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4 Vital Reasons Why Your Blog Will Never Grow!

July 27, 2012

Last Updated on - May 20, 2015  

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bloggingFirst and foremost, I will ask you a question here, please tell me why should anyone be visiting or reading your blog?

Do you have any idea about it? Well, let me clarify your ambiguities as why someone should be reading your blog.

The primary reason why people read through a blog is to get through their problems and not to listen to anyone’s bragging at all! Yes! This is true!

Blogging has not only turned out to be the best approaches to make money over the Internet but also it has been an extremely useful platform to share your ideas, opinions as well as building your brand.Isn’t it so?

However, only a few bloggers get to succeed. Most of them normally quit blogging with the a time span of 6 months, isn’t that terrible?

4 Vital Reasons To Know Why Your Blog Will Never Grow!

Ordinary Content

If you are considering publishing posts with poor writing style and pathetic content, then none would be interested to read your posts. You should come up with something unique, interesting and exceptional here!

This does not mean that you copy posts from other blogs on yours, but should spend some time and come up with superior quality posts. However, it can be a little tough to come up with a great content specially when you are just commencing.

Awful Design

Here you need to spend some of your time as well as money to buy some premium these such as Genesis or Thesis, their codes are extremely easy and simple which can certainly be useful in taking your blog to a higher level.

You need to make sure that you are making your reader comfortable to read your content. If you have a complex design, they will go away! Being precise, your blog’s design should be easy to read, simple and user-friendly.

Networking is Imperative

Creating valuable and informative content is not enough here, you need to network with others too that operate within your niche. You should spend some time to email your posts to your readers, respond to comments, be in touch with them.

Blogging happens to be much easier specially when you find like minded people within your network. if you can come up with a unique content and exceptional tone, you can certainly make yourself stand out and make a difference.

Networking does not require you to be a creative writer, you only need to follow the win-win approach, as it works as a give and take approach.

Spending Time On The Wrong Things!

Instead of spending too much time on commenting, you must try to take out some quality time to write great posts. Trust me, it can do wonders for your blog!

It does not mean that you stop responding to the comments. But, if you will have less time to blog, it is recommended to make use of it in a productive and efficient manner. Moreover, it is one of the best approach to build your blog fast.

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