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3 Proven Methods to Engage Your Readers or Customers

April 23, 2010

Last Updated on - December 20, 2014  

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Engaging Readers

This is a Guest Post by Sarah Harris from Adiamor. Read how you too can guest post at dkspeaks, here.

With each passing year, more and more people have come to count on the internet to provide them with things in which to keep them occupied. But despite the growing number of visitors, many websites, be they blogs or business sites have a difficult time keeping and maintaining a steady readership. Thankfully, there are steps that can be taken in order to engage your readers or customers.

1. If room allows, consider making a discussion forum for any and all who come across the website. Forums are a popular way of keeping in touch with people of similar interests, engaging in daily discussions ranging from the newest update of the host site to their favorite movie. Use this to your advantage; get to know the people who come and the information could prove to be quite valuable. If nothing else, having a forum will pull in those who would not otherwise visit the website, leaving the potential to sell your wares in the future.

2. Another way to keep them coming back is by posting polls for people to partake in. The subject is not set in stone; you can create the polls about anything you like, as long as they are appealing. Readers and customers will be happy to know that you are concerned about their opinion and care about what they think. As an additional bonus, people are naturally curious to see the results of a poll, and by putting them up on a frequent enough basis, the interest will continue.

3. Keep a steady communication with your visitors. If somebody were to click on the link to your site, and see that you have yet to respond to the comments in your blog, it will no doubt leave a bad impression. Therefore, any time you receive a message from somebody, be sure to respond to it as soon as you are able. When you do this, you will be perceived as a business that makes an effort to stay current and keep in touch who those who would desire to exchange dialogue. This is a method of engaging readers that definitely has its benefits.

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Photograph Courtesy Gilbert Rondilla

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