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4 Ways Adding a Forum Could Help your Blog

October 13, 2012

Last Updated on - October 5, 2012  

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forumThere are not many people who associate forums with blogs, and most look at them as completely separate online entities. But in truth, they actually go together brilliantly. It is no coincidence that most of the popular blogging platforms offer plugins and various options for integrating a forum into your account. The great thing about these plugins and web tools is that they also make having and maintaining a forum of your own easier than ever.

Here are four fantastic advantages that hosting a forum on your blog can offer you in the effort to successfully grow and promote your personal blogging brand.

Simplifying networking

Forums are all about enhancing and promoting communication. In the blogging world, they offer an avenue for extended communication without clogging up your comments section. If you are looking to network with other bloggers and perhaps establish some sort of cooperation in the form of, say, link-trading or guest blogging, there is no better place to communicate than on your blog. Filling out contact forms is tedious and emails often get lost or ignored, but forums provide a direct method of forming online relationships. Encouraging people to contact you via your forum and even opening certain sections of your forum for people who are interested in networking will simplify the process and keep all of your communications in one place, thus making the process simpler and more effective.

Spawning ideas

It is a general rule of thumb that the best ideas are sparked through conversation and debate. When you have a healthy community of participators on your forum, you have a limitless source of inspiration for future blogging topics. Engaging your forum visitors with topics that are relevant to your blog and participating in fervent discussions and debates can help you tremendously in getting new ideas to write about within your blog’s niche. Not only that, but it will also guarantee that your comment section on these subsequent blog posts will be very active.

Cementing readership

The best thing about forums is the sense of community that they create. People who frequent certain forums every day come to be like colleagues, in the sense that they see and communicate with the same core group of people every day. If people are inspired to check in to your forum every day that means that they are checking out your blog every day as well. And that also means that you have a steady and dedicated readership that makes a habit of visiting your website regularly. This is something that every blog strives to achieve and having a forum not only makes a dedicated readership easier to obtain, but maintain as well.

Building reputation

Anyone can do a little bit of research and write a blog on just about any topic, however, it takes expertise to participate in a detailed discussion about a certain topic. And that is exactly what you can do with your forum. Open up discussions for each of your blog posts and then talk to your visitors about them. When your visitors see that you have a certain amount of expertise in your niche, they will hold your blog in high regard. The same can be said about your colleagues and fellow bloggers. Other bloggers who visit your forum will see that you know what you are taking about, and this can also lead to cooperation of all sorts.

Forums are yet another tool in the world of blogging and Internet marking that can help you sell yourself and your writing. When used to their full potential, forums can become an integral part of your Internet presence and success.

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Cindy Pearson is a blogger at the PDF tips blog. She loves all things Internet and technology-related and enjoys sharing computer tips and tricks with the tech-savvy masses.



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