5 Essential Social Media Tools to Organize Your Social Media Lives


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The first thing that I do when I wake up in the morning is search for my phone and check my Facebook and Twitter messages. I can already see you smiling. Statistics say that this is what 83% of all smartphone users do. As if, laptops and computers were not enough, smartphone added that aspect of mobility to social media.

And it is a no-debate fact – Social Media has taken over our lives.

If you let social media control your day and your lives, you productivity is sure to go down and you will be struggling to find time for everything else. But if you are able to control social media, it could turn you into a powerhouse and you might just be left with lots and lots of time.

What is your choice?

I was like anybody else till about an year back. I did not know how to be there on Twitter, Facebook and all the other social media sites that I had a profile on. While I knew that a few of these sites were real goldmines, I still couldn’t find enough time to engage on these sites. Consequently my profile dropped on the engagement list and I was showing as poorly active on all of these sites. My Twitter followers had dropped. Facebook has no meaningful interactions and other sites like Stumbleupon and Reddit.. I hardly visited.

Fortunately for me, I was able to get organized before I lost complete control. And it was all but 5 tools that I required to organize all my social media profiles and streamline things.

If you are excited.. read on.

5 Essential Social Media Tools to stay organized

Okay, before I start.. let me confess that just as I was confused with what to do with all my profiles on various social media sites, I was also once confused with all the social media tools. Every other blog post would recommend a tool and I would go after it. Some were free with limited functionalities and yet other charged a monthly fee.

I tried all of those.. but to be frank with you. There is a load of crap out there and there would be somebody who would still recommend that because it might just be a good fit in his plan of action.

The 5 tools I am discussing here is the only ones you will ever need. I carefully selected these based on the following –

  1. Low cost of maintenance
  2. Flexibility to manage multiple social media profiles
  3. Easy interface with minimum system resource usage
  4. Something that allows regular monitoring

So, let me jump onto what these 5 social media tools are.


Swayy is an absolute darling of mine. Since the time I discovered it, I have not had to worry about finding content to share. Swayy has a nice little dashboard. Each dashboard lets you add a few social media profiles and you can create multiple such dashboards in a paid plan.

Based on the social media profiles that you connect, you are presented with a collection of news and articles. These are based on what is trending in you social media profiles and communities. You have an option of adding other areas of interests as well.

You can then share the articles to your social media accounts. Swayy also features a niche dashboard for analytics where you can see what is happening with all that you shared.

Click here to visit Swayy.


Post Planner

If you are not doing Facebook the right way, then you are losing out on precious traffic and a lot of money. While there could be a lot of ways to do it right, one of the mots important things to do if you are on Facebook is to ensure that you are engaging with people. If you own and run a Facebook page, then it becomes all the more important that you engage regularly with your audience. But the fact also remains that you cannot be on Facebook for the entire day.

It is here that Post planner comes into action. Though I am not in favor of a lot of automation, I also believe that if it is something extremely essential and can free up your time, you should go for it. Post planner automates a lot of what you would do on Facebook and help you increase engagement and interaction. Some of the nice features like automated content posting, the status idea engine and best of all the viral trending content finder are all unique and extremely useful.

Post planner is sure to free up a lot of time from your daily schedule.

Click here to check out Post Planner.


If you smiled and said, ” I was expecting that to come” and are yet not on Hootsuite, then I should say that you are missing on a goldmine. There are thousands of other social media organized apps out there like, socialoomph, buffer etc. but nothing comes even close to Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is a multiple social media manager. The paid plans are extremely low and affordable and gives you a ton of features. You can even add functionalities by installing one of those insite apps. And the best part is that this is all inside you browser, so you don’t have to install anything.

With Hootsuite you can manage Twitter and Facebook  and do a lot of things. With the automatic content finder, you can even find content and schedule them to be posted at specific intervals.

Click here to get Hootsuite.



This is one of my most valuable finds. If you have been on social media for some time, you might realize that it is extremely important that you share good and valuable content rather than just sharing your own content and self-promoting. This involves sharing content from other people and hence the obvious question is – wouldn’t that drive traffic to their sites?

That’s right. But the fact is that you don’t have a choice.

Ah! think again. You actually have a choice with Snip.ly. This is a nice little tool that ensures that your website also gets some of the traffic that you are driving to these other sites.

Click here to check out Snip.ly



This is a nice little app of you are frustrated with not knowing how to manage your twitter account. I was struggling with a lot of followers who were actually bots or, who were not active on Twitter for long. With ManageFlitter, all of this becomes extremely simple.

This app gives you a lot of ways to manage to followers. You can unfollow people based on a lot of criteria and at the same time follow people as well.

A decent analytics dashboard, a search criteria option and a nifty little feature called as “power post” all are very useful options to manage your Twitter accounts.

Click here to visit ManageFlitter.

How you use these tools will again depend upon how you plan your day. But if done correctly, these can free up a lot of time on your daily calendar which you can then use for more productive activities.

Don’t forget to comment and tell us your thoughts about these tools. If you liked the post, share it with your friends. All it takes is a click on one of those buttons you see on the side of the page.