5 Great WordPress Plugins That Will Perfectly Optimize Your Images

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These days wordpress carries great importance as a CMS or Content Management System. WordPress is considered to be one of the best content management systems available so far. Now, once you have a website and you start using wordpress as a content management system for it, what else do you require? Don’t you just have the picture perfect in the e-world? Well, not necessarily!

There are various updates that keep coming in wordpress, and there are countless plugins and/or widgets, as well, that ought to be added to enhance the website productivity and/or optimization for the search engines or your web-audience.

So, have you already optimized your wordpress website with some great plugins? Do you want to learn more about amazing wordpress plugins that may optimize the images on your website? If you want answers to these questions, you have landed on the right article! In this article, I am going to share 5 amazing wordpress plugins to help you in optimizing the images.

Following is a list of five nice plugins that will help you in having an optimized website for your images:

SEO Friendly Images Plugin:

This plugin has been developed by Vladimir Prelovac. This amazing plugin assists you in optimizing all the images that exist on your website. The future and present images all get auto-optimized, once you have this plugin. The plugin automatically selects the alt-title, as well as, the title text for your images (if you have neither). Moreover, this plugin also brings in minor differences in the alt-title and main title (this is based on various variables related to the content you are posting).

Media File Re-Namer:

This plugin has great functionality and is very user-friendly too. When you have this plugin in your wordpress Content Management System, you can avail options to alter the image URL slug (or the image file name) and optimize it. While uploading the image file, all you have to do is to alter the file name and alter the field title. Sounds easy enough? Well, this is all that you have to do!

WP-Smush IT:

This is one of the most wonderful WordPress plugins that you must have in the CMS! It makes use of the Smush.it APU and optimizes your images. It compresses image files so they load faster, it also strips extra or inappropriate colors from the images that you have indexed and it converts GIF image to PNG for enhanced performance.

Watermark Reloaded:

With this plugin you can add watermark to your images while uploading them to your website or blog. This plugin is very simple and easy to use, but has great functionality and cool usage!

No Right Click for Images Plugin:

This is a ‘must-have’ plugin that you must have in your wordpress CMS, if you own the images. If the images are solely your property, then, you do not want them to be used elsewhere around the web. By having this plugin, your website or blog won’t allow a right click, thereby, no one would be able to download or save the image form your website or blog.

Having the above mentioned plugins can substantially enhance your website performance and ratings!

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  1. Hi Nadine, WP is one of the best CMS out there today with the huge host of plugins for any needs. I should give “SEO Friendly Images Plugin” a try. I always remember to add the title as “ALT” tag for image within the post. It looks like this plugin would automatically do it for me. I would consider the Watermark plugin when the traffic to my blog increases.

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