But since finding a genuine SEO expert is not that easy again, I prefer setting a time-table for myself for all my SEO activities so that it does not interfere with my other activities. Link building and analysis can be made easy if you have an appropriate tool for this.

Shoemoney tools again is one of the best place to find all of these tools. When I joined Shoemoney tools, I found a complete package for all the above things for one small price.

If you are to go about buying each of these tools or, subscribing to sites that offer such services, individually you might end up paying a few hundred dollars. But Shoemoney makes all these tools available at a single price.

You can send an email to me in case you face any difficulty with any of the above activities and I can help you. No fees or, charges. Don’t worry.

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